Too Many Abs – Songify the News #6

Too Many Abs – Songify the News #6

As election season begins, the winds of change blow dozens of dusty candidates across the cornfields of Iowa so they can tell you why everything’s terrible. Hank’s Channel!!:
Vlogbrothers songification!! –

song produced with Michael Onufrak –

thanks to Morgan King for photoshopping Waka Flocka’s bands (err, i mean, just taking pictures of the album covers)
(his stuff:

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20 Responses

  1. FollowTheCrossFTW says:

    Damn. I’ve been a fan of Schmoyoho for a long time, but this has to be my
    favorite video. Hank’s voice fits in so perfectly with what you guys do,
    and this just sounds incredible.

  2. Thomas Johnson says:

    oh my gosh the guy form crash course is in the video!

  3. Charles Figueroa, Jr. says:

    I miss the hook montage, but this video is great as usual! Have loved them
    since Auto-Tune!

  4. Myka Dassano says:

    That girl singing with Hank has an amazing voice.

  5. Alfred Davidsson says:

    You did an amazing job on this one. Love it!

  6. Domi Angelo-Laloli says:


  7. james Hart says:

    The Gregory Brothers (and co) have excelled themselves with the green
    screening on this one – can’t see the join between songified reality and

  8. Kahler Jex says:

    I would have voted for the ab-man.

  9. BlueXenonFilms says:

    7.8/10 too many abs -IGN

  10. Matthew Craig says:


  11. Jonathan Thörnqvist says:

    The old Songifys are good. Press read more

    Awww gawd that is memories

  12. becKjmndharsSlandia says:

    having hank in the news was too convincing i thought it was real!

  13. Peter Gorman says:

    More of these!

  14. Schuyler Smith says:

    Could you guys do a Canadian News special? Our PM is up to some
    Orwellian/Republican craziness ripe for newsongification

  15. NotFunnyButFunny says:

    I love the global warming part

  16. Akashi Kaikyo says:

    I wish i lived in USA to watch these people say those things… Its amazing
    xD… In our goverment theres not dumb people and its boring.

  17. arkane9b says:

    I love how Van Jones looks at Hank when he says “rock-hard butt”.

  18. kristenlovesyou28 says:

    too many abs too many abs too many abs tooo manyyy abssss

  19. MissyLuntao97 says:

    “He may have been dumb but he’s not corrupt. Unless it’s a crime to have a
    rock hard bod.”

    My favourite line from this song xD Hank’s singing and dancing though! Love
    this so much!

  20. thescowlingschnauzer says:

    Hank G and the G Bros – it was meant to be.