Tom Brady Commercial for Shields MRI. 5 Rings #Rogerthat

Tom Brady Commercial for Shields MRI. 5 Rings #Rogerthat

Tom Brady wins ring 5 and is at Shields MRI in new commercial. Roger that!

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20 Responses

  1. Alex Killen says:

    Great foresight, glad they had the balls to do it in October.

  2. bluesugar58 says:

    Epic. Amazing. Legendary. Brady has balls of steel. Love that he had the
    guts to film this last year. Through all Roger put him through, he still
    got the last laugh.

  3. Ares (ThatCatGuy) says:

    “Roger that” = fuck you Roger Goodell :)

  4. Chris Ituah says:

    Has anyone ever lived a more perfect life? My God. He’s just too perfect.

  5. Aaron - nonymous says:

    I can’t hate on this guy anymore.

  6. Jacoby Nixon says:

    I swear im not high but did the walls move?

  7. Robert Johnson says:

    I’m a Raiders fan but I’m happy that the Patriots won. Brady proves he is
    the best QB every time he plays! Roger Goodell and the rest of the NFL fans
    should show more respect.

  8. David W says:

    damn this video made me think I needed a MRI with the walls movie in the
    fucking background

  9. mohammed eljak says:

    am a radiology technologists

  10. Yasir H. says:

    This man is to perfect lol what a goat

  11. Tyler Winkle says:

    roger goodell is everything wrong with the world

  12. pls no says:

    It’s all shaky. My head hurts now.

  13. Pussy Magnet says:

    Tom like you know what’s up

  14. Tmartn Busting says:

    I guess Shields didn’t protect his jersey.

  15. Jimmy Williams says:

    are the walls fucking moving?

  16. Akash Pawar says:

    holy shit, most savage ad ever

  17. Magik arp says:

    Are y’all tired of winning yet?? Hahaha!

  18. Blasted Billy says:

    oh man “Roger that” burn!

  19. Danbdanb bnadbnad says:

    5th Superbowl ring should be fitted for his thumb

  20. Andrew Frye says:

    This commercial would have been real dumb if the Failcons didn’t blow it so
    hard! ?

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