Top 10 WORST Movies 2018

Top 10 WORST Movies 2018

The last video of 2018. Here is my list of the Top 10 WORST movies of 2018. Enjoy!

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89 Responses

  1. Noah Choudhury says:

    Before watching this I’m gonna call it and say number 1 is Fifty Shades Freed. Like if I’m right

    EDIT: Dammit I got bamboozled, great list though Jeremy

  2. matthew epperly says:

    Top 5 worst movies for me:
    5. The Predator
    4. Action Point
    3. Fifty Shades Freed
    2. The 15:17 to Paris
    1. Life Itself

  3. Pedro Milano says:

    I never wach this Worst movies
    I am so luky

  4. JC Gentles says:

    uhm Watson and Holmes?

  5. Roni 99 says:

    To people saying Fantastic Beasts,Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or Venom should have been here,you clearly haven’t watched enough movies this year to be able to make a list.

    • Buc Whovian says:

      I didn’t like Solo or Cloverfield paradox, but Fallen Kingdom and Crimes of Grindelwald were definitely far worse than those two.

      Still it’s his list not mine.

    • Jay Ross says:

      Venom was okay and JW was more for kids to me

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      Buc Whovian Solo is worse to those who are Star Wars fans. Jeremy is one of us. It’s why he made a 15 min video ripping apart Disney’s Shit Wars.

    • Buc Whovian says:

      Bob Pickleson I said I didn’t like it man and I saw that video for myself, what’s your point?

      To me personally, I saw far worse this year.

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      Buc Whovian point is it’s worse to us than to you smartass

  6. Saad Anwer says:

    Didn’t watch a single movie mentioned here.

  7. Aaron Thielemann says:

    surprised crimes of Grindelwald wasnt on here

  8. Walter White says:

    Oh come on, the Predator is easily worse than half of that list. That movie was a disaster

    • assassin guy says:

      The characters were funny but the movie was shit. But the characters were enjoyable even though they didn’t really belong in a predator film

    • All Alone says:

      assassin guy I thought it was the other way around, the idea for the plot was good, the execution was horrendous, and the Jokes were even worse and the timing…… don’t even get me started

  9. Shaggster Man says:

    I just can’t agree with you on Solo. But an opinion is an opinion. Happy new year Jeremy

    • Adrian says:

      to those who dislike it, how is it bad?

    • Adrian says:

      +Kellen Brennan what movies were you watching? Ford smiled a lot in those movies. In a new hope he did when he was offered 17000 credits, after the tie fighter attack, the death star trench run, the ending scene, when luke said he’d have no chance with leia, when luke got shot by the training sphere, when he was introducing the falcon to luke for the first time, when he talked to Greedo and a lot more times

    • Abraham M. says:

      +Briggs Michaels The Meg is a movie that it knows it’s bad, just like the Sharknado movies. It doesn’t belong in a top 10 worst films list.

    • qswaefrdthzg says:

      +Antoine Scott I hated tlj but at least that movie had two amazing scenes, solo was just a boring shitfest

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      Living Myth lmao or he’s a Star Wars fan himself and is part of the Fandom Menace like the rest of us…which, yes, he is. Did you not see his Star Wars rant video where he fired shots at Disney?

  10. FastCarsNoRules220 says:

    Yeah, I thought Solo was pretty meh. I didn’t really like The Last Jedi, but I’d rather watch that again over Solo.

    • McK says:

      Exact opposite for me.

      I refrained from watching Solo because of how much I hated the Last Jedi.

      I finally saw Solo about 3 days ago because some friends said it wasn’t absolute garbage and after watching it I felt that i would rather watch it again vs The Last Jedi.

      Solo is actually a workable movie.

      TLJ is an absolute dog shit of a comedy show. It should be strictly classified as a comedy movie.

    • Avery Hilbig says:

      +McK I agree with you on that. Solo is a little more watchable than The Last Jedi.

  11. Jay & Rengin says:

    I always enjoy your top worst movie videos, more than I do your top best movies

  12. Trapx GodsxX says:

    As a Predator Fan … The new Predator movie was terrible . Everything about it the plot, Characters , the Movie itself was trash it should of definitely been on this list !

    • Zach Scarbrough says:

      The fact that they had the truly Brilliant idea to make this into another pseudo-invasion movie just pisses me off so much. It’s been established in previous movies and comics that this is a species that are all hunters. And the fact that they decided that “Naw, naw, they are all actually trying too make themselves stronger so that they can conquer our world.” God I hate this movie. It also doesn’t help that the action was kind of boring.

    • james williams says:

      ..shane black is so trashy lol..

    • Erik Ramaekers says:

      This will be a cult classic before 2030

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      I think that’s one of the ones he skipped

  13. Modern Atheist says:

    10. Solo: A Star Wars Story
    9. Pacific Rim: Uprising
    8. Winchester
    7. A Wrinkle in Time
    6. The Cloverfield Paradox
    5. The Nun
    4. Action Point
    3. Fifty Shades Freed
    2. The Strangers Prey At Night
    1. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

  14. TheMaverickJB says:

    This isn’t per say the worst movie of the year, but The Crimes of Grindlewald was really quite disappointing for me. It just felt all over the place and I can remember coming out of the theater and being amazed that that was a 2 hour movie.

  15. emilie says:

    fantastic beasts wins “most disappointing” for me. i went in so optimistic and honestly a bit defensive about the series and was totally let down. even more than solo, really.

    • Prophetic ShadeZ says:

      emilie awwwww i havent seen it, i was excited by the first movie and hoping that it is at least cool in parts

    • Radu Pricopie says:

      For me it was amazing. Yeah it’s a bit hard to follow if you don’t pay attention, but if you do, it’s pretty good

  16. Billy The Goat Baby says:

    Star Wars 8 ruined the idea of Disney making Star Wars great for me, I didn’t hate the movie, I thought it was pretty good, but it made it very clear that Disney doesn’t have any semblance of a plan for Star Wars.

  17. Michael Cortese says:

    I honestly think this year was probably the worst in my lifetime for movies lol

    • julianwelton says:

      +A M

      These are just the great movies I can remember I saw in 2009, there’s likely more.

      The Messenger
      District 9
      The Road
      Inglorious Bastards
      A Serious Man
      Fantastic Mr Fox

    • julianwelton says:


      Everyone stop saying **insert year** “was the worst year for movies”. You’re wrong! You’re all wrong.

      Anyway 2007 had

      No Country For Old Men
      There Will Be Blood
      Eastern Promises
      Hot Fuzz
      Bourne Ultimatum
      Gone Baby Gone
      American Gangster
      3:10 to Yuma
      The Mist
      The Orphanage

      No year that featured some of the best movies ever made was “the worst year for movies”.

    • Disney65Fan says:

      For me it depends . I seen over 20 movies in 2016 and less in 2017.

      Movies for me are like copy and paste nowadays every plot used in this film are the same as past movies

      I Feel Pretty=Isn’t this Romantic

      Spiderman movies= same as Sam Rami’s

      Fifty Shades of Grey franchise = same as the 1st one

    • aj pat says:

      +Travis_Redfern The Greatest Showman is a fucking shit and forgettable ass.

    • aj pat says:

      +creshiell Greatest Showman is fucking garbage. Fuck that shit movie.

  18. Diskonnekt says:

    I’m glad Solo was on your list, Jeremy. It’s definitely on mine.

  19. II QuietRiot II says:

    I used to think 50 Shades Freed was a mock title everyone gave it because they were finally free of the series. Then a friend told me it was the actual title and I couldn’t stop laughing. ?

  20. SimplyJay says:

    Personally, I found Solo to be the weakest of the new Star Wars movies, and it definitely felt the least necessary, but I still enjoyed it. Sure, it could’ve been a bit more consistent in its plotting, but for me, it was cool seeing how a lot of things came to be. I liked how the dynamic between Han and Chewie was established; I loved Donald Glover as young Lando; and that Kessel Run sequence was a definite highlight. In my eyes, it was a very solid film.

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