Top 3 Things You Missed in Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones

Top 3 Things You Missed in Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones

What do we say to the God of death? Not today. The third episode in “Game of Thrones’” final season left us with a lot of casualties and a lot to look forward to in the next 3 episodes. However, there are a few easter eggs, important moments, and theories from the newest episode of “Game of Thrones” to delve into! Caution, spoilers ahead. What was your favorite moment from “The Long Night”? Let us know in the comments!

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97 Responses

  1. Diego Tánatos says:

    #1: Everything except the scenes where Melisandre created a fire.

    • João Gouveia says:

      +Dane Brass I feel like the biggest issue was a lack of concentration on the characters. Like the time spent with Arya in battle was pretty good. And we usually get those moments with Jon in other battles. But here the camera just jumped from character to character aimlessly in the dark and shaking. I saw Brienne fight for like 10 seconds, all the other shots of her were her shaky face and a bunch of wights in the dark and then cut to another character’s face in the exact same situation… And then another

    • Dane Brass says:

      +João Gouveia Yeah I agree. Not sure if they were overdoing it and trying to make it seem hazy and confusing. Compare it to an episode like Battle of the Bastards – this is why I was disappointed with the episode in general.

      I think the darkness scenes just added to the mess, I might have to re-watch it in a brighter picture setting.

    • João Gouveia says:

      +Dane Brass it just felt like instead of following the characters into battle we were going through a list like: Brienne is alive, oh look, Podrick and Jaime are alive,oh Jorah and Sam too
      It didn’t feel as organic. I think they didn’t want Jon on the ground because it would cut the tension, since Jon was not going to die after his revelation. But I would rather have a little less tension and some more clear coreographed combat. Or earned tension like Arya on the library.
      (Honestly less of dragons flying randomly in a storm would do a lot of good)

    • Dane Brass says:

      +João Gouveia yeah it seemed like daenarys and Jon wasted a lot of time flying round the clouds looking for the night king when they could have been fighting.

      The other thing that bugged me was the fact that they placed the defences(mainly the trench) right behind all of their own troops. Should have been more of them in front. It’s almost as if the writers intentionally put these mistakes in to wipe out the army of the living.

      Let’s hope there’s better battles and writing to come in the next few episodes.

    • João Gouveia says:

      +Dane Brass yes I mean, they’re not alive, did everyone think they would coward and not try to go through the fire?
      The dragons were unlimited fire power and they could’ve been used in so many smarter ways.

  2. Matthew Bruce says:

    Things we missed… a giant? WTF… um absolutely NO ONE missed that? What the hell is this garbage!!!

  3. Paul Mersons Bookie says:

    People missed a 10ft+ giant being stabbed in the eye by a preteen? I don’t think so.

    • Gracie026 says:

      That pre-teen was lyanna mormont, may she rest in peace, the legendary bear lady.

    • Jan Coldwater says:

      You know what they Mojo missed? The giant had no right eye, the eye the other giant lost, leaving us to believe that it was the same giant, just like the dragon.

    • Steve Steven1224 says:

      Just like they didn’t that Arya killed Night King with the dagger Bran gave her. But they might have missed that the scene with giant was a callback to Wun Wun’s scene. 🙂

    • Michael Zaragoza says:

      +BEAR ARMS it isn’t. After the Battle of the Bastards Jon would have burned Wun Wun’s body (knowing the threat of the dead being turned into wights). There was a tribe of giants north of the wall, we only ever saw three or four of them. The Giant Wight was just a rando.

    • Maws2k2 says:


  4. ColbyWanKenobi says:

    I’m sure there was stuff I missed it was so damn dark that episode.

  5. isma il says:

    Arya stabs night king.
    Night king: WTF I wasn’t on ur list…

  6. Alvin Raditya says:

    you miss one melisandre say about eyes
    Brown eyes: lord frey
    Blue eyes: night king
    Green eyes: cersei lannister ??!!

  7. Lord Arryn says:

    The night kings sword was as useless as the dothraki in this fight

    • Stephanie Cornelius says:

      +Big D. Ick Well what did she say???

    • Spence Howell says:

      Nothing is that useless bro

    • Pallavi Singh says:

      +Maja Maja How would jon fight night king when all through the episode night king actively avoided any confrontation. Even white walkers were not fighting. Because they had no reason to fight. Night king only wanted bran. When jon was approaching him he raised a new army of dead. I’m sure 1 on 1 fighting is not night king’s forte so why would he do it? Call it shitty lazy writing all you want but it was adhering to everyone’s character.
      1 on 1 fight makes 0 sense.

    • Bilal Khalid says:

      Dothraki: “No one would dare face us in an open field”

      Wights: “Hold our undead bodies”

    • Dewan Hassan says:

      Those Dothrakis were the bravest of them all, to be first the set of soldiers into battle, and have no idea the number of enemies and what they look like, must of been terrifying.

  8. Hi ALL says:

    really ? top 3 things we missed ? those were literally the huge highlights of the episode …

  9. TheTekkForce says:

    shout-out to Gendry, working all day to finish the plot-armor for so many characters

  10. John Doe says:

    Hyping up winter is coming for it only to be a a 1 inch snowfall

    • SirMcAwesome says:

      Yeh seeing the dothraki charge out on seemingly perfectly flat and rock hard ground was incredibly unrealistic.

    • Red Rebellion says:

      This isnt Anime where you sit on the same scene for 7 episodes

    • Conard Mc Maderson says:

      +Red Rebellion No, this was rushed and bad written on the other hand

    • Red Rebellion says:

      +Conard Mc Maderson i would disagree.
      i liked the twist instead of Jon or Daenerys to Kill the Night King. It was someone else, but i think the Battle Of Jon and the Night King didnt happen because the Writters still have something for Jon and if the battle between them two had happened it was 98% Night Kings Victory.

    • Conard Mc Maderson says:

      +Red Rebellion They wasted the Night King as if he was a napkin. All the potential he had torn to shreds just to give Arya *Mary Sue* Stark some screen time

  11. zer0 95 says:

    man i love that thumbnail, like we missed that arya killed the night king

    “dangit didnt know she killed him”

  12. Aqeel Rehman says:

    While everyone was fighting, Bran was watching the end game the whole time

    • Samantha says:

      +Stefan Milosevic I wondered what he was doing all that time, but you’re right ofcourse!

    • Francine Mo says:

      Alot of fans are mad at Bran BUT bran is like doc strange, looking at all possible outcome and playing 4D chess with the Night King. He literally set everything up….Cheekmate Mf

    • Samantha says:

      +Francine Mo Bran has always been and still is underestimated

    • Ivares Kesner says:

      That is why he thanked Theon. They got it wrong in this video. He didn’t thank him for the help he had already provided, he thanked him for the fact that he was about to die to buy Bran enough time so that Arya can kill the Night King before he kills Bran. It was Bran’s usual cold way of saying – _’Good on you for giving your life to save me. Go on now.’_

    • Ivares Kesner says:

      I’m sure he knew what he was doing. Judging by the fact that Bran thanked Theon for giving his life for him before he even did it, I’d say Bran had already seen how all of this ends and was just perpetuating the necessary cycle and doing his part to ensure it all came to pass as it was supposed to.

  13. Splintorious says:

    Things you may not have caught:

    2. The final scene of the episode…
    1. Basically that final scene again I guess?

    Another sweet ass click bait vid from mojo

  14. Potato God says:

    Thank god this list is here, I have a habit of watching with my eyes closed

  15. zer0 95 says:

    Bran to Theon: you’re a good man, thank you

    Meera: am i a joke to you?

  16. Nina Seballa says:

    we missed reminding ourselves this is a clickbait ?

  17. Raj Kissoon says:

    Literally no one missed any of these. You need to re-title your video.

  18. rdstirewalt says:

    You literally picked the 3 moments that anyone watching couldn’t have missed… sad

  19. JokoCi says:

    Arya certainly does not stab the Night King in his fromtal lower sternum. She stabs him a little bit from the left side into his ribcage.
    And if you missed a giant getting stabed into his eye, you should probably rewatch the whole episode.

  20. Sarcastic Sid says:

    The Dhotrakis last 45 seconds in battle. But Sam last hours in combat?? FOH

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