Together | LeBron James

This time it’s bigger than basketball.

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19 Responses

  1. Lil Jayy says:

    Cleveland shit, Fleet Ave Shit 

  2. TJ197 says:

    Lol here goes all this band wagon hype bull. I feel like they won’t beat
    the Spurs if they make it to the finals.

  3. La most wanted says:

    what a great ad !!

  4. Jerry Velez says:

    this guy is a legend period.. Basketball is one thing but he goes far
    beyond that… He is a successful man in everything he does..he grew up
    with a single mother and we have watched him from high school to become a
    man who is one day ganna be a billionaire from all his successful business
    endeavors one day; He is an inspiration and seeing him on tv almost all the
    time reminding me that if you work hard enough on your craft no matter how
    many haters you have in the end you will ultimately know whether you have
    exceeded your own expectations and if you made it In this life 

  5. Commander Octavian says:

    So what is this about? I didn’t get what this full of dark people add is
    about. Are they gonna try to rebuild Detroit ? 

  6. wyrzelek w says:

    LeBron F u ck u

  7. dleon faith says:

    best cleveland commercial

  8. Juddy Juniano says:


  9. xXxswAgxmAstErxsUnshInExXx says:

    Why’s everyone hating so much

  10. Dreama Boyette says:

    bigger then b ball :/

  11. Vadim Gromyko says:

    @Nike Yeah. It’s called idol worship.

  12. Joe Hill says:

    This time it’s bigger than basketball.

  13. Trevor Philips says:

    This video is fake the extra people in it are animated because you cant get
    that many people in one video.

  14. straightmav says:

    Am I the only one replaying this at least 15 times…

  15. Michelle Ngyuen says:

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  16. Only The Truth says:

    I am the best person in the entire world. I am so much better than you at
    everything I do. Every thing I could ever want is just handed to me because
    of the rich family I was born into. I am super good looking and so very
    intelligent. I could steal your girlfriend/wife if I wanted to. I hope this
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  17. Matthew Meier says:

    what shoes was he wearing

  18. Mume Joe says:

    He’s the King.. KING JAMES 23

  19. Nianzeu vom Nde says:

    This is an awesome ad
    des quenelles inversées oopss je sors :-)

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