Top 10 BEST Movies 2022

Top 10 BEST Movies 2022

The end of 2022 draws near, and so it is that the tradition of listing my favorite movies of the year remains. Here are my Top 10 FAVORITE Movies of 2022!

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30 Responses

  1. Andrew Sandoval says:

    Dude every time a film comes out, your review is the first I look for. I even got my wife asking me, “has Jeremy reviewed ‘film we want to see’ yet?”. We love your channel! Thanks for always staying on top of it and for the great content! You’re the best!

    • Trevor Keith says:

      ditto this to the max! I may not always agree with Jeremy but majority of the time I’m in the same ball park range. I use him to gauge whether I go see a movie or not sometimes.

    • Jordan Williams says:

      Sandoval do you live in Utah? I swear I know your name

    • AndyHasFeet says:

      Had the exact same thing with my dad. He’d find one he wanted to see and ask me, “what’s your YouTube guy say?”

    • Wes Stewart says:

      Top 5
      1. Nope
      2. The Batman
      3. Everything Everywhere All At Once
      4.The Adam Project
      5. Turning Red (This one was a huge surprise for me since I’m not really much into pixar movies anymore)

    • Life with Nick and Hayley says:

      Totally with you. Just a great honest dte guy.

  2. Kakashi Hatake says:

    I started watching you when I was in Middle School and now I’m going to my second year of college I’m in a 3-year relationship and it’s just been a pleasure always watching you and you as a person kind of sculpted how I see and view the world along with how I feel about movies and just nerd culture in general

  3. Suzanne_sf says:

    Thank you for the video Jeremy! I think of Violent Night as John Wick as Santa Claus. Bullet Train is on my list too. I love David Harbour and Hiroyuki Sanada. They’re fun to watch! I’m pretty sure that I saw the trailer for The Menu and it didn’t give anything away. It was a messed up movie and I’m happy that I got to see it with my family on Christmas, just like I saw the original Grinch special with my family on Christmas. I did have a happy Christmas. I hope you had a happy Christmas too! As for gaming, it looks like my favourite so far is Baldur’s Gate 3 as you can tell from my channel. 😄

  4. Sid Sathya says:

    The way you described RRR is exactly what ive been saying since I watched it but if it gets people to start watching south Indian movies dammit im down

  5. Jack Allen says:

    Started watching you as an 11 year old in 2012, and am still watching now at 21. Thank you so much for continuing to make such high quality stuff for us all Jeremy ❤ absolute legend

    • VHS Radio says:

      literally same. you wrote my comment for me

    • Jacob Kirk says:

      That’s genuinely me. I just had my 21st. I’ve been watching for about 9 years.

    • ronb2008 says:

      Agreed. Hate to say it but I was a little older; started back in 2011 at 21. And of all things it was Jeremy’s review of the trailer for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I. I’ll never forget the opening: “You know what Twilight is like? Twilight is like AIDS” lmao what a perfect summary of those dumpster fires!

    • Shinigami says:

      We’re all growing up with this man, started at like 12 now im damn near 20

    • rainer says:

      Yup, I remember those cool 2012 summer nights binging Jeremy on my crappy Asus laptop. I was also 11.

      It’s been 10 years!

      Time just gets away, and here we are at 21 finishing university or working. Best of luck to ya friend 😊

  6. Michael Ares says:

    Can you bring back the movie reviewer’s award show? That used to be one of my most looked for two events of the year.

  7. HoopleHeadUSA says:

    Anya Taylor-Joy is having a killer year and I’m here for it 🔥

  8. Ian Felipe-Ortega Cabrera says:

    I’ve been a fan of you ever since I was in junior high im in college now, my friends know all my movie opinions come from you, you’re the best!
    My top 5 movies this year were
    1. Everything everywhere all at once
    2. The Batman
    3. Nope
    4. The Northman
    5. X

  9. SmashingSuccess says:

    Been watching since middle school and just graduated college, always appreciate your perspective on films! My top 5 of the year:
    1. The Batman
    2. The Northman
    3. X
    4. Nope
    5. Everything Everywhere All at Once

  10. Lifeboate Plays says:

    Fantastic list Jeremy! I loved The Northman as well – I still need to see The Whale and Everything Everywhere All at Once, but I have a feeling they’d be on my list as well. Also, RRR is totally deserving of being on this list. What an experience.

    • Flat Affect says:

      @Joshua McKoy opinions on objective things are ok, doesn’t make them subjective

    • Joshua McKoy says:

      @Flat Affect yea “champ” my opinion of this still stands but alright yall have a good night with this discussion

    • Flat Affect says:

      @Ahem! by raw I meant it’s very real emotionally and has heavy hitting dialogue that resonates with people in ways a lot of movies can’t which is why there’s so many stories of ppl crying watching it!

    • Ahem! says:

      @Flat Affect Ya okay he obviously means like all the dildos and hot dog fingers not the actual good parts of the movie but go off. Also this movie isn’t close to raw its one of the most polished and hip movies of the year.

    • Flat Affect says:

      @twistedmetalplayer21 imagine thinking a raw and introspective look at depression, family dynamics, and meaning is cringe

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