Tom MacDonald – “Withdrawals”

Tom MacDonald – “Withdrawals”


WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald

SHOT and DIRECTED by Nova Rockafeller

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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37 Responses

  1. Bowzer’s reaction Pit says:

    Another epic track from the best independent artist today

  2. Marfoogle News says:

    Most of Tom’s Videos are done with minimal shots, minimal budgets, minimal effects, ALL MUSIC. and week after week he still hits. We are watching history

    • Peter Danen says:

      @Troy Kaz god isn’t real. That was your bottom. Ots okay to take credit.

    • Doodle Vision says:

      His GF “Nova Rockefeller” directs all of the videos. Shes behind slot of what he does, the are a great team.
      I see her a a little sexy, super feminine/submissive white girl who happens to help (now two) rappers become famous. She produces and writes music as well. Conceptualizes and directs the videos. She also has a jewelry line, new album and was actually signed to Def Jam, cool guy with a cool GF.

    • Iceplays games says:

      But are done WITH MAJOR TRUTH

    • Tyler Watt says:

      Yo marf! You’re right, Hitomi is waking people up, he’s a straight up legend.

    • beau gillespie says:

      @Pandora’s Revelations sounds like you need a hobby, I feel bad for people like you and pray for them.. tace care

  3. Jodie Prosser says:

    This man’s raw honesty may help save lives or at least “plant seeds”— hats off to you my man.

  4. Shannon Finn says:

    Celebrating 7 years sober. After relapsing for 8 years after 17 years sober. Recovery is not easy. It’s worth it, but it’s damn hard. Thanks Tom.

    • Claire Mcfadyen says:

      @Ninjason9 – What on earth is wrong with you pal?. Seriously get a grip of yourself and watch what you say to strangers as if you’re like this in real life you’re going to get a serious beating one day. It costs nothing to be nice in this world and if you don’t have anything nice to say to someone then don’t say anything at all!.

    • Claire Mcfadyen says:

      Well Done Shannon keep it up honey 🤗🤗🤗💜💜💜

    • Jaden Sawyer says:

      Good job ! 👏hopefully I can find the strength and courage to walk that same valley before it’s too late 🙏

    • The Product says:

      @Jaden Sawyer many things in life are easy, it’s the tough stuff which gives us strength and helps us grow!

      It can be done and you’re the person to do it!🙏👊

    • Tyler Watt says:

      I’ve been on methadone for 7 years to get off pills and heroin. It got me off all that, but now I just want off the damn methadone! Yes it saved my life 100%!!! But it IS liquid handcuffs. I was also an alcoholic for years, and addicted to benzos. Been a year TODAY since my last drink, I thank God every day. When I went to rehab once (for opiates, benzos and alcohol, my BAC was 0.487 I was awake and talking, they couldn’t believe I was even alive especially being that I only weighed about 110 pounds! It’s all evil, and I still have dreams of using, triggers, temptations. But i keep on going as strong as I can and hopefully I’ll never relapse again. I pray for ALL addicts. My family especially right now..

  5. James Dieckow says:

    I am a recovered addict myself and feel this on another level completely… People who haven’t lived through addiction dont understand… But i stopped without any rehab or anything… I had a son and knew i needed to be more for him…. 4 years off heavy drugs and 1+ years off weed… And i wish i could smoke everyday… But my son Comes first… My sons mother and me where gonna get married and i found out she was cheating on me and fell into a state of mind that wasn’t heathy but even then i stayed sober… Its not easy… I wanna smoke everyday… All the time…. No rehab… No support… Just 100% willpower and the mental need and understanding that my son needs his father… #HOG this song is the only song by tom that i actually cried to… Man enough to admit it… I have alot of pride in who i am but i give no ducks what people think…. Tom, if you see this… Understand man that your an amazing person for the message you put out… And i hope to meet you one day… Your someone ill never forget for the rest of my life… Keep doing you my G… Much Love and support

    • JRBecky Howell says:

      Not telling you what to do but have you tried meetings? The people in the rooms will show you the love a lot of us were looking for. I can only speak for myself but n.a. showed me a new way of life. Love who I am today. Clean since 12-13-14

    • Island Wills says:

      the addiction will never truly leave you no matter how long. It does become easier to resist the pull over time. I wish you luck and hope you stay sober for good. Just remember, when your facing an overwhelming desire to relapse.. that temptation will only last a moment then it will fade and go away.

    • K S says:

      @A M To a T, you’re the truest EXAMPLE of a narcissist. In no way what so ever, was a negative comment on this this person’s comment was necessary! Then for you to give yourself a pat on the back by stating, ” You’re helping them”
      What you are is a disgusting human being and you are NOOOO better than ANY other recovering addict, but it’s apparent, for SOME REASON, DEEP INSIDE OF YOU, that you yourself are feeling guilt and/or shame that I’m guessing you have not yet worked through. Or maybe you’re embarrassed of something you’re possibly still hiding and you won’t admit it to yourself let alone any other. Hence your own gratification for trying to belittle a complete stranger!
      FOR YOU TO CRITICIZE a person whom you don’t even know, who has gotten sober on their own, FOR THEIR CHILD’S SAKE, TO BE THE FATHER THAT BABY NEEDS….. Over improper grammar!??
      Either go get some help or go and continue (with whatever it is you are doing) and take yourself off that pedestal that gives you the fulfillment and joy by being a “Real PIECE OF S***, LIKE A REALLLLL PIECE OF S***”
      You only commented for attention like a 15 year old girl whether it be good or bad and again, to ONLY do your best to embarrass a human being whose being vulnerable. I FEEL, you need to find a very experienced therapist who work specifically with people who are narcissists or have narcissist traits
      I’m JUST trying to help you ok KAREN, but I’m proud of you though!

    • Jeremy Corrao says:

      Stay strong and keep fighting. I don’t know if you’re a Christian but Jesus will never leave you. He is the only way to get off this earth alive. It’s amazing what you’ve done so far.

    • Ron Manoguerra says:

      First off Angela Owen’s I hope you get help soon, and 2nd congrats bro on sobriety, I have 2 years clean from an 8 year meth and heroin addiction, it is a consistent battle of wanting to have all my mental and physical pain go away and relapse, or deal with said pain and hurt but be sober. I too was cheated on by the woman who I have 2 kids ages 6 and 1.5 with, and we had 9 years l together. I literally saved her life and she goes and cheats on me. God let her do it for a reason and I believe ,it was for a reason.

  6. HyperSync says:

    THIS WAS HARD TO WATCH. 15 Years clean, It was hell, but SO worth the pain! Never Give Up!!!!

  7. Sonia’s Way says:

    This is so relatable. But it’s inspiring to see him staying strong and keep fighting the demons. He’s helping by sharing his story

  8. Dreama Watson says:

    Who the hell is disliking this? Its not political, just about struggles that he has.

  9. The Hasibur says:

    This is so relatable. But it’s inspiring to see him staying strong and keep fighting the demons. He’s helping by sharing his story

  10. KvonComedy says:

    Tom MacDonald can’t miss! Well done… and all independent w/ Nova??? The dream team of rap 🌟

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