Top 5 Grossest GMM Moments (2018)

Top 5 Grossest GMM Moments (2018)

We’re kicking off our special week of bonus content by counting down the top 5 grossest GMM moments, as decided by YOU!  GMM #1450

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62 Responses

  1. Francis P says:

    Heads up don’t eat while watching this video
    It didn’t end well for me

  2. John Ryan Parman says:

    Brine Shrimp is literally that. it looks like sand but upon closer inspection, they’re very small eggs.

  3. Tessa Baird says:

    Links face watching #5 is literally everyone watching them eat the nasty stuff they always eat ?

  4. WhosNastyFox says:

    16:25 god dammit Thanos

  5. HereforRandL says:

    Santa’s on a Shark!
    Merry Christmas Eve, guys!

  6. Paige Richards says:

    Omg I can’t wait for the top bff moments, it’s gonna be so cute omg ??

  7. Dzone says:

    You guys should do a live stream and raise up to the $300k goal on the last day!

  8. JohnBK34 says:

    I’m glad we get another week of videos! ?

  9. Sam Woods says:

    Y’all caught wind of the GMM compilation video craze on YouTube I see! Love the videos always guys. Thanks for another great year of content. Keep it up Rhett,Link, and crew!

  10. FLyRdevil says:

    *It doesnt feel like Christmas eve for some reason…IT CAME SO FAST!!*

  11. Doug JB says:

    Forget bleach.

    They better clean that table with a damn sand-blaster.

  12. Richard Powell says:

    You guys and the whole mythical crew have to be some of the hardest working people on YouTube.

  13. alternatoast says:

    That was actually a really pleasant reaction video. Not like the others on Youtube with all that yelling and screaming, but genuine believable reactions ?

  14. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Liking the sweaters guys?.

  15. Hunter Paul says:

    Should have a white flag that tags you out and tags a crew member in, for use once per year/season.

  16. Ella Does Animations says:

    I didn’t watch the pimple popper episode because I knew it would be disgusting. Like I also skipped it in this video too.

  17. Jessica Ross says:

    Having picked three of these, I especially found this episode making me super queasy.
    I am not complaining, I love the fact we are watchin the clips back with the guys.
    It is going to be a great week??

    I going to be a great weels!!!!

  18. Kishor Nepal says:

    “bile have what cheese having” literally got me LOOOOOOOL

  19. I ambiguous says:

    What about drinking that milkshake out of Link’s mouth?!

  20. Jose Ferreira says:

    7:08 jojo siwa has been doing this since she was born

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