Toni Braxton Opens Up in First Interview Since Sister Traci’s Death

Toni Braxton Opens Up in First Interview Since Sister Traci’s Death

7-time Grammy-winning singer Toni Braxton sits down in an exclusive interview with Tamron Hall, following the death of her sister Traci. In the first interview since her sister succumbed to a battle with cancer, the iconic singer candidly reflects on their close bond and hit show “Braxton Family Values.” She also tells us about her new Lifetime film, “Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For,” which she dedicated to her late sister.

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40 Responses

  1. L says:

    Tamron conducted this interview perfectly. She relayed such genuine care and emotion filled with penetrating compassion and empathy. Bravo! God bless the Braxton family. RIP Sweet Traci.

    • Audria L. says:

      @Antonio Williams I didn’t like how she interviewed Tamar Braxton either

    • Nancy Green says:

      You do know she’s an entertainer, right? These ppl are all for #1. I’ll never look at them the same again!

    • April P. says:

      @Antonio Williams thank you, she embarrassed that woman so bad.

    • Draper Ollison says:

      You’re spot on. Indeed. Impressive interview. I’m so sorry the Braxtons are hurting. What a major loss. I’m glad they were gifted with an extended goodbye. RIP #TraciBraxton

    • joan Torres says:

      I felt Tonie’s pain. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. RIP Traci🙏

  2. Christina TheBean says:

    Her grief is so raw you can clearly see she’s still struggling….Rest in Eternal Paradise Tracy ✝️🕊️🙏🏾💗

  3. MissTanya2You says:

    Toni is literally fighting back the screams and tears of grief. Her body language and twiddling her fingers while she is idle. She has represented the family graciously by speaking because you didn’t have to. May Traci rest… this interview was definitely a tear jerker

  4. Patty Scott says:


    • Truthseeker59 says:

      @Mimi Mincer It gave me a broken consciousness and a damaged soul. Out of that Brokenness I picked Broken Men and had their broken children. I had to learn self-love through numerous abusive situations and in some areas I thrived. I’m 63 now with a chronic autoimmune illness and dying…slowly and painfully. People really need to get a hold of themselves and their sick minds to see the damage they’re doing to their so-called loved ones and get help. That is my humble prayer, that they seek help. Amen

    • Detroit Skidrow says:

      Tracy yes was an amazing spirit she was so fun to watch and when she hurt you can feel it and when she was so full of joy you felt that too bless the Braxton’s family I like your post it was real….❤️❤️

    • Felicia Johnson says:

      Promoting ya new movie / grieving for Traci… which one …Phony Toni!!!🙄

    • Felicia Johnson says:

      They can just Stoppp with the ,oh she’s a snow ❄️, that hummingbird is Traci,,, Please all the sisters treated Traci like crap, just for rating, and Toni sitting up there w/ her bleached face, looking 10 shades lighter, now all of a sudden Traci was so wonderful, too bad she can’t heard the narratives abt her now🙄

    • Felicia Johnson says:

      @Aquilla Jones True that !!! They can all stop with the …she’s a snow ❄️ a hummingbird, Please stop y’all treated Traci like SH$t just for ratings, y’all should sad !!!🙄
      Please !!!

  5. RealRoyaltE says:

    Heartbreaking. Toni is 4ever an Icon…not just for her amazing voice, but also her genuine sweetness and humility. Praying the Braxton family continues to be comforted as they celebrate Traci’s life, love & legacy✨

    • Detroit Skidrow says:

      I just want to ask is real serious question what part is heartbreaking living life and sin or dying in Christ because the Braxtons are Church going people so we know that Traci didn’t die in death Traci is resting in the grace of God…. You’re supposed to rejoice when someone passes away because if they lived a good life and they knew Christ they’re going to heaven you cry when a person is born in the sin because you don’t know which way they’re going to go so if your heart is breaking then you need to get right with God…. And if you watch the Braxtons then follow how they live because they talk about God they sing about God their mother is all about God and they still live life and have fun but their faith is based on God,not heartbreak… So I’m being serious when I’m asking you this question what is heartbreaking and like me to something that I don’t know anything about because my entire family has passed on I’ve never felt one heartbreaking feeling… But my family were God fearing Christians I don’t know what heartbreak is when the person dies I don’t I didn’t have my mother died at the age of 46 and my late husband died and he was 49 my entire family is dead except for me and my children and my grandchildren never felt heartache please explain… THANK You God bless us all

    • Patricia Handy says:


  6. Aaliyah Moore says:

    Toni is so brave and I’m so glad that she is still holding on to her sister passing away she did make a point you got to remember them good moments and things about happy things of your passing away loved ones 😭✊🏿🙌🙌🙌🙌

  7. Yolanda Nicole says:

    I’m praying for the whole entire family! watching Braxton Family Values honestly, and weirdly, made me feel like family so losing Traci honestly feels like losing a sister of my own. I can imagine how her family feel, but may God give them all of the comfort and the peace ❤️

  8. Tracy Murry says:

    My prayers to the entire family. Husband, son, grandson, daughter in-law and the Braxton family. My husband passed 2 months ago and after over 30 years marriage we had bad days, but that didn’t mean we didn’t love one another. Families fight, but they also love hard!!

  9. Yejide Jackson says:

    She is being so strong… I teared up the entire interview. My prayers and condolences to the family. I think about this a lot. Lots of love and prayers.

  10. Queen Zaza says:

    Tears rolled the entire interview. God bless Toni and her family and give them the strength. The grief in Toni was so hurtful to watch. Tamron you did a beautiful job displaying the utmost empathy through the interview. Bless both these beautiful queens and RIP Traci Braxton!

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