Tonga tsunami cuts off nearly all island communications – BBC News

Tonga tsunami cuts off nearly all island communications – BBC News

A tsunami which hit Tonga has left island communications crippled, with people overseas anxiously waiting for news of loved ones.

The underwater volcano erupted on Saturday, about 65km (40 miles) north of the capital Nuku’alofa.

The eruption, which was heard as far away as the US, caused waves higher than a metre to crash into Tonga.

The authorities have not confirmed any deaths but the scale of the destruction is difficult to establish with phone and internet communications damaged.

But the Red Cross gave some cause for hope, saying reports suggested the damage was not as bad as had been feared.

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39 Responses

  1. Karen Carbone says:

    What an explosion! So 😥 for all the people that were affected by this tsunami! Praying for the Tongan people!

    • ah fad says:

      world war 3

    • Vysair says:

      @Big Pig If Yellowstone erupted, not only North America would be wiped off, Sweden wouldn’t be safe either plus we could enter an ice age or sort

    • J KG Repentance now says:

      Acts 2:19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

    • John Clark says:

      @Big Pig Got around 100,000 years based on past eruptions. I’m assuming humanity will be long gone before that either way. (whether by self destruction or simply fleeing the planet).

  2. Anne Boleyn says:

    my heart goes out to these people

  3. Motion VIP says:

    Our prayers to all the villages people and to our Tonga island.

    • David Thibodeau says:

      Lets all pray for all the delusional religious people in this world amen

    • Selalu oposisi siapapun presiden nya says:

      is a cov1d exist?

    • Selalu oposisi siapapun presiden nya says:

      riskinhos,Tinh Si are you guys exist?

    • Mordecai Esther says:

      @David Thibodeau Read Mark 1:15 — the Kingdom of God is here ! Repent, which means turn your head to Jesus .

    • baer008 says:

      @Mordecai Esther Im not your friend, sorry. You dont even know me. Why isnt gods kingdom here jet? He could just save us all right now.
      BTW: This empty phrase says basically nothing other than: Sometime god will come around.
      Isnt he an omnipresent god? He is already here and just watching us suffer. Nice Dude.

  4. Mekhail Alexander says:

    I realize COVID 19 is not the only threat humans face on this planet. I saw the high waves here in California, USA. We are praying for the fantastic TONGA people. Many countries need to help these people FAST

    • Hartleymolly says:

      @Can’tthinkofaname I understand your pain, the issue is I have with your comment, is that your loved ones passed because of hospital negligence, and because the covid bill did not even remotely, fund covid, in its aid to fight the virus. I lost a loved one as well. His passing was long and traumatizing. He could of survived.

    • Amy Craig says:

      You were confused because the government and big pharmacy and central bankers need and want you to be so they can get you to behave as they prefer. Make an effort to do independent research and you will not be “hurt” by other peoples opinions.

    • Katie Barnfield says:

      COVID IS NOT AS RISKY AS THEY’RE SAYING!!! Ffs this is a threat to humanity…not a bloody cold…

    • Ed Mortel says:


    • Julia Weber says:

      More people are killed by a car accident and shooting then COVID

  5. Carol Nardini says:

    Our prayers are with everyone on Tonga, and all over the world!

  6. Pura NRG says:

    Tonga is so important to understand ancient cultures of the Pacific Islands and first discoverers of South America. Great people. All the best on this difficult time.

    • Gary Kioa says:

      @Justina Musyoka yes

    • Mia Mitten says:

      @King Boagart I agree. Top comment is acting as if they live the Amish way when most of the world is pretty much Westernised.

    • GodlyEmo says:

      @King Boagart you should probably realise thats americas fault

    • Donna Coleman says:

      Wow! So many commenting on how they live and who’s at fault? Really? What’s important and what matters is to be able to get there and access the damage and if anyone has survived ? Do they need medical assistance and they will need food/water etc. idk how this turned into a group of people making comments that have nothing to do with what’s important. Yes your entitled to whatever opinion you may believe however ; this is neither the time or place. Imagine if your family was there ? Thanks to those that do care they will hopefully get some aid soon

    • a13605 says:

      @GodlyEmo you should probably realize that it’s not. Just because you have a bad day doesnt mean its uncle Sam’s fault

  7. Sue Cox says:

    Tragic–thank you to the BBC for bringing us news and follow-up to this terrible event.

    • Daniel Whyatt says:

      I totally agree. This report was actually much longer than others and covered all areas of the incident very well with concise information, questions and statements from those who are actually important to it.👍🏼

    • Patrick Doyle says:

      This is a direct result of the Icelandic and la Palma volcano spewing out millions of tonnes of lava over many many months. That in its self has left a void in the mantel and pressure has to be released elsewhere . I warned of this on those sites and other sites but no one wants to listen. So carry on dying and having a miserable life living close too or next too volcanos. I have no sympathy for those that put themselves in harm way. Moronic people.

    • BERRRRRRRR. says:

      @Patrick Doyle hi patrick, where exactly did you warn people?

      thats a pretty big statment to make. prove it… its just a funny thing to call people morons and saying that you have no sympathy… so im going to extend that towards you..

      prove it… you act like your the only person who knows that volcanoes are dangerous.. id just like to see you back up your claims, and why we should take yours seirous..

      which you wont be able to do… so shut up

    • heroinebrand says:

      Defund BBC.

  8. Lou-Lou Martin says:

    All my thoughts and prayers go out to those in Tonga and to everyone affected. Sending so much love to everyone from the UK!

  9. Steven Magdefrau says:

    I never thought of these folks. Now I hope the best for them. My heart is open for them.

  10. Avia Lightworker Littlehawk 007 says:

    Oh wow this is crazy. My prayers to everyone in Tonga.

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