Tomato Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 59)

Tomato Sauce – You Suck at Cooking (episode 59)


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Tomato sauce. It’s red. It’s hot. It tastes like tomatoes and other stuff combined together and then cooked. YUM.

Chop up some garlic and an onion (or skip the onion)
Saute that stuff in olive oil
Add in a can of diced tomatoes or real ones
Cook it for a while and add in some salt and pepper
Add in chilli flakes if you like it spicy
Chop up and add in some fresh basil. Or dry stuff if that’s all you have.
Eat it.

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20 Responses

  1. You Suck At Cooking says:

    Tweet the sauce:
    Facebook the sauce:

  2. Gibson Tang says:

    cook me a new personality

  3. Jason Cannon says:

    Just because your bingo chip shines doesn’t mean you can ride the kangaroo my friends.

  4. Jade Miller says:

    I love your videos!!!

  5. Common Sense says:

    I’m waiting on a recipe for a new will to live.

  6. Eveth says:

    As an Italian, I feel so blessed. May the gods of italian cooking be with you

  7. Estefany Luna says:

    No one else noticed the bathtub at 0:21!? I’m not saying it should be spotless, but damn! Shit needs a good scrubbing…

  8. Remy Cajin says:

    Se potete leggere questo, signore, non succhiare a cucinare. Ma pomodori veramente schifo!

  9. Luke Skywalker says:

    I can see why these take so long. Every episode is so fucking good. dude you should do one with Binging with Babish, you two would be funny together probably

  10. Lilyisnerdy says:

    who is this guy? He has nearly seamless editing skill, he can sing, he knows a shit ton of instruments, and he can manage to create a pretty good verse, but not only that he makes great food. The smallest of enigma.

  11. amal zuhair says:

    Your indecisiveness is really annoying

    I don’t know why I laughed but I did

  12. CheapAssReviews says:

    Those doggos are magestic.

  13. SlickNickP // Slick Craftians says:

    I like your doggo
    Today is my dog’s birthday ? He’s turning 6 ?

  14. Itati gaming says:

    I made the food … much onion,less tomato ?

  15. Fox says:

    Who likes fuckin chunky ass cooked tomatoes?

  16. Jesus Christ says:

    where can I get that high speed knife?

  17. Bella says:

    cutest. dog. ever.

  18. Potato Carrot says:

    Can you make some ramen?

  19. xboxIsBetter says:

    next cook your dogs

  20. Saira Chowdhury says:

    the noise he makes when he chops shit ??

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