Tonya Harding Cuts Interview Short | The View

Tonya Harding Cuts Interview Short | The View

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  1. bhk110 says:

    Spot on Joy!

  2. LilianO says:

    2018 a year Sunny is going to miss her spot on the view panel, first Oprah now this. Watch Sunny!

  3. TJ Michael says:

    The movie is not a documentary.

  4. Queer Anarchist says:

    It’s Piers Morgan. This is what he does. And yet every single time he gets crazy, obnoxiousness or cruel, people act surprised and caught off guard by it.

    I just don’t get it.

    • bossy b says:

      Queer Anarchist I Agree!!!! I don’t like Piers but I don’t get my panties in a bunch when he is simply being Piers lol When he starts being nice that’s when I will be shocked lol

  5. Gareth F says:

    Tonya Harding is the victim. From her mother, boyfriend, and even judges who unfairly penalised her on artistic mark throughout her skating career, she has always been the victim. Nancy Kerrigan has nothing to feel victimised about because after all she did win silver at the 1994 Olympics.

    • UniquelyMade says:

      You’re a moron, Tanya’s upbringing is NOT an excuse for being complicit in a plan to physically attack your competitor, this girl KNEW, every man involved in the attack including the actual man who hit Nancy claims TANYA KNEW everything and they still claimed she knew AFTER they served their time in jail and were free. They came clean with their plan, if she indeed was an innocent unknowing individual WHY would they still claim she knew the plan fully and try to hurt her? What’s to gain by lying about her involvement when they already served time? And just because the skating world is bias against a more athletic style women doesn’t make her a victim. It’s a judged artistic sport, certain styles will be preferred more than others, it’s what you sign up for when you CHOOSE to compete in an artistic judged sport that is subjective in nature.

    • Ashley Lavergne says:

      no she didn’t Christie Yamagushi won. Going off a transcript is horrible. This movie is one-sided and you know it. Those who enjoyed this film disturbs me, b/c when in life one is up against others, in your mind how far would you go to win…

    • Jojo Jo says:

      Gareth F What Are you smoking?

    • Ramona Marple says:


  6. james jordan says:

    Why are they trying to turn trash into a hero

  7. Frankie Drummond says:

    We don’t believe you Tonya.

    • Frankie Drummond says:

      A miserable, rough, hard and at times it seems a disgusting past gives you no free pass to speak up prior to an event happening especially if you overheard something and no, if you are truly sorry for not speaking up… there are never enough “i am sorry” that you can tell someone you should had done something different. You don’t have attitude about which she clearly still does. A lot of people grow up in rough homes including myself. If a person that has had it rough in life will surely not want someone else go through pain but, she allowed it for not speaking up and there is just no excuse for that and making her look like some tragic want to be hero needs to stop.

    • Charlotte Corley says:

      Frankie Drummond I believe in her! She was poor and made it on her talent not money!

    • Frankie Drummond says:

      I don’t think she isn’t talented but, if you over hear a conversation like she claimed she did, you say something then and there. It is why i do not believe her one bit. I think she says that so she would not get caught.

    • orion2themax says:

      Frankie Drummond I do

    • Frankie Drummond says:


  8. jack brown says:

    This show should be removed from the air..

  9. R J Lee says:

    For a lawyer, Sunny is pretty low IQ.

    • lavinder11 says:

      Saikat Dasgupta No she isn’t. She asks poignant questions that get shut down by Whoopi all the time.

    • Eric Ryan says:

      Hardly. She has a different way of expressing herself than some of the louder people. But she is a smart cookie.

    • Synclair Myers says:

      She’s went to college early. She is very bright. Whoopi is the one with the low IQ if you want to go there. When she speaks they pretend it’s Jesus talking because they are afraid of losing their seats.

    • Tony says:

      It could be she doesnt need to feel like she always has to contribute a constructive thought to every conversation. Seemed to me like she was trying to flesh out a piece of the story without all her ducks in a row, and time was running out.

    • Synclair Myers says:

      Tony She asked a valid question. Most people believe that she knew the attack was going to happen and she admitted it. Nancy Karrigen even said she never directly apologized to her. Whoopi replying to Sunny saying that her husband saying he ruined her life is just not cutting it from the guy that attacked Nancy in the first place. Whoopi obviously doesn’t wanna trash Tanya because she’s supposed to be a guest. Stop it. Sunny always brings constructive comments and dialogue to the table. Whoopi just can’t stand anything Sunny says.

  10. Anthony Chilcote says:

    There is a face to face interview that took place between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding where she apologized. TO HER FACE. Please do your research before you bring her on the show.

    • Anthony Chilcote says:

      Kevin Clarke that’s a really narrow minded view on domestic abuse.

    • Anthony Chilcote says:

      Kevin Clarke especially when she is someone who came from abuse and abuse is all she knows. She is absolutely a victim of her circumstances. That doesn’t absolve her of responsibility in the situation by any means

    • Kevin Clarke says:

      I disagree wholeheartedly. She has a poor internal locus of control and a victim consciousness. She needs to be empowered to take control of her life and accountability for the decisions that has caused harm to someone else who was truly and completely innocent and a victim. This idea that because we’re hurt that gives us reason to harm others is something I’ll never agree with. It’s wrong and she should take accountability. At best, her circumstances are an explanation of why she is the way she is, but its NEVER a justification for what she’s done.

    • Anthony Chilcote says:

      Kevin Clarke that’s always really easy for someone outside of a situation like that to say. “Just do better”.

    • Anthony Chilcote says:

      Kevin Clarke you remind me of captain hindsight off of south park. 😂

  11. Bailey says:

    That Harding woman really needs to crawl back under whatever rock she crawled out from under!

  12. fashionista444 says:

    Nancy won a medal at the Olympics. Tonya is working as a landscaper. I mean, whose life do you want?

  13. chasemebaby says:

    Piers is so hated & so veil that he was kicked out of America & has such a downgraded status in the UK that he’s now on morning tv. Reminder : He was supposed to replace Larry King. How far he has fallen. Good Riddance.

    • Gabe Solis says:

      I was bout to say America got rid of his show and now bet the UK is gonna fire him from the their show lol

    • Mari says:

      So? People actually love him on the morning show. He was initially only supposed to cover for a while, but people liked him so much that he was made a permanent host.

    • Charlie Rose wish dom says:

      This hole Metoo is just Women made about earning Less even though that’s been debunked an work their way to the top they stick together to gang up on a target They been known for that. If Women didn’t have a voice how come that boy was liched and murdered for Catcalling a white woman. Listen to an interview with my accuser she talks more about how I insulted her intelligence in an interview.rather Then being raped . Actually get Raped more than WOMEN but more shame for coming forward actually shame for being ashamed like that passed out guy at the party . But mark my words because of this . this year powerful woman such as Beyonce these women hear. Mitchell Obama. Megan Kelly maybe taken down

  14. Tadlafleur says:

    When Tonya was young we all heard the rumours about her and her mother if you were in the skating or hockey world.

  15. Derwin Barnett,II says:

    Whoopi: wait Sunny just spoke let me talk over her.

    • OneLoveRSR says:

      Good. Because Sunny speaks absolute gibberish.

    • Len Thomas says:

      Onelove, what Sunny said was not gibberish. I get that Tonya was scared and fear can make us do or not do what is right. Still her inaction was wrong. That is the reason the law was going to prosecute her for that in lieu of letting her plea out. So penance for what she did allow could simply be to show some humility by apologizing to Kerrigan and putting up with uncomfortable situation.

  16. Jonathan Low says:

    The movie is written from transcripts of interviews with Tonya and Jeff. The movie is explicitly told from Tonya’s perspective. It’s a stellar movie, but it is NOT objective truth. In fact the character Tonya says in the opening sequence “there’s no such thing as the truth.” It is RIDICULOUS for Joy and Whoopi to say “if you saw the film,” and point to it as hard evidence. It’s not. It’s fictional. In an interview with ABC earlier this week, Tonya said she “overheard” Jeff and his accomplices plotting the attack. Her story changes literally every time she’s asked about it. Is she a victim of her circumstances? Yes. Is she reliable? No. Is she culpable? Most likely. Is she a role model or hero? No.

    • Rebecca Rivera says:

      Could not agree with you more.  She contradicts herself so much the only thing you know for sure is that she wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face.

    • Antonio P says:

      Everything is hear say unless you are there. As Joy & Whoopi are saying, it’s a lot to her story that no one has ever asked about. She said back in the days that she knew something was gonna happen that story never changed. But if you are in a abusive relationship thing go in & outta one ear because you don’t want it turned around on you .

    • Cyndi Moring says:

      I agree with you. What did Tonya do with her life since then? Live in rural Washington state in a mobile home. She could have done so much more. I think she knew what was going on, and has lied her whole life about her involvement, and not taken responsibility for any of the things that have ‘happened’ to her..

    • Oliver D says:

      Thank you – I wanted to say the exact same thing! It might be written after real-life events, but even if they used transcripts for every single scene, it is the subjective point of view of the person talking about the events (in this case the people that have been CONVICTED FOR THE CRIME) so to say “You are not the victim here!” is more than accurate. If she wasn’t guilty, she would not have been convicted. I trust in the court to establish facts more than a Hollywood movie, but I understand it is easier for most to watch sth and get their facts from there…what is happening to the world?!?! #trumpera #alternativefacts

    • Ronizetti says:

      You Def understand it!! And to the person using the “unless you were there” – I WAS THERE! In the arena when it happened – and as God as my witness, FIRST words out of my mouth : “You KNOW that was Tonya Harding and her red-neck husband” !!!

  17. TheLeigha72 says:

    I’m normally pretty agreeable with Sunny’s points of view, but I don’t agree with her here. According to Tonya, she did not know anything specific. Secondly, Pierce Morgan wasn’t asking a question. He was repeating over and over a statement. Nancy Kerrigan was a victim and Tonya Harding was a victim – they were just a victim of two different things. Tonya, isn’t the one who needs to apologize, to Nancy. Although, it wouldn’t hurt for them to have an empathetic, mutual discussion.

  18. Zoe S says:

    Excuse me?? 1. That movie is far from a documentary 2. Tonya herself pleaded guilty for domestic violence in 2000 after beating up her then boyfriend, Darren Silver 3. Tonya has already admitted in an interview to ABC (airing otomorrow) that she knew Kerrigan or another American ice skater was going to be attacked.
    But as always, Ms. Behar is harshly misinformed, yet somehow she feels free to speak with such conviction and confidence about everything. I guess ingnorance is bliss.

    • User Friendly says:

      Zoe S
      What does a domestic abuse case from the 2000’s have to do with the 90’s + her abuse before that?

    • Zoe S says:

      Wel, she claims to being assaulted and terrorised by Gillooly during th 90’s, only to admit assulting her boyfriend only 6 years later. Sheesh, you really can’t draw a conclusion from that??
      Put simply, you can’t claim to be a victim of domestic abuse when you’re a domestic abuser as well. That just makes her and Gillooly equally as guilty of domestic abuse.

  19. hyacinthos says:

    The movie wants to portray Harding as victim and regardless if she is or nor, Tonya needs to acknowledge that Nancy Kerrigan was (also) a victim.

  20. Kristina Servin says:

    How long will Tonya have to pay for the actions of what other people have done. In addition, everyone has been able to get on with their lives, including Nancy, while Tonya has had to continually live with this. Also, how many times does she have to apologize to Nancy. If you look at old interviews she has apologized over and over. I think Nancy keeps saying she hasn’t to continue to make her pay for what happened to her.

    • JR H says:

      Kristina Servin i Agree! And she was banned for life. Thankfully she’s still here living her life. Seems pretty content too.

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