Tom Hanks At-Home Monologue – SNL

Tom Hanks At-Home Monologue – SNL

Tom Hanks opens a special Saturday Night Live as host from his home, where he talks about recovering from COVID-19, does an “audience” Q&A and pays tribute to essential workers.

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67 Responses

  1. NeO JD says:

    The intro sequence was surprisingly warm. Prefer it over the actual one

    • nwatson888 says:

      @Libby Nicole It’s Easter and the first thing you can talk about is pedophilia? Why are YOUR heart and mind so dark? Not all actors and actresses are pedophiles. It’s an over the top joke about the pageant industry. Nobody’s being conditioned to accept it as normal. Hint also: Many comedians engage in extreme sarcasm as a way of calling attention to something negative.

    • Libby Nicole says:

      @nwatson888 I literally don’t care that its Easter. Just another day. Yeah… MY mind is dark because I think having an 8-year-old girl say, “talk dirty to me” at a “sexy baby” pageant is not funny, good nor appropriate. Ok 🙄. Happy Easter

    • Canais Young says:

      They should use it.

    • baylinkdashyt says:

      @Jack Shite “Trump blame game”.

      Yup; 75% of the blame for where we are is on Trump’s feet. No reasonable question about it. Crawl back in your hole, please.

    • Riskyy says:

      *omg snl commented on my new video. I’m so happy*

  2. Robert Anthony Pitera says:

    Gee, poor Colin Jost; locked down in quarantine with Scarlett Johansson. We should all be so ‘unfortunate’…

    • kwfown says:

      Poor Scarlett Johansson; locked down in quarantined with Colin Jost, how “unfortunate”!

    • Ruby Felix says:

      @Nu Mo psychosomatic is a term used to relate the mind and physical body not working together correctly. Like someone who thinks they have a fever but the body doesn’t show one. Think you have a learning deficit. Try using Google before trying to sound smart by calling someone else dumb.

    • RAY SARNA says:

      @vincentvangogodancer Shockingly, there’s a person behind the stunningly addicting face and body.

      In my case, it took me 4 months to realize that. After all, there was a beauty, even on Rodeo Drive; and she was a wow. For about a month, there was begging for the real girl to appear. Then it was time to bemoan the loss. Not all are Sigourney Weaver, exceptional child of an exceptional father, attending Stanford and Yale Acting School to boot. But still, there’s that person behind the unrequested physical being.

    • Nu Mo says:

      Ruby Felix wow…just wow!!!

  3. kittykattastegood says:

    Ummm I never looked at Colin before but that beard makes him a zaddy

  4. SimplyPatti says:

    Seeing Keanen with his babies warmed my quarantined heart.

  5. Douchy McDouche says:

    Missed opportunity to have Tom’s wife come into the shot going “Tom, can you take the garbage out?”

  6. ThatJarebearGuy says:

    “Hey all you cool cats and kittens”

  7. Kourtneys Wholesome Life says:

    I love Tom Hanks. I think he’s the best host for SNL.

  8. Dan T says:

    With his head shaved, Tom looks like the farmers insurance guy JK Simmons

  9. HD says:

    I can’t believe how typical everyone’s homes are.

  10. Ashley says:

    ok but seeing a fully recovered Tom Hanks saying, “hey all you cool cats and kittens!” is heartwarming and iconic.

  11. Da Stig says:

    he looks like he sells propane and propane accessories.

  12. Breaux says:

    No one gonna talk about Tom Hanks tiger king reference?

  13. Karly Allison says:

    Kate McKinnon’s intro is one of the most accurate representations of this quarantine😂

    • Canais Young says:

      I thought it was representative of Kate just being a normal person to contrast with the fact that she’s basically a one-woman SNL cast (playing men, women, children, animals, freaky creatures, and everything in between. And if she can’t play them, then Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Melissa Villasenor, or a female host usually steps in).

  14. Steven Cervantes says:

    Everything he says is a stitch
    Tom: I have COVID-19

  15. amber van der garde says:

    no one:
    pete davidson in the start: yuh!

  16. Tosh T says:

    😬 I knew Melissa Villaseñor would be left out but was a bit surprised Bowen didn’t get any air time and downright shocked (disappointed) Cecily didn’t make an appearance. 😐

  17. undericesinger says:

    Is this the Tom Hanks house arrest edition?

  18. skyler says:

    Oh hey look an adrenochrome user. Didn’t Tom Hanks have Corona?

    • Mattypuddingfingers says:

      Wasn’t Tom in prison or something todo with a barcode on his door and some tweets about gloves.

    • Zelda Williams says:

      Just stop trying to makeup false, shit, about Tom Hanks you people, are really reaching, I know your arm/shoulder, must be in a considerable amount of pain, with all that reaching!🙄 Ouchie!🥴😬

    • Blue collar Silver dollar says:

      Zelda Williams
      Just keep living in denial. Be a good sheep

  19. Felipe and Michelle says:

    I love Tom, couldn’t have thought of a better lockdown host than Tom.

  20. Inforism Tv says:

    in an alternate universe where SNL is actually just a youtube show

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