Tom MacDonald – “No Response”

Tom MacDonald – “No Response”




MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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  1. Redfern Rants says:

    its crazy how you can become such a big fan of a guy you didn’t even know existed 6 months ago, I reacted to “I hate hip hop” on my channel through the request of one of my subs, at 1st I didn’t get it fully and didn’t understand Tom and what he was about, now 6 months down the line I’m a huge fan, feel part of the HOG family and looking at buying merchandise from his website, his merchandise is much like him as an artist, unbelievable!!! Keep up the great music and making great music videos in lockdown, looking forward to listening to this track a lot more and to hearing what’s next.

    • Euphoric Despair says:

      Honestly, though. I heard Straight White Male a few months ago. I hated rap at the time (more of a rock guy), but I thought “Hey… this is kinda different; I like this”, and now I wait for each new upload and drop everything to listen to it, when I get a notification. Hell, I don’t even have a CD player in my car, and I own 3 albums. Gotta support a homie doing all this shit legit and hands on.

    • Michael Moore says:

      Strait goat

    • Emperor Donald J Trump says:

      @Euphoric Despair This House is one of his best. Check it out

  2. Nikki Richards says:

    Ya and Nova are 1 helluva team and gets to reap the rewards for it… great job guys, still speaking the truth! Looks like have some new ink and ice, well deserved

  3. aimeeh09 Gaming says:

    Why are you so understated Tom. I’ve been a fan for ages and ur great ur so underrated and ur AWSOME and great love ur music ur so great keep going ur doing well and them braids are sick 🙂

  4. Wes Fanning says:

    This is reason I’m driving from Texas to Colorado
    I gotta see this talent LIVE! Yall. LONG LIVE H.O.G.

  5. Rap Lover says:

    5:11 | “Chocking y’all to death like i am Homer home alone with Bart” Daaaamn🔥

  6. jon anderson says:

    I know there’s alot of sick lines but the Homer home alone with Bart was vicious 🔥

  7. Thursday Isaac says:

    I love how he doesn’t need a record label or Booty’s to make his songs

  8. Dale Cirlin says:

    From the bottom of my heart I wanna say you’re music f***ing rocks dude.. I can relate to the addiction and love how you speak your mind.. keep doing your thing!!!!👉😷😜

  9. MR.BEAST says:

    Dang no ads did he get demonetized rip

    • Fourth Plateau says:

      Who cares? Buy albums and merchandise. He has a real message, and it’s simply to be authentic. Monetized or not, we must respect legitimate art.

  10. True Yankee99 says:

    Tom you boutta out do Dax ass on these hand movements 😂💯🔥

    • True Yankee99 says:

      Please don’t take that as me comparing you to Dax I just have much respect for you as well as Dax I’d say you two are my 1 and 2 favorite rappers out rn no cap at all honest to God and I am hoping you two decide to or already have shit on the back burner cause I know any track you two drop is gunna blow

    • Austin Stevens says:

      They just dropped one together recently called you can blame the rappers

  11. Mike V. says:

    1:05 dont play with ya boy lmfao he said he will by your place and raise the rent that’s tough

  12. Maddie Shay says:

    Literally just started listening to you like a few weeks ago and I honestly am a big fan now, you rap about the most realist shit regardless of the haters. You are not afraid to rap the truth🙌🏻

    • Fourth Plateau says:

      Welcome to the family. Finally we have rap that inspires good morals instead of drugs, looting, and womanizing

  13. zacklisk says:

    I had to get narcaned after listening to this! Straight DOPE AF. DAAAMN SON LIKE YOU GONNA HAVE OTHER RAPPERS HANGING THEMSELVES.. WHOOOOOOO!

  14. Danny Al says:

    Fk man I just started hearing him n he’s cool af like his music real different and he’s real n legit love this video keep doing your thing tom😎 here form LA CALI

  15. Whitey TwoTone says:

    Been following since politically incorrect. He’s become my favorite rapper. He never disappoints.

  16. Emmi Goes Rawr says:

    When he’s got the contacts in you know he’s about to murder🔥

  17. Filip Mudroch says:

    When you realize that at two minutes he is far over content and bars of even some decent rappers and then he just keeps adding more fire for 4 more minutes.

  18. Russian kek Bot says:

    And to think that Mac Lethal wanted smoke lmao😂

  19. Chris Hamilton says:

    this is why he is awesome. the bars are ridiculously sick..he killed it

  20. Fourth Plateau says:

    My fiance and I consider each other a team. I love that you and Nova are the same way. Strong alone, stronger together. Keep doing you, because I will keep listening.

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