Its Finally Time For Round 2

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Black Air Force Energy Collection

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39 Responses

  1. Jimbo The Timbo says:

    Finished this anime and Damn CJ won’t wrong they really do say “don’t care your not the main character”

  2. TrueGawd says:

    We been waiting on this one chief 💯

  3. Kazemaru 8 says:

    I feel like there should be a compromise. Mikey and Draken are the only representatives for their series, but everyone in the Round Table of Black Air Force Energy gets Toman Jackets. Please upvote this to get CJ’s attention.

  4. Trol1_ B1T says:

    “I’ve been waiting for the day I can recreate madara vs the shinobi alliance”

  5. Maria Therese says:

    Baji: so powerful no one could take him down but himself.

  6. CrazyAnd20 says:

    New candidates for the Round Table:
    Yusuke: Enough said.
    Mereoleona: She took on 5 elves by herself and got mad when Asta helped her, she also has gone full menace in the manga.
    Thorkell: In the manga he has fully embraced Black Air Force Energy.
    Dio: Killed Jonathan’s dog, turned a woman into a vampire and had her eat her own child, knocked up 4 different women, had two dudes doing white collar crimes making him a fortune, killed his pops and tried to kill Jonathan’s pops, etc. Dude is a straight up menace to society.
    Giorno Giovanna: Put Diavolo into an infinite death loop, took over the biggest mafia in Italy at age 15, and beat the piss out of Ciccolatta for SEVEN manga pages.

  7. Farouk Shaaban says:

    Fun fact: The Knights of the Round Table were just the most famous of King Arthur’s warriors, he actually had multiple lesser tables filled with badasses.
    I’m mentioning this cause once season two drops you’re gonna need to make some space.

    • Mikhiel Bluemon says:

      The round table were for equals. Not abad idea to have less tables for those that don’t quite make the cut.

    • Loading says:

      Guys my advice to this anime is not to read the manga and dont get to exited for season 2 its will be pure depression

  8. Zetsubou says:

    4:47 It’s called a victim mentality. It’s a psychological thing. It’s a mentality where you blame anyone but yourself and always see yourself as a victim. Kinda sad this dude never got the therapy he badly deserved even after going to juvie.

  9. Raid XD says:

    Kisaki: plan to become the head of vhalhalla and toman

    Aizen: “i created that boy”

    • Sasha Wolfson says:

      🤣 Yep, that make sense

    • Done Wasting Time says:

      Shame he gets Eren’d in the end.
      I hated Kisaki, but he was extremely compelling villain and that motivation they gave him was crap. One that didn’t even make sense if you look at everything from start. It was just dumb.

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    The fact that he took like 50 hits from a metal pipe to the head, managed to shrug it off and bodied 3 people effortlessly shows how overpowered he is

    • deji kijoor says:

      Caught you early

    • Jayden Simpson says:

      I keep seeing you’re comment everywhere

    • Trendy flawless says:

      @🌝 we are all everywhere if we knows he’s everywhere

    • Anthony Mukoko says:

      @zeno Nah he already have a mustached alter ego (wich I don’t know now which one of them was the first to appear everywhere on YouTube )

    • Abay Chiksa says:

      @Pengxin ok since we are judging now and ima be honest i’m 12 and also judging by your pfp looks like anime cause my eyesights bad and your name, prolly a boy poster on top of his bed, not american (finally) so ima guess you are 15 -17 if you are 20 i just am sorry but wow i mean like damn your name jesus so ye i just joined the fight

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