Toni Braxton Talks Birdman, Family & Upcoming Wedding

Toni Braxton Talks Birdman, Family & Upcoming Wedding

Toni Braxton dishes about her new Lifetime movie “Every Day Is Christmas”.

Then, Toni opens up about her relationship with Birdman and reveals how their friendship turned into love.

Plus, how are things between Toni and her sisters?

And, don’t miss what Toni reveals is the “soft & pinkest” thing about Birdman and which sister will be her maid of honor.
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89 Responses

  1. adam faris says:

    Does she age ? 😍

  2. M QK says:

    Finally someone on the couch I actually know this month

  3. Scott D says:

    Yaaaas Toni Braxton living legend! Was just listening to the Braxton sister best harmonies! This is TALENT , ageless legend

  4. Kini Universoul says:

    Toni is gorgeous she handled those hard questions well.

  5. Terrence Morrison says:

    Finally got someone on the couch that I care about.

  6. FitBetty says:

    He better not hurt Toni!

  7. Kez Star says:

    You can tell how much Wendy loves the Braxton’s, even when it’s hot topics she looks so sad when she needs to throw them some shade

  8. coby parnell says:

    Toni Braxton has so much class. Her sister should follow in her footsteps.

    • miling cezard says:

      yall realize how bitchy yall are toward one another for someone that dont even know both of your existence lol?

    • Sweet's Mom says:


    • Barbara Rackley says:

      +Gunnhild Edwards with celebrities bankrupt means rearranging their budget. If you are worth $60mil and your bills are $61mil you can declare bankruptcy. I used to think it was horrible even though I’ve never did it, but reading up on it gave me a better understanding. All the celebrities I know that declared bankruptcy still live in their mansions and doing all the things they are accustom to doing.

    • Mercy Musinguzi says:

      Tamar adds some tasty hood to the family…..we all need some ratchet kin

  9. Jamie Jones says:

    Toni is FOREVER the BEST looking PRETTIEST Braxton of them all. The True GOAT!!

  10. The Afro Math says:

    I was just listening to ‘Long as i live’ for 8 hours straight YESSSSS

  11. The Afro Math says:

    FIFTY ONE WHERE??? WHEREEE??? 😩😩😍😍😍😍😍 This woman does not age

  12. TMW vids says:

    Toni n her sons have the most beautiful skin and complexion😍

  13. TMW vids says:

    When she said his tongue i almost fell off the toliet😂😂😂

  14. Crystal Davis says:

    Toni’s speaking voice is soooo SEXY !! SULTRY !!

  15. 123CREATIONS says:

    Love me some Toni braxton I had no idea her and Jada were best friends?!?! Thats news to me but when I really look at it Jada had always had Tonis back since they did Kingdom Come movie back in the day!!

    • T Essence says:

      They celebrated Toni’s bday together last year. Where were you girl?!?! lol
      and soon, she’ll premiere on an episode of Jada’s Red Table Talk.

    • 123CREATIONS says:

      +T Essence Yea I know they celebrated her bday last year😊🙌🖤 But the words “best friends” I was a little shocked lol like “oh okay”! Lol

  16. abby pepper says:

    she don’t age hope I’m like that at 50

    • Ava Boyd says:

      Yess!! Goals

    • heyits me says:

      +sandra adefila it kinda is tho

    • sandra adefila says:

      heyits me 60 and up indicates you are getting older 😌

    • Tina Brown says:

      Lena Horn you are right; if you have the money…you too can afford to maintain/improve your appearance

    • sandra adefila says:

      Elaita 1 a lot of work🤨 hmm that’s a reach! let’s see she’s in tip top shape, I can’t say that bout all 50 year old her booty still looks great as it did years ago it ain’t outrageously big and crazy looking. If she had work done likely minimum maybe her nose. Bt sis don’t get it twisted you can come for kim k. Bt not Toni that’s “ she had work done” card is getting redundant appreciate this woman’s Melanin beauty and youth intact cuz she did quite well for herself esp having lupus😌

  17. Sori Yazz says:

    Ladies & gents Toni is def the new 31 not 51. Still gorgeous & sex

  18. Maati Sll says:

    Toni Braxton skin care routine please? Thanks 💋 lol

  19. Faye Vids says:

    Bird wanted Michelle…and who wouldn’t, she’s beautiful inside out

  20. I might need security says:

    TONIIIIIIi MF BRAXTON!! she is in a lane all by her self!! classy, beautiful, smart, funny, talented!! So happy for her!!

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