Tomorrow, I Need Your Help…

Tomorrow, I Need Your Help…

We are doing our big christmas charity livestream tomorrow, Sunday 9th December at 12pm PST (Noon LA time)
All PMA merch sales will go towards our goal!

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76 Responses

  1. Infinity Xox says:

    The 9th of December is my birthday

  2. EmilyEpicGamer 74 says:

    Hmmmmm…….. I wonder why Jack is wearing his earrings again……..

  3. Deanobeanocappachino says:

    Where were u in the REWINDs!!!!!!!!

  4. Darren Likes Ice Cream says:

    Why do people dislike videos, what pissed you off?

  5. Presley Hanzlik says:

    You’re such a big sweetie Jack

  6. _Mtthew_ says:

    Thought this was going to be a do your part and subscribe today video.

  7. Game Tuber508 says:


  8. E A says:

    Wow, the quality of the camera and video are amazing.

    Not something you would see on Pewds’ channel.

  9. Daikon Brief says:

    Jack my lad….just this once….. I must go all out… of the morning to you ladys…….sit the merch down and let me spill the real whapish…

  10. LPS Starcat! 101 says:

    Wait im confused tho is he gonna stream live on YT? Thats wat im confused

  11. Andrea Teres says:

    Me: “I don’t know, I have so much homework to do-”
    Jack: *mentions literally all my favorite people and pulls out a PMA beanie*
    Me: “I’LL BE THERE”

    • Jose Ramirez says:

      +Nicolas Mitchell Fucking magical teach me your ways

    • Skylar Yon says:

      +Nicolas Mitchell so basically, your brain can only focus on one thing at a time (what’s known as foveal attention). When you try to focus on two things, it’s actually just switching your attention back and forth, but this decreases the efficiency of both of the things you’re trying to do. (I’m not trying to be That Bitch, but this is actually helping me study for finals so thanks)

    • Hudson Whitney says:

      Is the thought of seeing Jack not enough for you? ;(

    • Unicorn_girls 17 says:

      Andrea Teres that was me

  12. Logan Rudd says:

    Jacksepticeye:A better gift giver than Santa.

  13. Logan Rudd says:

    Who knew that a Irish voice imitator hating on kids in happy wheels would go to a 20M Irish Youtuber willing to donate to many charities and getting celebrities and other Youtubers to help donate on streams with a great community?

  14. Yui Tachibana says:

    _Did someone say Bryan Dechart_

  15. AG says:



  16. Really bro? says:

    troy baker? count me in

  17. PerspectivE says:

    3pm EST! Two more hours, everybody!

  18. Can Taşkın says:


  19. gloppin boopin says:

    Am I the only one who noticed he was in the game grumps power hour place?

  20. Devansh Mishra says:

    *Says stream is at **12:00*

    *Its **12:01*

    Me: He must be dead

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