Tom Cruise Shows Slow-Mo Footage of How He Broke His Ankle | The Graham Norton Show

Tom Cruise Shows Slow-Mo Footage of How He Broke His Ankle | The Graham Norton Show

Tom Cruise, or… Tom Bruise?
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65 Responses

  1. Hashim Azam says:

    so much respect for Tom, still doing these dangerous stunts . I hope the movie’s gonna be good.

    • Bpg5012 trick says:

      Maybe he doesn’t want stuntmen to get injured, if he’s getting paid big money, he wants the audience to know he’s putting his all into the movie, plus his saving the movie money by doing the stunts himself.

    • Camille Murray says:

      Some of the crew just got flat out fired because he refused a stunt man and got production suspended. Some got fired and some just got suspended without pay until production started up again. I know plenty of people who’ve worked with him and he’s a straight up douchebag

    • Americansikkunt says:

      Why does doing your own stunts earn your respect? That is such a dated concept lol. Who cares if an actor doesn’t ACTUALLY jump out of tailspinning plane or running down a building. We have photoshop FFS.

    • kim davis says:

      Until he breaks his neck.

  2. Noob Of All Trades says:

    Tom Cruise – Western version of Jackie Chan basically…

    • Noob Of All Trades says:

      Kev Louis lol. I had no idea people would be so affected by this comment. I’m a Jackie Chan fan first before I became a Tom Cruise fan, so it really shouldn’t be an issue, it’s a compliment to both that they do their own stunts.

    • Adolf Hitler says:

      Noob Of All Trades Jackie Chan is the western version of Jackie Chan.

  3. miniman423 says:

    tom cruise the american jackie chan

  4. Max Amon says:

    Regardless of his religious ideas, he is one of the most dedicated actors in the world. A huge movie star he is, but an underrated actor.

  5. Hunter says:

    THIS is why he such a phenomenal actor and doesn’t deserve any hate he gets

    • thomas schmitz says:

      minus the 3 wives who had to LIVE with him of course….

    • thomas schmitz says:

      WELL SAID, GREAT POST! AND TO THINK THERE IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MORE GOING ON IN THIS CULT! as the saying goes ‘scientology? it’s always worse then you think”… a combination of north korea, organized crime, pyramid money scheme scam, the ultimate “dangling carrot” lie and exclusive country club of the have and have nots! let us not forget the missing wife of the leader who hasn’t been seen but 1 time in now 13 years out in public! let us not forget the mysterious deaths, missing persons, the stalking and harassing of anyone who speaks out against it, … “operation snow white” still the biggest illegal infiltration of u.s. government offices in history done by scientology and where the wife of the founder went to prison for it among others! and we the public are suppose to believe cruise knows NOTHING? come on! NO ONE is that out and about in the world “brainwashed”! NO ONE is THAT clueless! NO ONE lives in THAT much of a bubble it’s the size of a inflated balloon!

    • xDenki says:

      ObiWan MaBoaby Youre kidding me right! Edge of tomorrow, M:I series, American Made are all great movies!!

  6. Sahar Azizkhani says:

    Yh no he’s cute and all but just can’t get passed the fact that he’s basically running a cult

  7. KOMOREBI says:

    3:03 No ma’am, that’s that Scientology ish right there

  8. Samuel Donovan says:

    Cavill’s damn moustache.

  9. Lawrence Stevens says:

    They promoting a movie that comes out in July?

  10. Lawrence Stevens says:

    I know tom’s a bit of a weirdo with Scientology and that but I like him and respect his effort and dedication to films

    • L McG says:

      Beef Supreme compared to what……every other religion. I ain’t defending Scientology (its a SciFi writers waffling) but really if people new everything you or anybody did in private or otherwise you’d be classed as a weirdo too.

    • Asshole-in-Chief says:

      Lawrence Stevens: “a bit of a weirdo”… A BIT? That’s the understatement of the century!

    • Ezzy J says:

      Scientology is a cult really which is why it’s weird to be a part of it

  11. Atlanta Guns says:

    He keeps touching Rebecca’s knee 😬

  12. eka riski says:

    Hail Xenu!

  13. Oisin Lally says:


  14. Oisin Lally says:

    This is what sales is all about!

  15. Alrucards says:

    Nothing will stop this man from running.

  16. Bill Vreemde says:

    What film are they discussing?

  17. TheNerdsComic says:

    It must be a bad day when I’m taking enjoyment out of watching Tom Cruise.
    Nothing against him, I’m just having a bad day.

  18. Paul Pogba says:

    What movie is it 😂

  19. Chung Jaewoong says:

    Ouch~!! >..<

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