TommyInnit makes Minecraft 100000% Funnier..

TommyInnit makes Minecraft 100000% Funnier..

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tommyinnnit joined be in completing minecraft using the lucky blocks minecraft mod

Thanks for playing Tommy :

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64 Responses

  1. Bugz says:

    When tommyinnit swears in a kid friendly channel…

  2. JediPlays0309 says:

    Am I the only one who had to read the title more then once to see if I had read it right?
    Dan and Tommyinnit, the crossover I would have never predicted in a million years 🤣

  3. Connor Pugs says:

    Top ten anime crossover moments in history… #1

  4. LinusStudios says:

    Dan: “I’m actually doing alright!”
    Dan: dies

  5. Mcuseson says:

    Tommy: **getting smack by an enderman**
    Dan: **shoot enderman with arrows**

  6. Vincent Martineau says:

    Dan is going crazy with how much Tommy swears.

  7. ellsnothere says:

    Dan: *makes family friendly content*

    Tommy: *’I’m about to end this whole mans career’*

  8. Zero_Gravity says:

    Tommy: lets get home we dont have to get stressed
    Also tommy: dies

  9. Gacha Hanz says:

    Dan’s editor: forgot to bleep tommy’s swearing

    Fans: So you have chosen DEMONITIZE

    • Thinknoodles says:

      He didn’t forget the bleeps stopped after dan pointed out his stream was in darkmode

    • x0uls says:

      @Thinknoodles ah makes sense. He probably planned it ahead so he doesn’t have to bleep them too lol

    • Splatcat says:

      But Dan said he make his youtube channels clean, but this is on his main channel so why did he not bleep them out?

  10. Kala VanDeMark says:

    Dan: thinks he bleeped the whole video
    Tommy: f**k, s**t

  11. Things Falling says:

    One YouTuber that doesn’t swear and one that swears every 3 seconds

  12. - Pumkin - says:

    “Philll, we need Philza Minecraft!
    Big T

    “No! No we don’t!”

  13. Simply Amazing Journey says:

    The collaboration is a family content creator then a teen swearing

    Its just funny

  14. PhantomMythic says:

    This is so wholesome the old generation meets the new thats just sweet

    • DFQuartz IDN says:

      Awww…I know right? We need Tommy to be invited into the Shady Oaks SMP. Just to show the dynamics of interactions between different generations…

    • No Naem says:

      @DFQuartz IDN but the shady oaks smp is for the og youtubers, highly doubt that they will be able to invite tommy and the other new generation of mc ccs

  15. only one says:

    Lemme rename the title

    “Two british people play a violent block game”

  16. Piano DNA - James says:

    Dan: I’m 29
    Tommy: That’s incredibly old

    Philza, age 32: *forgotten*

  17. DavidVnG says:

    Just so everyone knows, the word HELL isn’t a bad word.

    Also, Dan is a grown adult, he has his own wife and a son.

    • NoContent says:

      Finally someone smarter than dream. Knows that Hell or Damn is a swear

    • DS88 says:

      Try saying that to doomguy

    • Fnaf and Friends says:

      He is a kid friendly channel tjo

    • Jafar Murtaja says:

      @Eujene Garcia he can swear anytime in videos and in live streams. Dan is a grown man. He can do whatever. In fact we don’t know he might swear off camera and live streams.

    • AlexTheWeeb says:

      @Jafar Murtaja exactly, another example is Dawko. He’s a (mostly) FNaF YouTuber known for beating 20/20 mode and isn’t used to swearing. But when he plays UNO with 8 Bitryan and his other friends (in their videos) he swears A LOT

  18. Ken Laguinlin says:

    Alternate Title: “DanTDM plays Minecraft Lucky Blocks while a british child insults him”

  19. Da Kringy Kidz says:

    Dan: “Time to make a family friendly video!”

    Tommy: 13:36

  20. Heyo says:

    “How old are you?”

    Tommy: *Still 16*

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