Tom Holland’s $1.2M Shopping Spree | GQ

Tom Holland’s $1.2M Shopping Spree | GQ

GQ’s Man of the Year Tom Holland has an infinite amount of fake money to spend shopping online. GQ curated a personalized shopping list for Tom filled with exotic trips, action figures, homes, sporting events, and more. Who is he taking to Japan with him? How much would he pay to go to the 2022 Champions League Final? Is he ready to add a Funko Pop of himself to his collection?

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Tom Holland’s $1.2M Shopping Spree | GQ

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53 Responses

  1. THOT COP says:

    I love his take on Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

    • you don't know me says:

      I love his take on Nathan’s hot dog eating contest

    • Prince Dillard says:

      They donate 100k hotdogs to hunger relief every year

    • phaze says:

      Tho it is kinda silly cause there is enough food we just can’t get it to them

    • The oil is Burning says:

      There are enough hotdogs to feed every hungry child on the planet and more, child hunger isn’t about how much food earth has, it’s about who’s gonna pay for that food to be made and delivered to specifically hungry children so that they can eat the hotdogs for FREE. There’s enough food to feed every human on the planet, the problem is extremely poor people can’t afford them, or don’t have people who can pay for the food for them.

    • phaze says:

      @The oil is Burning exactly

  2. GQ says:

    Get your copy of GQ’s Men of the Year issue with Tom Holland before it’s gone:

  3. Kate Brague says:

    okay so tom also thinks those toys are creepy. glad i’m not the only one

    • The Red Ronin says:

      I mean he is the face of the character now. Of course it would happen. I also do understand it would make someone feel a little weird seeing him all the time…but it is his version of Peter. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Sabrina says:

      @Robert Baratheon and?

  4. Swarangi Kanade says:

    “There are starving kids in the world, this is a waste of food” There’s a reason I love him

  5. Edits by Emilie says:

    “Ehhh that’s none of your business”

  6. Swarangi Kanade says:

    “Who are you taking to Japan with you?” “That’s none of your business” Thanks Tom we got our answer.

  7. Myella Torres says:

    “right GQ?” **crickets**
    lmfao 😭

  8. Delilah Rose says:

    “I’d take my brother Harry buy another ticket for Sam” paddy rn 👁💧👄💧👁

  9. Dam says:

    Tom is such a good person man it’s crazy

    • Carl Calsado says:

      Another redditor who buys sub bots and also like children

    • Griffgames says:

      @King Robert Baratheon of House BaratheonSo… to be a real manly man, you need to be an insecure male caricature that talks about other people’s features and testosterone levels to feel superior about yourself.
      Got it.

    • Diesel fumes says:

      @King Robert Baratheon of House Baratheon lol

    • Rose Jenna Prieto Arias says:

      @King Robert Baratheon of House Baratheon naw New Yorkers and bostoners and you are pretty worthless dam and Daris and other great people are the only ones that matter yuh jackass

    • myblu3b4lls says:

      @King Robert Baratheon of House Baratheon Ratio + yb slap eddie hall

  10. Pablo says:

    I think everyone would love to go to Japan, Tom!

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