Tom Holland Knew I Was Irish?

Tom Holland Knew I Was Irish?

I did it!! I finally met Tom Holland! Along with Zendaya and Jacob Batalon for Spider-Man Far From Home!
You have no idea how excited I was for this and how thankful I am that it happened!
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75 Responses

  1. epic gamer says:

    I like this one this one is less awkward than the Chris Hemsworth interview

  2. Theloner 1 says:

    Who else thought that the celebrities we’re more awkward then jack. ????

  3. Mowmauf says:

    I’m amazed that Tom didn’t spoil anything from the movie

  4. KimAckerman 21 says:

    I can sense Tom containing himself from saying any type of spoiler in this interview

  5. Oliver Rafferty says:

    Literally nobody
    Tom: *Somehow I knew you were Irish*

  6. FrostyMango says:

    2018: Detroit
    2019: Meeting celebrities

  7. Gabriel Kelly says:

    *crossing fingers for a Chris Pratt Guardians of the Galaxy 3 interview*

  8. The Fan Game Makers says:

    Zendaya: There’s a lot of energy and laughs-”
    Jack: *smacks whiteboard* “LAUGH”

  9. Myst The Hooman says:

    Aug 2018: Fangirl Jack
    Jun 2019: Nothing changed

  10. milagrosJML says:


    Literally no One:

    Jack: *walks in * Hel-
    Tom Holland:” *youre irish , right?* “

  11. Shadow says:

    Now only Keanu Reeves is left..

  12. ThiCc_BaRny says:

    When Tom was explaining the action sequence i was like “NOOOO IM SEEING IT ON JULYY 2NDDDDDD!!!”

  13. Diana Maioru says:

    Seán’s eyes are such a striking blue… and happiness really does make his eyes shine even brighter, doesn’t it? <3

  14. heytheredemonsitsme says:

    Why is Tom flexing on us with his ankle pants the whole time

  15. RedstoneJack says:

    Can’t believe Tom Holland was lucky enough to meet Jackieboy Man.

  16. KareBare52 /art says:

    Jack:walk in the room*(looking Irish)
    Tom:in his head(ok he’s definitely Irish)
    Jack:in his Irish voice* hello everyone
    Tom:some how I new you where Irish
    Me& Jacob:wow ???
    These actors are amazing, your so lucky jack ???

  17. Billy Daines says:

    Tom: Breathtaking beauty
    Zendaya: Harmonic voice
    Jacob: Hilarious humor


  18. whooshie woosh says:

    Tom holland finally met jacksepticeye – im so happy for him

  19. Emerson Lyons says:

    place your bets! whos he gonna meet next? Keanu Reeves? dr.phil? my Dad?? place your bets!

  20. Katia Lei says:

    Me: sees Tom Holland

    Me: sees jacksepticeye


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