Tommy Davidson had run-in with Will Smith

Tommy Davidson had run-in with Will Smith

Actor and comedian Tommy Davidson recounted a run-in he had with Will Smith involving Jada Pinkett-Smith on the set of a movie.

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40 Responses

  1. Lloydstrom says:

    The way Chris reacted and handled it in the moment is true showmanship. Didn’t skip a beat, cracked a joke and went right on with the presentation. I feel so horrible for him, that happened in front of the world and literally ALL his peers. And now this resulting media circus.

    • Morpheus Reign says:

      It will definitely play into CR’s favor and his Notoriety and Career..Guarantee his leverage and support in that room shot up behind closed doors .. the way he handled it literally showed between Will and Chris
      The Haves and the Have Nots.. Chris has more with him than against him.. ticket sales shot through the roof

    • JAT Trillion says:

      I know you been slapped and didn’t do nothin

    • Dj Tenders says:

      Acted like a total professional.. “acted”

  2. JamStar_Ent says:

    Tommy Davidson is a true comedian. Met him in NJ and he was a class act

  3. Mark Armstrong says:

    Chris is apparently keeping it classy even when folk heckle Will at Chris’ recent standup comedy shows. This interview is yet another receipt on how Jada is Will’s kryptonite boo.

    • Whats MyName says:

      @The mysterious Miss X jokes at a roast usually aren’t. Grow up.

    • kris evans says:

      women always crying about insensitive go away. Women have no issue taking about a bald headed man we deal with it and embrace it women need to worry about what’s really important. If will love it that’s all that matters the end

    • It's Me says:

      ?? Everyone seems to ignore the manipulative actions of Wills wife (Jada is famous in Hollywood for being PURE HELL to work with, and just miserable to be around) as she reacted first with a smile at the joke, and then rolled her eyes in a dramatic effort to get Wills attention, then staring in Wills direction as she told him “August would never let that slide” in reference to the Venus sisters dominant father (the character that he was nominated for, as best actor.) Will must have been stressed about winning an Oscar or not, and so he took the cue from his wife to prove he was not a wimp… feeling like a wimp would be added by the recent stress that he must be struggling with, dealing with their very public open marriage and his wife having a relationship with a young thug stud. (Will Smith needs to free himself of that TOXIC woman and put an end to the humiliating marriage, as she only brings out the worst in him!)

  4. Eric Myers says:

    The man exudes Sammy Davis Jr essence even when he is not in character.

  5. E K says:

    Chris Rock is a total class act. He deserves all the praise he is getting. He could have let the incident devolve into a mess. He could have thrown fists with Will Smith, he could have had Will Smith arrested and removed from the theater, which should have happened. Will Smith should not have been able to get up on stage and accept that Oscar, and get the ovation. Hollywood are a bunch of spineless worms for giving him an ovation after the bullshit he pulled.

    • Whats MyName says:

      @SunofTruth do you know what a roast is. I’m not talking about the kind you eat. Everybody in the audience knows that the comedians are going to roast the audience.

    • Cis4Cawky says:

      @Will Brown How do you know the Bible tells the truth?

  6. Alien Soup says:

    It wasn’t what Chris Rock said that triggered Will Smith – Will Smith was smiling and laughing at the joke until he saw Jada’a reaction.

    • Sanders Smith says:

      Um no

    • S H says:

      Slapping Chris doesn’t make Will a hero who comes to the aid of a damsel in distress. He did that only after seeing the displeased reaction of his wife from Chris’ joke. It tells me that he is a hen-picked, submissive kind of a man. How long has he been suffering? He won’t be able to maintain that tough image he portrayed on the screen, at least not for me anyway.

    • Anna S says:

      And to be fair- her reaction was not severe, she rolled her eyes like anyone would… She did not tell him to do it.

  7. Gacha Sis says:

    Will was a guest at OUR Oscar’s show! Will swaggered back to his seat as if he were in his own home and continued yelling profanities at Chris from the comfort of his chair! His arrogance, his demeanor, as if he was untouchable! Grotesquely beyond belief!

  8. Kevin Cruz says:

    “When Emotions are High, common sense is at its all time Low.” – T. Davidson

  9. Yehvonne King says:

    Chris Rock Could Sue The Oscars For Not Protecting Him Or Anyone on that stage. 👏👏👏

    • Chris says:

      My prevailing thought when this happened is what if someone had a gun, or if it was a group of people involved instead of 2! Security was sitting on their hands like pure spectators. What a joke that in 2020 we aren’t prepared at mass gatherings for security issues. S M H

    • Whats MyName says:

      @Tomorrison28 <<<<

    • Katrina Evans says:

      It wasn’t scripted. None of that was scripted, including the “joke”. He ad libbed that and it was not what the Academy approved. How can you protect someone from something that no one saw coming? Meaning, there has never been violence at the Oscars, and really no reason to have security. That may change now, but none of this was planned or expected despite what others think.

    • Tomorrison28 says:

      You can’t sue for something that was scripted

  10. Ron Cairney says:

    Don’t know we haven’t seen more of Tommy Davidson in the movies, he’s a great comedian.

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