Toby Keith – Wacky Tobaccy

Toby Keith – Wacky Tobaccy

Music video by Toby Keith performing Wacky Tobaccy. (C) 2017 Show Dog, LLC

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18 Responses

  1. Sierra Morris says:

    This is cringy.

  2. olivia g says:

    Damn, he sure doesn’t make music like he used to.

  3. Roy Def says:

    we’ve officialy Lost Toby

  4. Robert Johnson says:

    Another hit from the man who is America

  5. TheTroubadorCowboy says:

    If God didn’t want us to smoke it, he wouldn’t have made it a plant. Its a naturally occurring substance that if you just so happen to set it on fire… Get over it, and take a puff on this logic.

  6. houndy59 says:

    Too many people on this thread have their shit in a knot, it’s just a FUN song, go experience it some time and loosen up before you die in a twisted pile of shit!

  7. vicarious8989 says:

    i love this shit, fuck the haters. Toby is the GOAT. Yall country fucks will listen to a 1000 songs about whisky but one song about weed and all of a sudden you cant fuck with Toby anymore. kiss my ass

  8. jt may says:

    im country but why can willy sing and smoke weed and its fine but when toby does it its all of a sudden bad like yall are dumb as fuck ??

  9. Gavin Reddig says:

    y’all got any Fritos

  10. Jaime Svennes says:

    this is pretty awesome, good tune!

  11. David Nisbet says:

    Willie Nelson saves this.

  12. Clint Burt says:

    toby looks a little rough lol he need whatever willys been smoken

  13. Stevie Genoski says:

    Well then..

  14. MargaRitaVille says:

    you guys be pigging out man!

  15. cbr1thou says:

    just so overanimated, fake ass mother fuckers

  16. Michael Villalpando says:

    Got Caught up Hanging Out in Willys Trailer

  17. John Smith says:

    decided it smelled better that trumps ass i guess…..

  18. Tony Stark says:

    niggas… rednecks…. same damn thing

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