Tommy Fury Overcome with Emotion After Beating Jake Paul, Will Accept Rematch | POST-FIGHT INTERVIEW

Tommy Fury Overcome with Emotion After Beating Jake Paul, Will Accept Rematch | POST-FIGHT INTERVIEW

Credit: Most Valuable Promotions

Watch the #postfightinterview from the main event of #paulfury featuring #tommyfury. Fury upset Paul by Split Decision.

Next up for Top Rank Boxing, The fighting pride of California’s Central Valley and one of boxing’s pound-for-pound queens are joining forces for a special Fresno Fight Night.

Former unified 140-pound world champion Jose Ramirez will meet former lightweight world champion Richard “RC” Commey in the 12-round junior welterweight main event Saturday, March 25, at Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.

The co-feature will be a world title unification clash, as WBA minimumweight world champion Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada collides with WBC world champion Tina Rupprecht.

Ramirez-Commey and Estrada-Rupprecht will be broadcast live on ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN+ at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

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40 Responses

  1. Shantanu Mishra says:

    This 23 year old man had the pressure of carrying the legacy of the Paul family and got mocked by Jake and millions of people for pulling out twice. Him being this emotional just shows how much this means to him.
    He’s finally out of the shadow of Tyson and has made his own name properly. Big respect to you brother!

    • Where’s the Money Lebowski says:

      @Eren Yeager buddy he got wobbled and almost knocked out but a guy who’s never even fought a professional boxer in his life. I don’t even like Jake but holy fuck the Tommy bandwagon after this win is unreal lmao he’s a bum who has only fought other bums. Just look at how padded his record is, he fought a guy who was 10-102-3. That says enough on its own😂

    • Johnny In Japan says:

      @SevsOdinson are you seriously talking shit to me when you’re a Jale Paul fan? Get out of here kid.

    • marty chambers says:

      ​@Troll Punk and ask for a rematch

    • marty chambers says:

      ​@Mohamed Elkhaldy nope he asked for a rematch and he accepted

    • Miah Saint-Georges says:

      Paul family? FURY family

  2. Reel Dirtie says:

    The amount of pressure that was lifted off of poor Tommy’s shoulders right when the decision was called is amazing

  3. Aers1 says:

    I never really considered how much pressure Tommy must have had, what a man

    • IllIllIlIIlIllIllI says:

      ​@MdoubleHB dont get offended if i ask a simple question. I feel like youre on the edge just talking about your mission here

      How do you explain deficiencies in minerals and such appearing a lot in vegan diets. Or do you deny them even?

      Im thinking nowadays you can supplement a lot and you have greater variety and access to food because of the way our economy is set up. But i always like to think of more primal days in which food variety was hugely limited. Nature should provide sufficient nourishment when staying on a fruit/veggie diet, yet there are deficiencies which cause tiredness, impotence, birth defects and such things.

      I believe that our teeth and intestines rather align with a vegan diet, but i feel like our ancestors heavily relied on meat which in turn makes us bound to consume meat for important building blocks in our system. So i tend to think we are omnivores, who need a good steak or fish from time to time to stay healthy

    • Donovan Alvarado says:

      @MdoubleHB f for the vegans, thats bulls

    • PYRO says:

      ​@MdoubleHBjust ate a steak it’s delicious

    • Chris Golday says:

      @MdoubleHB Yeah, try to survive on a raw vegan diet in the wild.

    • Loot Mule says:

      The Paul fanbase is no joke. He was egged in every direction.

      Also, MdoubleHB… more like McDouble, amirite?

  4. Tonyvgamer says:

    Way too go Tommy we’re so proud of you. You truly deserve this dub.

  5. H Newman says:

    He seems so mature for a 23yr old. What an absolute champion of a man.

    • Valkery Black says:

      what champion? Boxing Exhibition Champion?

    • Gekke says:

      @MdoubleHB LOL there isn’t even one civilisation on earth EVER who survived on plant foods for generations. It’s a fake diet. People get extremely weak after 10-20 years on a plant diet and everybody gets infertile. Evolution already proved a 100% plant diet can’t exist under humans.

    • Nada Sabbagh says:

      ​@MdoubleHB lmao my grandfather was a meat eater and lived to 89. Stop, please.

    • John Doe says:

      @MdoubleHB So will you once I hit you with this .45

    • Uda Bhagya says:

      ​@MdoubleHB lol Japanese people eat meat all time and have the highest life span. Stfu and go eat grass. Meat is good and tasty😋

  6. Munanyo says:

    I could cry for this guy. Its not just about the level of competition, witnessing someone overcome such immense pressure and succeed is just moving.

  7. Instinct MLBB says:

    I can’t lie Tommy actually impressed me this fight, big respect to them both for putting on an amazing show! Nothing but warriors!

  8. Kualiee says:

    this man had everything on his shoulders to lose… we love you tommy!!

  9. LulAnt says:

    Can’t lie this got me emotional this man fought to keep his family name 👊🏻

  10. dsb541 says:

    this was so emotional, tommy truly deserved that fight the way he went to war out there with all that pressure on his shoulders, good shit tommy💯

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