Tom Brady on Comeback Win vs. Rams, 100K Career Passing Record | Postgame Press Conference

Tom Brady on Comeback Win vs. Rams, 100K Career Passing Record | Postgame Press Conference

Quarterback Tom Brady spoke to the media on Sunday following the week 9 win over the Los Angeles Rams.
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41 Responses

  1. Jesse Pinkman says:

    Traveld from Berlin to Tampa to see this Game live, thank you Tom and the whole Bucs Team! Let’s go!

    • Mad Wid says:

      I’m not into football but watchin Tom is something else…

    • John von Bron says:

      Hope you loved visiting this country and enjoying America’s great sport! Americans love visitors and we have great respect for your country and your people. Germany is a great place and I love your country’s Bundesliga very much. Safe travels on your return to Germany. 😊

    • Jon948 says:

      They’re playing in Germany 🇩🇪 next week. You could’ve waited and saved yourself jet lag.

    • Jesse Pinkman says:

      @Nurturing2 It was amazing :0

    • KingSnowman says:

      That is Awesome!! So Glad you got to see a Classic! How did you get into it??

  2. Rafael Rodriguez says:

    Getting hicks back helped the run defense tremendously. Once Winfield and Logan Ryan come back I think the defense will be back to true elite form again like they were earlier in the season. And for the O once gage and brate and Jensen come back and hopefully getting Odell for the cherry on top we’ll be back in the super bowl. This team just needs to stay healthy and get out of their own way

  3. TooGoat says:

    This guy really is the 🐐. He doesn’t care about his accumulated stats but only about this win and winning overall….

    • stéphane A says:

      @john wolf Rodgers would say Miller shouldn’t play

    • Deplorable Jared Brodersen *Say No To Marxists* says:

      That shows excellent character! Glad he doesn’t care too much about number one stats and breaking records. I knew there was a reason I liked him beside his talent. He could easily brag like some do in sports but he’s not that way. He’s got class.

    • john wolf says:

      He always has his guys backs, Scotty’s drop was the 6th dropped pass in the game. He takes pressure off them. Unreal

    • John Smith says:

      There’s only one stat he cares about and that’s by the amount of rings he accumulates.

    • Mike Hamilton says:

      He’s hooked on winning
      True Champion!

  4. Callie Mae Stone says:

    That was a game to remember. TOM BRADY did a great job. Especially in that last minute of the 4th quarters. Go BRADY BUCS.

  5. GoldenLass says:

    Anyone who has watched Brady over the last 20+ years knows to never count the man out, and to always give it the full 60 minutes. He is King of Comebacks! 🎉 ❤‍🔥

  6. Jared Beckwith, R. EEG T. says:

    A true winner. The rams knew what time it was on that last drive!

  7. Jennifer Collavo says:

    Never , ever, ever underestimate Tom Brady. Love you Tom!!!!!

  8. Ernest Kovach says:

    He is the most humble and intelligent athlete in sports history. How refreshing. Tom Brady, great Leader.

  9. Lindsey says:

    Scotty dropping that TD pass may have been a blessing in gisguise. We go up 3 and give the Rams the ball with plenty of time, we all know how that goes. That being said he should have caught that! We we very fortunate we got in the endzone in 44 seconds with no timeouts!

  10. Score 7 says:

    This guy is far from done it’s very clear he was dealing with personal issues now that’s been resolved I got news for y’all my Tampa Bay Buccaneers are back and Psycho Tom is back as well 😊

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