Toasted Tomato Sandwich – You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

Toasted Tomato Sandwich – You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)

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62 Responses

  1. You Suck At Cooking says:

    Tweet the tomato:
    F book the tomato:

  2. Random says:

    I asked the 8 ball if I was illuminati and it said yes

  3. ᖙαиιɛƖ ツシ says:

    *But you still didn’t tell us what a blue corn moon is*

  4. caffeineadvocate says:

    The name’s Mato..

    .. Tom Mato

  5. Justin Y. says:

    You didn’t Pepper Pepper Pepper? Is this lore? Are you being held hostage?

  6. LA Fresh Life says:

    Not a mayo fan but this looks delish

    • LA Fresh Life says:

      suzy hall that sounds even better!

    • John Burgess says:

      Not a “delish” fan but mayo is good enough. Miracle whip is better though.

    • Viva La Rosa says:

      I’m not crazy over mayo either. Ranch dressing or Thousand Island hits the spot.

    • Mariam Hamoud says:

      It’s probably cause you never had real homemade mayonnaise before. I’m originally from Syria and we had the best mayonnaise that you could buy at a shawarma shop freshly made everyday, or we made it at home. Now that I live in Sweden and after trying the jarred pre-prepared ones I’ll tell you that stuff is gross in my opinion too.
      I really recommend looking up a recipe and whipping up a batch, you might actually like it! ❤️ sorry too long.

    • typical wank says:

      Use olive oil instead of butter for healthier option

  7. Chris D says:

    Do I need a carbon stainless knife, or could I impart a further country flavor by cutting my tomato and sandwich with a fresh blade of grass?

  8. amanatee27 says:

    That was incredibly relaxing. Thank you for that. Also, your voice is golden like wheat, strong like rhodium, soothing like the saltwater stream.

  9. H T says:

    Sponsored by Ford, Coca-Cola, The NRA, and Jesus.

  10. TIGuy says:

    I felt like i was watching a dodge commercial

  11. Ismail Emre Akcan says:

    So… I don’t suck at cooking anymore?

  12. Hansolo28 says:

    Love how you put Algebra and toilets in the same classification

  13. Continual Improvement says:

    When I grow up I want to be a toasted tomato sandwich.

  14. DeathWish808 says:

    Damn, this was amazing.
    I just got back from getting some field tomatoes. Now just a few more moonlit nights and I can make my sammich!

  15. Kyle Duffy says:

    This was a perfect opportunity for a country tomato song. Why no song?

  16. Guardians Creed says:

    Are you going to do a Face Reveal if You hit 100,000 subscribers?

  17. Clay Patterson says:

    My sandwich was too amazing. Maybe due to the fact I live on tatooine.

  18. Rafael Santos says:

    Those tomatoes look delicious

  19. Wolkify says:

    this was the best (and only) tomato commercial i have ever seen!

    once you have a channel that can make a normal tomato seem cool you really made it! (i am not there yet)

  20. Deepthi Sharma says:

    I absolutely LOVE the effort you put into these. 👏👏 The humor, the set up everything! I love this channel!❤️

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