Tom Segura Keeps It High and Tight While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Tom Segura Keeps It High and Tight While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Comedian and friend-of-the-brand Tom Segura’s latest special, “Ball Hog,” is streaming on Netflix now and his podcasts—”Your Mom’s House”; “2 Bears, 1 Cave”; and “Tom Segura en Espanol”—are available wherever you get your podcasts. And, well, we already know how he is with spicy food. (Not good.) Watch him reunite with Sean Evans over a brand-new hot sauce lineup, discussing everything from Dave Chappelle’s surprise “8:46” special, to his beef with pro wrestling and love for Missy Elliott. Hot Ones is back, baby!

Hot Ones: The Game Show returning to truTV on July 14!





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54 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    The Water Champ is back for round 2! Who else would you want to see return to the hot seat?

  2. Anastasia Pohl says:

    Looks like Sean’s been featherin it during the pandy. Piss on me beat me

  3. Conner Hellyer says:

    “All the good ones are pretty racist”

  4. Ray S says:

    It’s kind of weird how much I missed watching celebrities writhe in agony.

  5. Ash Chray says:

    missy elliott is my top ten for sure she’s brilliant. shes a perfect combination.

  6. Chaserz says:

    Anyone else hear the dogs crying in the background of that Bart Chissler guy? Sounded like a puppy mill brothel

    • Robert Muncaster-Jones says:

      I couldn’t get past how blatantly racist he looked. Maybe if he took more baths, he wouldn’t be just attractive to dogs.

    • Brock Larsh says:

      @Robert Muncaster-Jones Nah, Bert isn’t racist. But could you hear those flys swarming around him? He really must smell like shit!

    • Jon Anderson says:

      @Brock Larsh you high? #bertisracist
      You can find proof at bertbertbert.

    • M W says:

      Considering the political climate Bert asked and Tom agreed to move off Bert being racist. So Tom has informed us that he smells, mainly because he doesn’t shower. #apologylunch

    • Dylan L says:

      @M W to think you can control a meme is a flaw , like Bert’s racism

  7. Travis In Canada says:

    She’s clearly over 70
    *cuts to a picture of a 100 year old woman with a walker*

  8. MrJonathanSantana says:

    Bert smells like the bodies Garth is hiding underneath the mantel.

  9. River Otter says:

    2 things:
    1) I like that Sean set up a second camera to look at during the intro
    2) Sean has not done this in three months and it shows

  10. Chris says:

    I love his honesty. He is just a regular dude that is doing what he loves and this was definitely needed during this nonsense of a year.

  11. Danny says:

    Can we get Garth next? Every time he cries he has to reveal a location of one of his victims.

  12. Dwarf Mafia says:

    Tom: How hot’s this one?

    Sean: Yes

  13. Mason Gabriles says:

    “and I hope..that..everyone gets their citizenship…” Me too Tom, me too.

  14. superdupdun says:

    Tom “I’m more John Blaze than him” Segura

  15. Nicholas Holmes says:

    Birch Christopher and Tim Sakura should have their own “Hot Ones” challenge on Two Bears One Cave.

  16. awakennomore says:

    Tom lookin’ at the wings like:


  17. Bianca B says:

    “That’s the sound of the police “ lmaoo It’s crazy that us in NY so use to that sound , I didn’t even hear it.

  18. Jack Dab says:

    What’s up with this weird ass background music?? I feel like I’m on hold with customer service..

  19. Nameless says:

    Tom Segura is 100% the best comedian out right now.

  20. Shane Prescott says:

    “All the goods ones are pretty racist” Tom knew to not go there😂😂

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