Tobias Harris makes the 76ers the best team in the East – Max Kellerman | First Take

Tobias Harris makes the 76ers the best team in the East – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman likes the way the Philadelphia 76ers are coming together after the addition of Tobias Harris because now they’ve surrounded Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with shooting. Will Cain still wants to see more games before making a decision on whether 76ers can win the Eastern Conference.

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92 Responses

  1. Refund HD says:

    *People say but Simmons cant shoot they’re not going anywhere* This is the reason we got Tobias a 4th star who can shoot the lights out and upgraded the roster with better depth thats shoots more efficntly so we can still beat down good teams when Simmons gets shut down he can just facilitate if the scorings not there because of the shooting around him vs the good teams Tobias and the bench additions truly makes this offense scary the new spacing makes Embiid unguardable you cant double him dont say leave Simmons open because you cant hes usually in the short corner its a dunk or layup if u help off him Embiid essentially can go 1 on 1 now unlike before where teams would leave Chandler open Simmons can only be a issue vs good teams when he has the ball in his hands in the clutch time because he obviously can’t shoot as i said we got 3 other stars Simmons can just play off ball go to the short corner most of the time in halfcourt sets in clutch time

    • Refund HD says:

      +Bstacks Tobias was nearly a West allstar he would have been a allstar in the East

    • ADblurrr says:

      +Apinash Thankavadivel HAHAHA the raptors are known chokers nobody trust them to win sht.

    • Apinash Thankavadivel says:


    • russell westGOAT says:

      I think the point is you shouldn’t NEED to compensate, Simmons is a number 1 overall pick, people look at him like the next LeBron, he should be able to shoot

    • SwalioN says:

      Real refund hq lol

  2. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    Where Stephen A.?

  3. trevion sewell says:

    Max needs to end that KD and Warriors were scared of Lebron theory and had to gang up on him to beat him because did Dirk and Tim
    Duncan gang up on him when they whipped him in the finals ?

    • Nino-Da Blogger says:

      +Victor Thompson
      You can say Wade had bad knees
      A old 37 year old Ray Allen
      Bosh was healthy but his first 7 years he only made it to the playoffs 2 times with both being first round exits.
      So you can say Bosh was inexperienced

      Boston wasn’t old
      They were still A threat
      Then you had The Nets also

      LeBron had to still deal with teams

    • YouWasSnevathere 1990 says:

      It’s but theory it’s the truth, they lost so draymond had to go recruit kd. If they would’ve beat bron that year u think they calling kd. Nope! He kickin facts dawg, imo

    • Victor Thompson says:

      +Nino-Da Blogger Wade didn’t have bad knees when lebron didn’t show up in the Dallas finals, but he had bad knees vs the spurs lol? And Ray Allen was the best shooter in history up until that point. That last thing to go is your jump shot bruh, so Allen was still a factor. And Bosh was inexperienced?? C’mon man. Like i said, you’re discrediting his teammates to boost him up lol!

    • Victor Thompson says:

      +YouWasSnevathere 1990 Lebron also recruited KD after losing to him in the finals. What’s your point?

    • YouWasSnevathere 1990 says:

      Victor Thompson it’s not my point, I’m agreeing with Max’s theory. I’m going off of what trevion said in his comment. Read that b4 u run ya mouth?

  4. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    Tbh da east better than west this year

  5. Carmelooo Anthony says:

    TBH they should pick me up for the bench. I’m the true headband god!

  6. Refund HD says:

    I waste my life on YouTube trolling the real refund HD to make myself feel better. I’m a bum with no life

  7. Jacinto Garza says:

    Y’all see Ben Simmons attempt his first actual three pointer…..

    He’s coming lol

    • Nicholas Rush says:

      Almost made it

    • home9dog2blue says:

      LeBron gonna teach em how to shoot this weekend at the All-Star game

    • Down Hill says:

      thank Kendall Jenner for that. LOL. Ben saw how Kendall looked at Lebron and wanted to prove himself. Basically, Kendall Jenner is the reason why Ben will attempt more 3 point shots =D She’s more helpful to the 76ers than Markelle Fultz ever was LOL.

    • Nuclear Philanthropy says:

      LeChoke James NOT MY GOAT 25-30% is better than 0% now isn’t it? And it is a good thing in that it would at least force teams to account for the possibility of him hitting a three-point shot. Embiid only shoots like 29%, but the threat of it forces defenders to come up, which allows him to make plays off the dribble. Same thing could happen with Simmons.

    • Marcell Shepard says:

      W LMAO

  8. the1kamíkaze says:

    *Let’s be real, Philly got better and Ben Simmons still cant shoot.*

    • BEN GHANA says:

      With everything else he does, the average fan would never notice without it being mentioned

    • BEN GHANA says:

      That’s like saying, “the foot can’t write”, when the foot does best what the foot does, and the hands do best what the hands do, for a productive and stable body, which is what the 6ers now look like, kickin and swingin

    • home9dog2blue says:

      He can shoot. He just doesnt have faith in his shot. Look up “Ben Simmons 3 point shot evidence” it’s gonna be a video of him DRAINING 3’s at someones camp. He just needs confidence

    • FallopianJones says:

      Go make some more Dragonball z videos

    • yung zack says:

      Sushil Kumar i’m not saying he needs to learn this season. it will be something he improves on in the offseason for sure, but this season what he does should be enough with all the shooters the Sixers have around him.

  9. Bobby Tsunami says:

    #philly #76ERS #MVP21
    philly vs errrrbody

    • SwalioN says:

      I dont agree with MVP as a sixers fan but still love Joel (Only rsn hes notrlly MVP his team alrdy got 3 other all stars and an all time 3 point shooter)

    • nrswy18 says:

      ​+SwalioN joel has been leading the team in scoring before the other all stars came and he is putting up mvp numbers so far this year. he single handedly put philly back on the map so i disagree with him not being mvp

    • mrrickstur says:

      Bobby Tsunami, more like Warriors vs everybody

  10. the1kamíkaze says:

    *LeESPN has finally put Stephen A in bed rest.* LoL

  11. Lee Adams Jr says:

    Steven A. Smith Ain’t There Today But If ESPN Needs Him They Will Just Throw Up The Bat Signal Or Have Alfred Fetch Him ?

  12. Blo_lilmoe 3 says:

    Wen Lakers win media say they contender but wen the lose the media say the garbage lol ian even no lakers fan and I peeped that

  13. Wtkiller 123 says:

    Ben Simmons 3 pointer didn’t look that bad.

  14. Deniz says:

    Lmao these bums think Bucks doesn’t depend on only Giannis. You can slow Giannis come playoff time.Then Bucks done.

    You can slow Joel Embiid, then what are you gonna do with Butler?Or Harris?.

    Bucks can play the best ball at the regular season, in playoffs I would take Raptors, Celtics and Sixers over them easily.

    • Jarvis says:

      +Matt Ryan and Stephen Curry are BLOOD brothers they went to the 2nd round with their only 2 stars being a rookie and a sophomore (simmons and embiid) and now they are one of the best teams in the nba with jimmy, tobias and a deep bench. The fuck did the bucks do in the playoffs? giannis can pad his stats and flex on players as much as he want, but come playoffs he will still be a 1 round exit as he was in all his years.

    • Kenny J says:

      When have you EVER seen embiid “slowed down” ???

    • John Smith says:

      Absurd. They don’t depend on just Giannis lmfao. They have a series of players who can score the ball and shoot the 3. middleton, bledsoe, brogdon, lopez. mirotic, etc. They play great as a team and their offense is best in the east. They are at worst ECF.

    • John Hawthorne says:

      liam Eastwood aren’t the bucks the best defensive team in the NBA?

    • Nintendo Prime says:

      Someone doesn’t watch the bucks play basketball.

      I ask you this: how are the 76ers going to slow down giannis? Packing the paint, right? That’s how you slow him down.

      Good luck doing that when Splash Mountain is raining 3s. Or Middleton. Or Brogdon. Or Mirotic. Or Tony Snell, etc. Go ahead and leave all our shooters open. Teams have tried doing that and it destroys them.

      Oh, the idea then is to keep Embiid down low right? Deter the drive and dunks.

      How’s he doing that with a 7 footer shooting 40% from 3 to cover? He’s the only one on the court tall enough to cover Lopez.

      You may ask that’s fine. We conceed the 3s and when they make them they make them. We will just outscore them.

      But the bucks are the #1 defense is the NBA. We have not just good defender, but elite defenders with size, speed, length, and strength. Is embiid better then Lopez. Sure. He is stronger and going to push Lopez around? No. Beldsoe has been elite in defense this year. He can absolutely handle a Ben Simmons who can’t shoot. Tobias Harris! He will eat the bucks alive! I mean, if Giannis is covering him, Giannis is rated as the best defender in the NBA.

      Oh it’s.Jimmy Butler who will kill the bucks! I think Middleton, who has been tasked with covering the best players all year, is more than capable of handling it.

      The problem people have when they try to diss the bucks is they focus so much how “how to stop giannis” that they forget a huge part of the offense is created by the defense, and nobody at the analysts or fan level talk about how the heck they are going to beat that defense. Coaches certainly talk a out it.

      Early on it was screen and pop your big. He will be open.

      The. The bucks went to a switching defense and it became “get to your spot and make the tough shot”. Oh they are switching, let’s mismatch them!

      But the. The bucks sub in length, fast, tall players that can cover 5 positions and you go “we need a center in to beat them!” – Lopez subs back in sbdbrge pick and roll is stopped.

      Bucks have a multifaceted team defense approach that has yet to be figured out.

      So sure, focus on stopping giannis. Expel all your energy throwing multiple bodies at him. Good luck scoring on the other end.

  15. Darius Mathis says:

    Philly could take Gs to 6 games maybe 7. They have everything a team would need, make curry play defense, switch everything, low post scoring, 3 point shooting, defense. Would be a great finals

  16. Dashan Tyler says:

    Lmao…you dont need to have somebody take the last shot when you win by 23…and tobias harris did A LOT of driving to the rim and a POSTER on MCGEE as well…wtf is will cain talking about??

    • HlddenTalent says:

      Dashan Tyler this is a debate show so they have people writing different points of view. McCain isn’t an idiot he knows max is right he’s just going with the flow

    • WSG Man says:

      yeah from what I’ve seen Tobias pretty much has license to bring the ball up if he recovers it, pretty sure he and JB are encouraged to handle in transition unless Ben calls for it. All 3 of them being versatile ball handlers and great transition cutters is what really makes their transition o scary. Idk if he did that in LA much but it works really well for this team.

  17. J P says:

    Butler will take the last shot lol simple

    • TFL Man says:

      +TheButler DidIT no doubt I like Jimmy a lot and I was saying the same thing, he creates his own shot. I think ever since he came to philly he’s been trying to fit more into his role for the team and that’s great. I was excited when we got him because it can only make us better. I do think he should let his shot go a little more but he has other great players around him now.

    • ColonelZeta says:

      TheButler DidIT Harris is one of the best catch and shoot players in the league and is the second best corner shooter in the league

    • TheButler DidIT says:

      Key word catch and shoot players when do you see klay take the last shot on golden state, just because he’s the best catch and shoot player on the warriors ?

    • ColonelZeta says:

      TheButler DidIT this literally ties into what they were talking about in this segment . Ben Simmons (or whoever’s handling the ball) gets to survey the floor now and see who is the best option for the last shot . You see Tobias wide open or in the corner , toss the ball to him . If Butler has some space between him and his defender I can see the ball going to him . It’s like Max said with the warriors , they play basketball the right way so the open man gets the last shot . Now the Sixers don’t have the luxury of all the weapons the Warriors have but at least now they don’t have to rely on a Jimmy Butler iso off the dribble to win a game

    • Rob Auquico says:

      O – butler’s ego
      o – what he can actually do

  18. Sneed Mobile Tech says:

    Stephen a, Shannon and skip all meeting at Applebee’s right now…talking free agency over some artichoke dip.

  19. Dugg Lyfe Entertainment says:

    I feel like jimmy butler is going to start crying again about be “the one” on the team. I hope not but watch… Harris is perfect for this team because of 1 reason similar to Simmons….UNSELFISH. He does not have to be the star or take the last shot. He just wants to win simple as that. He can have 5pts and win a game and be happy with his team doing the scoring. That is a great piece man I hope he keeps it up through to the post season and beyond. Teams in the past are idiots for letting this gem go.

    • Brandon Carbone says:

      Dugg Lyfe Entertainment no he’s not. Him and Elton brand already talked about the problems he had in the past. Jimmy has never been on a team like this before. They will be good

  20. Cameron Greenlees says:

    76rs are the 2nd best team in the league

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