Toad Stacking Demonstration

Toad Stacking Demonstration

How to perform a basic three toad stack.

Safety tip: Toads are poisonous! Do not accidentally eat them whilst performing this experiment! Also, you can’t use things like glue or a toothpick. That’s cheating. And cruel. Happy toad stacking!

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20 Responses

  1. Meow Tow says:

    RIP. Those toads are probably dead by now.

  2. pinoy426 says:

    do australians not like to shower? or is australia so dirty that showering
    doesn’t help?

  3. jasminbgauthier says:

    think your a trash should make a stak with 3 of your family members

  4. Cyael says:

    just fuck up my idea of how to make a viral vid, fam

  5. Gregor says:

    I need to go to sleep

  6. TheGoodSeasons says:

    Not my proudest fap

  7. BRIER CABRAL says:

    did anyone else see the second toad pee

  8. Do you even YouTube bro? says:

    Y r u stacking toads? Most random thing I’ve ever heard of…

  9. docelephant says:

    FINALLY a damn tutorial. I’ve been searching for ages!

  10. Naruto Uchiha says:

    Is this a new trend I’m not aware of? If so how well do Harambe’s stack

  11. TopCommenter says:

    Ok, that’s enough internet for today. Have a good night folks.

  12. Mohammed Dakhil says:

    I just wanted to put those frogs in my mouth.. Is that weird?

  13. Chin Choppa says:

    Now get a hydraulic press..

  14. tigerclaw 113 says:

    Is toad stacking a thing??? For me it’s lizard catching

  15. Gio Dude says:

    is no one gonna bring up how that frog pissed in the other frogs face at

  16. doggyipatch says:

    Guys u are dumbasses how is this animal cruelty the toads aint getting hurt
    they are just being stacked

  17. Zaxh says:

    When in alone I put red jello into the bathtub and swim in it pretending
    I’m a fetus in my moms womb

  18. Anony Mous says:

    Noob I can stack 10 toads with a wooden skewer

  19. Cb4S 619 says:

    pewdiepie is not happy.

  20. Tim Bogdanov says:

    animal right activists triggered. lel