Top 10 CRAZY Unsolved Mysteries

Top 10 CRAZY Unsolved Mysteries

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Do you like scary stories!? How about UNSOLVED Mysteries! Well, here are 10 Mysteries that are yet to be solved. Who wants to try and find some evidence and solve these?

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10 CRAZY Unsolved Mysteries:

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20 Responses

  1. k11a22i33 says:

    nothing about cicada 3301?? It has to be one of the coolest mysteries

  2. LUNA-T says:

    Beale’s Cipher?
    more like

    Bill Cipher,,,,,

    Rest in piece you poor nacho demon ,,

  3. grizzly13579 says:

    no zodiac killer?

  4. ygkk gh says:

    Who are anonymous

  5. Brad Querl says:

    The Croatoan virus is real, that’s my conclusion.. Dammit Sam and Dean,
    where were you?!

  6. Kathy Phonedaly says:

    LOLOLOL 7:06

  7. Mia Moore says:

    You’re awesome, Kelly!

  8. nitroangus23 says:

    Whaaat no D.B. Cooper? love this series though. Kelly is aawesome.

  9. David Coupal says:

    You and Rob Dyke would make a cute couple Ill email him see what he thinks

  10. Colin Smith says:

    Did anyone else think 1 sucked compared to the rest…

  11. Nripen Chandra says:

    i like how he says number 7

  12. Mr. Meeseeks says:

    6:06…..stupid dexter…close dem bags!

  13. Oskar Oscar says:

    What about Zodiac?

  14. Dead Reaper Gaming says:

    heus quid agis?

  15. dell cruz says:

    the roanoke colony mystery was done in the show sleepy hollow,as far as the
    word croatoan that was on the show haven but croatoan was a man played by
    william shatner,weird how they take mysteries and make them as part of
    shows,but they are interesting though

  16. DvirTTT says:

    she is really great

  17. Ivan Filipović says:

    what a shitty number 1
    but goos video still

  18. Ruan Steenkamp says:

    Pretty sure UVB-76 has been solved…

  19. Abdullah Ahmed says:

    i thinkyou are beautiful.

  20. Steven Harada says:

    Saw the beautiful woman on Trending.

    12 minutes later… SUBSCRIBED!

    Enough said.