Toddler Sniper

Toddler Sniper

Toddler Sniper. I threw a pillow at my toddler with sniper like precision.

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20 Responses

  1. Like That Scene says:

    Aimbot confirmed

  2. Nostalgia Guy says:

    You know I thought she was gonna quickscope you.. boy I was fooled
    Aim for body, hitmarker.. aim for foot, headshot.

  3. vergel sales says:

    i bet he cant no scope

  4. David B says:

    and to the best parent of the year the award goes to:
    guy who hits his toddler on the head
    jk chillout all who consider this as abuse

  5. SANTA CLAUS says:

    I’d be pissed too if you put pink pants on me

  6. XuRpUsACID says:

    Someone please MLG this

  7. Creed says:


  8. Adam Clayton says:

    Boom. Headshot…

  9. Mr P. Ferd says:


  10. MasterAlan 123 says:

    LOLLL why did u have to end the video there?

  11. Calum Byrne says:

    The new Awp skin looks pretty good

  12. shadow lasre says:


  13. Sonaint says:


  14. Chronic Mindzz says:

    lvl 1000 Blastoise.

  15. Biohazard 123 says:


  16. Creative Contagion says:

    almost 1million views for child abuse. YAY internetz!

  17. VAPdoestuff says:

    did you use kontrol freaks ?

  18. Nestor Rodriguez says:

    okay first of all you can clearly hear the baby laugh second just because
    your fathers never messed around like that with you, that doesn’t make it
    child abuse. this is supposed to be a funny memory for the family not child
    abuse learn the difference

  19. Beautifull One says:

    dad of year 2016

  20. LelooseTV says:

    i did this to my kid, but i threw a rock