Tom Brady Joins the Stern Show From Derek Jeter’s House

Tom Brady Joins the Stern Show From Derek Jeter’s House

NFL quarterback Tom Brady talked to Howard Stern from the house he’s renting from Yankees All-Star Derek Jeter.

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55 Responses

  1. NothingSpecial says:

    “It’s almost like Osama Bin Laden’s compound”

  2. Luke Eaton says:

    No way that guy’s 42. NO WAY!

  3. Seth Finberg says:

    Renting … “get all of the benefits with none of the responsibilities” (Tom Brady)

  4. Anirudh Kasba says:

    Can you post the whole interview

  5. Boxing Now says:

    Tom Brady left the patriots because of Carole Baskin

  6. Leo Helmar says:

    Coupla legends. Stern looks like he’s hiding behind the mic.

  7. j v says:

    he looks like he’s lost a ton of weight

  8. Elias Pettersson says:

    These dudes still use lawyers and accountants for contractual aggreements. Doesn’t matter if their buddies, they still have to make smart transactions.

    Its why the dumb dudes that just give away shit for free like their money will never run out go broke 2 years into retirement.

  9. LANDON MILLER says:

    It’s crazy to think this is not an interview with the Patriots’ QB.

  10. Morris says:

    Tom Brady on Howard Stern. Wow. Never thought I’d see this. Ha

  11. Kay Q says:

    I always feel like Brady is watching what he says.

  12. Anthony says:

    Jeter also gave Tiger a place to stay. Giselle better watch out lol.

  13. evan wallace says:

    The goat finally one on one with the goat

  14. Ryan Staiger says:

    It’s funny hearing Brady cuss, bc he never seems to do that in interviews😂

    • Barry McCockiner says:

      Brady cusses alot on the sidelines in games . I’d love to hear the audio of him and Bill O’Brien fighting on the sideline in a game . The Pats were up 30 something points on their opponent in that game too , and Brady gets basically balled out by O Brien hahaha .Brady was cussing big time at O Brien .

  15. AlbertV90 says:

    Absolutely fantastic interview. I think it’s really cool that he did this interview with Howard. If it was with anybody else, it would’ve been phony and insincere. Howard ACTUALLY gives a damn when he’s interviewing a person unlike others in media.

    • VIP T says:

      Maybe after all this virus is over he can come in the studio! I am a COWBOYS fan and have always hated the Patriots and Tom. Hahahaha. He’s the greatest qb, ik. I really enjoyed the interview and gained alot of respect for TB12. Peace

  16. The Howard Stern Show says:

    Hear Tom Brady and Howard Stern’s full interview for FREE on the SiriusXM app through May 15:

  17. Mr. Smith says:

    Two Legends just having a chat.

  18. macallan18year says:

    Best interview from Tom Brady and only Howard could have pulled this off with the humor.. PS Robyn is awesome too!!

  19. rvvrn says:

    Interrupted ZERO times while complimenting Howard and his show.

  20. Cody Mathes says:

    Love him or hate him, Dudes a living legend.

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