Top 10 Actors Who Work Together Frequently

Top 10 Actors Who Work Together Frequently

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For this list, we’re taking a look at actors who have appeared in several movies together. The number of films together will be a factor, but we’ll also be weighing how synonymous with one another they’ve become and how well known the films in question are.

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20 Responses

  1. brett howard says:

    How was Adam sandler and rob Schinder not on this list

  2. SirChevron says:

    Bud Spencer and Terrance Hill.

  3. Quann Parr says:

    No jay and silent bob what the hell

  4. Brookie2406 says:

    I don’t really watch these expecting to see classic movie couples,
    disappointed that Doris day & rock Hudson did not get a hr I mean how many
    acting pairs are culturally referenced in a hit movie & musical (grease if
    anyone was not aware)

  5. ApexPlayz says:

    Spongebob and Patrick :,(

  6. Mike Morris says:

    It’s nice to know certain actors work great together. :)

  7. Totoy Kobeta says:

    Adam Sandler and Kevin James or Rob Schnider?

  8. Ira Orbinski says:

    Helena Bonham Carter & Johnny Depp ;33

  9. 420 blaze it skrub says:

    what about adam sandler and rob schneider

  10. SmartFabian007 says:

    dåligt val av första plats

  11. Babs Kuijpers says:

    Johnny & Helena!!!! ♡♡♡♡

  12. BlackWolflord says:

    Before seeing :
    – Jackie Chan & Sammo Hung
    – Terence Hill & Bud Spencer
    – Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

    After seeing : ooooook… wtf.

  13. kramir orellabac says:

    jared padelecki and jensen ackles :)

  14. steve exe ru says:

    top 10 artists that work together frequently

    like,david guetta with everyone,calvin harris and ellie goulding,50 cent
    and the game(when they’re not at each other’s throat)will i am and britney
    ecc.,bruno mars and cee lo green,emeli sande and naughty boy,ryan tedder
    with everyone,kesha and 30h3,big sean and jhene aiko,eminem/drake and
    rihanna,kanye and john legend/frank ocean/rihanna/jayz,lil
    wayne/drake/tyga/chris brown/nicki minaj,two chainz,flo rida and snoop dogg
    with everyone,pibull and jlo,jay z and bey (i know they’re married)skrillex
    and diplo

    just naming the most famous

  15. D&D Forever says:

    What about Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. They have like 10 movies

  16. TheBassIsReal says:

    What about Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart?

  17. Artist Zeo says:

    Adam Sandler and Rob Sneider!!

  18. telue1 says:

    Terence Hill and Bud Spencer?

  19. cottontop twentyseven says:

    John C Riley and Will Ferrell should definetly be top 5

  20. Bread- Bread says:

    Hm, surprised no one mentioned the video is 1337……. Kappa