Toast’s Engine is HERE… Biggest BIG BLOCK We Could Find! **FREEDOM OVERLOAD**

Toast’s Engine is HERE… Biggest BIG BLOCK We Could Find! **FREEDOM OVERLOAD**

Well there ya have it folks… officially the largest engine in our shop thanks to Blueprint Engines!

Toast’s New Engine –
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56 Responses

  1. Michael Wynne says:

    You gunna need every cubic inch possible to compete with the boys out here Cleet

    • Dieselmachine4 says:

      As an Amarica, I will say that is true. Over the years I have been involved with cars and trucks, I have found that our brothers from down under don’t play around when it comes to making horsepower. I can also say that y’all have perfected the art of the burnout. A lot of people would say you are crazy. I say…” Well yeah, that’s kinda the point”. What would you expect if you drove on the wrong side of the road, and 99% of the wildlife can kill you in seconds

    • Aussie Shane says:

      @Dieselmachine4 Thank you America for the Compliment. Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi.

    • jake says:

      I don’t know how they’re going to do it. That engine isn’t built to run upside down.

  2. Joe Blo says:

    In my head, I can already see James standing by the dyno with his NOS bottle in hand, licking his chops.

  3. Bobby N. says:

    Not only are they running a 10.3L block, theyre gonna have a massive blower, im expecting 14L in total, i hope im not disappointed ?

  4. A Hendrix says:

    get a graphic on the back window” YOU JUST GOT TOASTED”

  5. Evan McAuley says:

    “it’s got a 4.75 inch stroke.” aaaaayyyyeeeee me too

  6. Low-Key Lukey says:

    Loved alex bowmans driver intro speech at Bristol. Doing it for dale!

  7. r j says:

    “there is no replacement for displacement” – Ghandi

  8. Nicholas Rodrigues says:

    “We’re just removing the hood to swap engines.”
    Removes the hood and then the hood hinges.
    I don’t know about that hood ever going back on.

  9. Paul M says:

    That is a beautiful big pushrod engine! 800HP n/a! Love the eagle background sound. Feel like I’m in a kayak on the Delaware river.

  10. ratherbeboating10 says:

    Blueprint: Sure let’s let them test this one.
    *Blueprint guys watch this video*
    Blueprint: What did we just do…

  11. YoBaby S'up?!! says:

    Well sweet honey bbq would you just look at it, you could fit a Honda motor in each of them intake ports!?

  12. Dönald Trümp says:

    Y’all are shovin’ a God damn semi truck heart in Toast!

    • Theotis Taylor says:

      Semi trucks engines are 14L and up

    • Cjbarker2 says:

      Theotis Taylor They’re typically 11L, 13L, or 15L in some cases. 14L is a strange one, at least Stateside.
      Source: I was a Mack Truck service tech. Worked on some of everything but a White.

  13. Lextech Lighting says:

    ?? Use the Camaro old engine in the pond bogger and build it into a swamp thing.

  14. Dylan Bell says:

    Just needs a hat for the blower and mechanical injection set up on methanol ??,
    Aussie Aussie Aussie ?

  15. JDM-DEEBO says:

    I’m calling for the 468 to go in a Honda to show the boostedboiz how it’s done ?

  16. Apple flavoured bleach says:


  17. Kevin Smith says:

    Blue print motor best choice for reliability other guys trying BIG HP
    with out half the warranty of
    Blue print motors

  18. Mechanic says:

    Been watching since the days when “bogging” just meant you screwed up the launch at the dragstrip ?

  19. Brandon Tucker says:

    Is it a coincident that that’s first motor had 632 on the valve covers and the new motor is 632ci ?
    I think not!

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