Tom Cruise Terrifies James in ‘Top Gun’ Fighter Jet!

Tom Cruise Terrifies James in ‘Top Gun’ Fighter Jet!

“Top Gun: Maverick” star Tom Cruise picks up James for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the desert where Tom pilots James in a vintage fighter plane for the afternoon. And just when James thinks he’s survived, Tom informs him the two will be going up again — this time in a jet fit for modern aerial warfare. There isn’t much doubt Maverick will survive the experience, but will James? “Top Gun: Maverick” comes out only in theaters May 27!

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32 Responses

  1. Robert Ball says:

    This guy fly’s jets, helicopters, drives race cars, does his own stunts. whether or not you like him you have to admit, this guy is the real deal and has balls of solid titanium

  2. Kristopher De Tar says:

    Very cool to see how far Tom has progressed with his type ratings over the years. The money helps get all those type ratings but his dedication and hard work to learn all the flying characteristics of each craft is what really counts. Bravo Mr. Cruise, Bravo !!

  3. Orlando Frison says:

    I’ve been a pilot for 42 years and I’m very impressed with the skill that Tom showed up. Congratulations. Keep on you’re doing a great job.

    • S Konstas says:

      @Daniel Zevallos No Sir. Mr Cruise is actually flying it.

    • Sandra farasya says:

      I’d love to be Close-Up.Online is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be, hes my light of day.

    • Emanuel Mota says:

      @Ashok Kalita Be a movie star where the studio pays for your flight training, or have $600 million and pay for your own lessons.

  4. Derrick Potter says:

    Love or or hate him, Tom is absolutely full of everything it takes to be whatever you want to be. He has all the talent. I couldn’t imagine being in a jet he’s flying. Amazing

  5. GamblesGranma says:

    AMAZING! I knew he was a commercially rated pilot on rotor and fixed wing, but seeing him drive a fast mover is mind blowing. Jets are a different beast, flying at those speeds in proximity to mountain terrain. Any miscalculation, and your time of death is down to 2-3 secs before pancake town. So yeah, Mav is kind’a of real life badass!🤘🤘

  6. WalrusRider says:

    I wish I had Tom’s zest for life. Everyone that works with him says he just energises them.. He would have been bouncing off the walls as a kid haha

    • CaptSNES says:

      @dustin furman he only fires those who are inadequate and not passionate of their jobs. Tom needs top guns to work for him and nothing less. Not sure if you can blame him for that really… He’s the real deal when it comes to putting in hard work.

    • Peter Marreck says:

      he was born on the cusp of boomers and Gen X

    • dustin furman says:

      energizes or fires?

    • Drummer1000George says:

      Well you don’t get an Orange Hexagon, Three Turtle Bones and a Thetan level of 21 without nuclear levels of determination and a remarkably flawed capacity for critical thought

    • Omar Chaudhry says:

      You’re bouncing off the walls right now.

  7. Daniel Server says:

    Shout out to all the other camera people and pilots who were in the air and filming to make this happen! World class

    • Billy W says:

      @Cheapskate Aviation there is you can see it come behind them in some shots

    • Cheapskate Aviation says:

      Agreed. That’s probably where the most skill went in. I wonder if they were chasing with another L-39 or something else.

  8. HOW TO CHANNEL says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! Tom Cruise is a living legend!

  9. Enigmatic24 says:

    One of thee best things I’ve ever watched- Tom Cruise is a living Legend

  10. JJ Dempsey says:

    Of all the movies and interviews and bits he’s ever been a part of, I think Tom was his most real self in this. Him cracking up with the burning marshmallow was priceless! LOL

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