Tom MacDonald “Im Sorry”

Tom MacDonald “Im Sorry”




MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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39 Responses

  1. Anna Marie says:

    Me: hears tom say im sorry

    Me: about to dislike the video

    Me: hears him laugh


  2. UNCLE SAM USA In god we trust says:

    Why be sorry when you’re great what you’re doing Tom I was thinking when I click on the video begin to play. Never say sorry for being someone that’s you and I love how you end it great rap tom

  3. Alabama Beauty says:

    I was about to say, “Another one bites the dust.?”

    But HELL YEA!!! Fire as ALWAYS!!! ??
    I’m sorry I doubted you!????

  4. Todd Woodring says:

    Great song Tom! Hell yeah, such a savage and beautiful masterpiece.

  5. Warren Turner says:

    Me: “Damn, Tom is selling out and turning on us”

    Tom: “Hahaha”…..?

  6. Creative G says:

    He had us on the first half, ain’t gonna lie…

    ??? I’m sorry???

  7. Sean Stewart says:

    The intro was so many ppl today after they get the courage, speak up, and get blasted by the faux morale keyboarding police!

  8. Tony says:

    Now I have a new “Artofkickz” video coming soon to look forward too hahaha

  9. Katie LB says:

    “Diamonds and loot” – shows his teeth.

    Knew the sarcasm was coming ?

  10. Jackk Here says:

    Thats what I have been waiting for… Sadly I found you trough the Mac Lethal disses but I have listen to every video on your chanel and every live on Instagram and I can tell you my guy……
    You a god, fan for life !!!!

  11. drew_ nation says:

    I do my neighbors dog park every time I play something fire??

  12. Simon Welander Martinsen says:

    Awesome song dude! Looking forward to what you have in store both in the near and far future for us!

    Cheers from Sweden!

  13. Austin Austile says:

    Yooooo he had me the first part… I’m like, “shit… they got to my man… dont let them do this.” Then he started laughing… I was like “aaaaahhhh shiiiit, he ain’t gone”

  14. brianscott1986 says:

    I love how he switched to black contacts when the apology is over. He laughs, and opens his eyes to reveal the black contacts at 40 seconds in. Once I saw that I was like “oh shit he is going in!”.

  15. Christian Ocasio says:

    Am I the only 1 that can appreciate he’s the only person censoring his own song to be able to play it anywhere

    • B 27D says:

      No I LOVE that about him too. Considerate about his fans and making sure it can played anywhere with anyone

    • icanmakeeverythingilovedie says:

      I believe it’s censored on YouTube so it doesn’t get demonetized. Tom is completely independent, so YouTube, album and song sales, and merch are his sole source of income. If I’m not mistaken, cursing causes videos to be demonetized, could be wrong about that though.

    • Alejandro Sanchez says:

      That and he does it to mock censory but the whole point to it is he doesn’t needa cuss to make his statements

  16. Country Living says:

    Fuc.k the haters. “Haters gonna hate, and that’s how they make me…me.” Can’t remember who said it.
    Fuel for the fire.
    Keep doin what you do.

  17. Jimbo Jankerson says:

    “Place them in angles like sacred geometry”. Hell yes man. So many good bars.

  18. Couples Therapy says:

    Tom and tool dropping albums on the same day…. Jesus help my wallet

  19. 101 101 says:

    Me:is he really going to say sorry?

    Tom: *Laughs*

    Me: Nver mind

  20. Kevin Noll says:

    Gave me some serious goosebumps! Tom never disappoints. Always spittin fire better than a flamethrower.

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