Today’s Future Now – The Best of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show | The Daily Show

Today’s Future Now – The Best of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show | The Daily Show

Ronny Chieng highlights some of the most ridiculous junk on display at this year’s CES, including a vending machine for bread and a needy AI robot called a Lovot.

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69 Responses

  1. Emm Bee Sea says:

    Vending machine bread?

    So, are we getting Canned Bread soon?

    • Nirrrina says:

      Oh honey. Canned bread has been around for decades. A great many decades. Plus canned entire hamburger, bacon, an entire chicken and other things that really shouldn’t be canned. Ever.
      Trust me when I say the vending machine fresh bread would be loads better. Not that I have eaten any of the others but I’ve seen YouTube videos.
      Actually I’d probably stand outside the fresh bread vending machine with butter, real butter that is, just waiting for it to get done. Yummy fresh bread.
      Plus I can’t screw that up like I did the bread machine bread.
      And a lot less work than the truly homemade from scratch sourdough bread I actually succeeded at making.

    • Sandria Basile says:

      +Nirrrina, I lovelovelove a good sourdough bread!!! ???

    • Nirrrina says:

      +Sandria Basile Ironically at the time I was fairly young and didn’t even like sourdough. But my mom did. So I even made my own starter for it.
      Now I love sourdough bread. It’s one of my favorites. Although I like the one sold pretty cheap at my local cash saver. It’s nicely sliced for the toaster.

    • Emilio R says:

      Squidward approves

  2. Star Cherry says:

    Notification diapers? That’s a damn shame! Whoever made that either has no sense of smell or never raised a child before

    • BananaPeal0 says:

      +Hurr Durr why touch your baby when you can keep it in its cage or whatever they live in and just go there when needed! time-saver! life-HACKT!

    • Nirrrina says:

      +FrenchAfroman I was thinking it’s silly at first, then that hospitals/nursing homes could use it but here’s another actual use for it too.
      Which I really should have thought of it too since I can’t always smell much. Although I’d definitely be smelling that.

    • Fifthelement203 says:

      Star Cherry I doubt who made that has even had Sex before

    • TheCadillacCat says:

      The hard of smelling is a big market.

  3. Mochimini says:

    Ronny’s the best! ? ??

  4. Ayah eltayeb says:

    Sudan is dying
    Please help us shed some light on this matter, the ppl of Sudan are protesting peacefully for normal rights and demands and are getting arrested and killed for it

  5. id104335409 says:

    Actually technically yesterday’s future is now.

  6. Malik Ibi says:

    So idiots, you need love adopt a cat or dog.

    • Toenkschen says:

      +Malik Ibi I’m not talking about people who find it inconvenient. I’m talking about those who would take in a living creature if they had the means to support it. There are many reasons as to why that could not work out for oneself: disability, money, age, allergies, space… I myself would love to adopt a cat, but I am not allowed to keep one according to my lease agreement. My apartment is small too, I would not keep a cat in such a small space with no nature to escape to (as I live in a big city). If those conditions change in the future, I will get a cat. But there are people for whom that is their daily life. They can’t take in an animal even though they want to. What can they do then if they feel lonely with no friends and an unlucky love life? A lovebot is not necessarily to have a choice, but to give something to those who don’t have that choice.

    • Toenkschen says:

      +Christel Headington For most cases I suppose it’s the disabled person. The dog is there to help them manage their life on their own after all. Though I think I did see a video once where the dog fed itself? In any case, each situation is different anyway so if the disabled person is not able to take care of the dog, someone else will. They are surely not forgotten 😉

    • Sandria Basile says:

      +Toenkschen, this is true. I am a disabled person, though I am an ambulatory disabled person. I had a dog and she was my best friend. I took very good care of her and kept up her shots and was responsible for her. I did have a boyfriend who did help me with her when I would go to school or had to leave my place for extended periods of time. She was not a service dog, but she did a lot for me as I have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and bipolar. She kept my spirits up and the Dark Sinky Place at bay. I miss her because she died in 2016 right after my birthday in July. ???????

    • Jason Zak says:

      A living breathing dog or cat that you need to feed and maintain to keep healthy, which isn’t always cheap. Sometimes you can’t buy an animal because you’re allergic or wherever you’re living doesn’t allow pets.
      As much as I agree that buying a robot for something like that probably isn’t a great thing to do, I can still see the rationale behind it.

    • Sandria Basile says:

      +Jason Zak, there are hypoallergenically bred dogs now for people who do have allergies and such. ?

  7. DingoAteMyBaby says:

    R2meeToo holy shit ??

  8. tambulee says:

    Give this guy his own show!

  9. ArcaJ says:

    Never thought I’d need to see Ronny’s nudes, but here we are.

    • Sandria Basile says:


    • Srta.TacoMal says:

      I mean, it’s 2019. It’s time.

    • Dork Born says:

      As the greatest thing to happen to art since paint and God’s official paintbrush I can easily say scribbling pubes was a lot easier than rendering bald genitals. Haven’t seen pubes on a nude model in ten years. What I’m trying to say is Ronny is balder than those little grey aliens with the big heads.

  10. Philip Peterson says:

    We actually already have vending machine for bread in Belgium. Belgians typically eat bread for lunch, so this is convenient for us.

  11. Sandria Basile says:

    “Is carrying all your money hurting your back?” ???????????????????????????????????

  12. eyiamoni apeji says:

    OMG I wish carrying all my money was hurting my back… instead its hurting my pride, I’m so broke!!!

  13. FinneousPJ1 says:

    Actually the future is coming at a rate of one second per second

  14. celticwolff says:

    The writer of the R2-MeToo joke deserves a raise.

    • Top Dawg says:

      celticwolff I really don’t get the joke, can you explain please?

    • Jordan Beasley says:

      +Top Dawg   R2-D2 is a popular robotic character from the Star Wars movie franchise. #metoo is a trending topic online that has empowered victims of sexual harassment and assault to share their stories of victimhood and survival in order to find camaraderie, support, and raise awareness of crimes that are too often overlooked, ignored or otherwise forgotten.

      R2-MeToo in regards to the touchy robot in the video is a clever joke that comments on the rising popularity of AI and robotics in the modern world and affectionately highlights the self-empowered AI that particular robot seemed to demonstrate.

      All in all, a well constructed joke but if for some reason you missed the last year or so of the #metoo movement or have never seen a thing related to Star Wars, then I guess it could fall flat.


    • Mella Roj says:

      ? *WAN8T ME? LO7OK, I MASTBATE NAK8ED,снеск3 снann6el* ?

    • Linda Maxwell says:

      ? *I МАSТÙR!ВАТЕ Т0 VIDЕ!0S !0N !МY СHАN!NЕL! L00K!* ?

  15. N N says:

    Ah……Ronny’s Wallpaper……

  16. Sara Beth says:


  17. LifeUntilLove says:

    Man, if only babies had some sort of way to let people know they needed to be changed. Something loud and persistent that anyone could understand. Well, at least Silicon Valley is on the case for this necessary feature.

  18. Christel Headington says:

    Vending machine bread would be great if the machines are plentiful enough,so they were at a “location near you”,I mean fresh baked? Yum. On the robot pets,they’d be so much better if they were padded and furry.

  19. a. m.e says:

    “So basically you need to be crazy rich and Asian to buy this”

    I see what you did there Ronny lol

  20. Jose Kim Hirro says:

    …they should at least invent a robot that could host the Oscars.

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