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Too Many Cooks


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Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim

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20 Responses

  1. ToxicCityOfficial says:

    The part with the hawk is absolutely awesome

  2. Big Fat Man says:

    I’m surprised that this video didn’t get 5 million views by now. 

  3. Austin Jones says:

    Could they not decide on one joke to make?

  4. davethebrave says:

    You can never have Too Many Cooks.

  5. Gary H says:

    3:08 best smile :)

  6. Elgee Coronel says:

    Too many cunts!

  7. Luke Potbury says:


  8. Connor Likes says:

    lol i just noticed the murderer guy creeping in the background of the
    scenes around 2 mins into the vid

  9. Jon Car says:

    2:13 pea-cock-feathers…

  10. newper says:

    There’s no flashbulb attached to the camera but it flashes every time??

  11. TheKAFRO says:

    I read “too many cocks”
    That’s why I clicked on it

    Does that make me gay?

  12. NeoMatrix says:

    8:00 Jennifer Giles outfit, reminds me of the Green Power Ranger

  13. Patrick Diaz says:


  14. DG360MaN says:

    has anyone else realized that shown in the credits at the end, everybody
    but the killer in the video has the last name of cook/cooks?

  15. Leanan Sidhe says:

    This is like one of my nightmares 

  16. chrisjt86 says:

    This makes me want to kill John Lennon.

  17. Kuwanger187 says:

    this video is like NyQuil for an insomniac — lame

  18. Abhigyan Hazarika says:

    I think I was high when I was watching the video…or was it made like
    this…I can’t tell…The whole universe is a rabbit…

  19. Tad Tobar says:

    Reddit catapulted this out of obscurity.

  20. J.S. Evans says:

    “And the baby too” Goodness just now getting that, this is sicker than I