Toast’s Supercharger is WAY BIGGER Than We Thought!! FREAKIN AMERICA BROTHERS!!!

Toast’s Supercharger is WAY BIGGER Than We Thought!! FREAKIN AMERICA BROTHERS!!!

So yeah… The Blower Shop set us up with one BEAUTIFUL combo here! We’re so excited to hear Toast up and running!
Toast’s New Supercharger –
Here’s some of the items we got off of Summit Racing: (starter) (Flexplate) (Trans Cooler)
Toast’s New Engine –
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Aug 24th Houston
Nov 23rd Bradenton

For the Performance. 727-222-1FTP (1387)
Dyno rental pricing: $125 an hour
$450 for 4 hours and $800 for 8 hours

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-Leroy’s BILLET Intake! – (10% off one if you use coupon code “GODBLESSAMERICA”)
-Leroy’s Clutch (LT1-RR Triple Disc) –
-Leroy’s ECU (Holley Dominator) –
-Precision Turbo (turbos, BOV, waste gates) –
-Jeremy’s Shop, Fasterproms (tuning) – (813) 476-7364
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48 Responses

  1. Johnny Turbo says:

    You can use that car to chase Tornados, then floor the car and suck the tornado into that intake and save 1000s of lives as a STORM STOPPER! (It just inhales the storm)

  2. Joesniff _ says:

    After Australia you should put slicks on this and drag race it

  3. Sam Fisher says:

    Between you guys and Jeremy there’s some crazy cool projects going on.

  4. Steve Bennett says:

    “1000% the camaro is NOT GOING to summer nats without this hood on. Ok? You heard it. I’ll friggin sawzall the hole in it if I have to.”

    Cleetus McFarland
    August 18, 2019

  5. Dave Allyn, Sr. says:

    “I got fuel in my armpits.”
    There’s your next shirt slogan guys.

  6. Aaron Vannistelrooy says:

    Dam if I ever build something I’ll be going big block.

  7. living in a desert says:

    I too got jealous about the 632 big block, so I went on BLUE PRINT web page to order my self an engine. Ended up with a t-shirt instead. In due time…

  8. scott moore says:

    You’ve got yourselves a funny car engine and blower. This thing if you build it right will kick Leroy’s ever lovin’ butt. I love Leroy but toast may just toast to a six second pass.

  9. John Doe says:

    You really need to run straight methanol in that thing if you’re gonna survive a 2-3 min burnout in that heat. Most of the expensive cars there do that dont blow up…

    • Clay Hamilton says:

      They’re running e90. It’s not straight meth but it’s a lot better than pump gas

    • MECHA SLIME says:

      @James Last while they have to run it de-tuned (most burnout cars are lower than their like quoted 1200hp+)

      But even if they run it at like 800hp, they will need to have the big block up/close to limiter for 2 or so minutes with pretty much next to no airflow.
      It’s going to really end up cooking it unless they do alot with heat management and methanol will really help with that.

    • Mr_mcbennie says:

      The burnout comps at summernats are a minimum 60 seconds to avoid point penalties so I’m doubtful their tyres will make it longer than 1:30-2 minutes at most

    • Wright William? says:

      Its not like they cant rebuild it or get another block if they send a rod through it, im sure the people who built it would be happy to send them another.

    • Motor City Fats says:

      @Clay Hamilton not straight meth… Its no meth… Its eth

  10. tech.kyle says:

    Don’t forget to ask Ed for his blessing on this build so that we may in return bless his ears with this engine. ?

  11. 808 G8GT says:

    You guys MUST get some coated stainless headers to complete the look!! You got a Nice painted motor, shiny valve covers, polished blower w/ polished hat…….and crappy looking headers??

  12. Chloe Hennessey says:

    I just got the biggest spot in my undies.
    I’m a few minutes in and I need a break. That blower is too much.

  13. Don Dagy says:

    I think james forgets the motor makes 8 plus by itself. I project a minimum of 14-1600 hp. On full send itd pry be 18 plus.

  14. Dan Myers says:

    LOl, you have received how many knives and box cutters from subscribers and you are using a bare razor blade to open a box. ?

  15. travis travis says:

    “Need dual exit exhausts, behind each wheel facing upwards slightly to spray the rubber, smoke and flames at people/judges
    -toast them

  16. Jnl Jnl says:

    Gotta love some old school big block with some detroit 2 stroke forced induction

  17. nathan roberts says:

    Americans “OMG THAT IS SO HUGE’ Australians “well thats a cute little blower you got there mate”

  18. Waylander the Slayer says:

    James, persuade Cletus that you need *NITROUS!*

  19. Scott Wolf says:

    I think Cleetus broke The Blower Shop’s website by giving them a shoutout…I get “403 – Forbidden Error”

  20. Mia Valentine says:

    You need methanol.
    Roots blowers and big blocks make so much more heat than an LS.
    And sitting still with 150mph burnouts that engine will be TOAST.

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