Toilet paper hoarder’s request for a refund spurned by supermarket

Toilet paper hoarder’s request for a refund spurned by supermarket

Sky News host Paul Murray says there has been “tremendous” news from South Australia concerning a man who is attempting to return thousands of rolls of toilet paper in exchange for a refund.

At this particular supermarket eight months of toilet paper were sold within four weeks, causing many to go without.

The manager of the supermarket refused to give the man a refund and said, “if everyone had bought the things they needed for their immediate short term then we would be fine, but the reality is we have had so many people hoarding products”.

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71 Responses

  1. pinkyysk says:

    This is hilarious. Sadly people have been insaine over this.

  2. Say Brittaney says:

    See, when you’re selfish and greedy, it comes back to bite you in the butt lol 😂

  3. Russtafa B says:

    Hopefully the price of toilet paper will now go down and his investment will go down the sh*tter

    • Aussie Pom says:

      The hoarders are all idiots for they paid full recommended retail price for their dunny paper and now dunny paper that’s in supermarkets isn’t selling in huge numbers it was. So many supermarkets are now lowering the price to get the dunny paper off the shelves. So the ordinary quiet reserved people who didn’t panic buy are laughing now thanks to the idiots who did panic buy.

    • Brandon Booker says:

      He should give to the needy his extravagant plight…turn it around for good…lol

    • Ev eve says:

      @Brandon Booker he doesn’t seem like the giving type…

    • sopwithpuppy says:

      The cost of toilet paper will MOST DEFINITELY go down. After the panic buying dies down, or if they can find a reasonable vaccine, no shop or supermarket anywhere in the world will sell a single roll. Because EVERYONE has 10,000 rolls at home “just in case”.

    • Shanna DePlato says:

      Russtafa B it’s going down the shitter either way!

  4. Sam King says:

    The customer is not always right, especially when they’re a complete jackhole.

  5. ClankyRochet says:

    Pandemic is happening!! First things came to hoarders minds, are making sure they have something to wipe their arses with.

  6. vla1ne says:

    If anybody in Australia deserves a promotion, it is that man right there.

  7. [?] Question Block says:

    That manager is an absolute legend. Im shopping at Drakes the rest of my life lol love seeing people not giving in to dickheads. Great to see

    • Nels Blair says:

      [?] Question Block Thanks, for supporting your courageous neighbor. It will pay so many dividends that you don’t need any congratulations from me.

  8. Ser Humano says:

    2020: The year everyone installs a bidet at home

    • Meera N says:

      Seriously after you crap you wash your crusty ass I don’t know who doesn’t do this is filthy AF. Toilet paper is just a surface wipe no need to go crazy an hoard now making other people suffer. So serves this hoarder good for being a dick.

    • Sky Andropoulos says:

      Anybody that has a hand-held shower head, like I do, really doesn’t need to buy a bidet.

    • Drgnfli says:

      @cfb cfb that’s why I always close the loo and my toothbrush has a cover on it and lives inside a cabinet. Poo particles travel. Don’t use the TP to wipe your nose or your eyes. Get a box of tissues.

    • Miele L says:

      Ser Humano : No! I still prefer toilet paper.

    • Drgnfli says:

      I just installed a hand held ‘ bum gun’ as us Aussies call it. We were in Vietnam and Cambodia recently for almost 4 months, they were everywhere. Western countries are the only ones who don’t wash their arses. Not sure how cold the water will be in Winter yet. We just had Summer and now in Autumn and water temp is good at the moment.

  9. jenny miller says:

    No refunds should be given, but the store shouldn’t of sold that amount to one person.

    • soppoi123 says:

      @Steven Bass There is no law providing him a refund.

    • Steven Bass says:

      @soppoi123 True. I was simply pointing out that there’s no law preventing him from buying all that stuff.

    • Fkn Compton says:

      Yeah definitely their fault for not imposing a fucking a limit how stupid do they have to be. Not to say hoarders aren’t scumbags but it’s the stores fault for allowing it

    • Steven Bass says:

      @Fkn Compton Since this is not yet Venezuela, please provide the law that says what you may buy and how much. Besides, the article indicates that he was using others to buy for him when limits were installed. I saw many people with carts full of TP and bottled water, when panic sets in rational thinking goes away.

    • Zer0nite says:

      Agreed. We can’t control idiots being idiots, but we don’t have to enable these stupid fuckers anyway. Doesn’t mean either side is innocent though.

  10. Ramon Esparza says:

    Me as a consumer would never touch that person’s toilet paper since he was so hard up he was probably humping it!!😎

  11. Tina Silkov says:

    That’s Right finger up at the hoarders for making everyone else’s life difficult . It’s moronic how they behaved .

    • Tonya Sager says:

      Tina Silkov AGREED!!!!!

    • Drive 99 says:

      Double AGREE

    • dark meat says:

      its not when you look at how the media has played it they have made people panic and ignore what is being said by the actual medical professionals which in turn led to panic buying and hoarding as the media has been saying its the end of the world. couple that with some fuckwit police officers deciding to make up laws to suit themselves and abuse any additional powers they have been given its again not surprising.

      dont get me wrong im not agreeing with what they have done by hoarding just that i can understand the logic behind it

    • GoNmanne11 says:

      @dark meat show me an article or video of the media saying it’s the end of the world. these people are just fucking stupid period.

    • EverythingTechPro says:

      dark meat imagine not having common fucking sense

  12. CAT ASTROPHIC says:


  13. Brian Hudson says:

    “How good is that bloke?” We ugly Americans love that phrase 🙂

  14. Felipe Rodriguez says:

    That put a smile on my face awesome!
    The store should have a statue of this dude by the front door saying
    If you hoard this is what you get

  15. Wolfgang Huhn says:

    Here in Ohio a customer tried the same at a Walmart, then called the police, the city hall put her picture and name on their facebook page 😂

  16. Derek Mills says:

    Holy Crap 🤣🤣🤣 that would last me 93 years. His heirs are gonna be happy.

  17. KM says:

    Mr.Selfish should just keep it for the next emergency… there’s bound to be another one.

  18. lexie says:

    “I told him that…” LMAO. I love that man. And did he say more power to his arm? Lol.. omg I just love this clip

  19. SAINT rachel JAROD M. HOLY-K/AYLWORTH says:

    That’s a good answer for a individual that created, a nightmare scenario:😄

  20. Michael Fairchild says:

    “Costumer is always right” was made by someone who NEVER worked in retail.

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