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63 Responses

  1. Rick Sanchez says:

    Like the new hair!

  2. Lythal says:

    the most expensive skin is worth $700

  3. Lucas_Playz_fortnut says:

    Anyone else have all these skins

    • Omer Yarden says:

      Asyx no its just that he probably didnt spend over $700 on a phone and $350 for the new PlayStation skin

    • DeathSkull says:

      Omer Yarden note 9 costs around 1000$ you can get the galaxy skin for free if you want. Go to your local store where they sell phones, download fortnite on an note 9 log in to your account test it out log out and boom 1000$ skin for free.

    • Asyx says:

      DeathSkull did you do it?

    • Onyx says:

      DeathSkull it doesn’t work like that u fucking idiot

    • DeathSkull says:

      Asyx Yea it works like that but it’s hard to find an note 9 in a local store because the phone it’s still not released. A lot of people have done it tho i personally haven’t.

  4. Andrew Hanouneh says:

    Warpaint and Rose Team Leader are not exclusive to purchaing PvE prior to Fortnites 1 year anniversary. You can still get them, by purchasing pve and finishing the first mission, said in a tweet concluding their one year anniversary event.

  5. SpacedMoth5 says:

    #6: Every legendary skin



  6. Grammar Nazi Rank 999 says:

    I have a samsung tab a6 🙁

  7. Raigata says:

    I have a video idea for you, maybe you Can you buy an ebay account with A LOT of rare skins and vlog and film the footage.

  8. Meme GOD says:

    Why don’t they make a Xbox skin

  9. Damodar Gargaspal says:

    You should buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to unlock the skin not the S9 ok

  10. YungX says:

    I will never understand people paying $200+ on a account with just the skull trooper.

    The skin looks ass

  11. shannon laroda says:

    next time we’ll have to buy a tesla model y to get a new fortnite skin

  12. Blue ruby Gamer says:

    It’s the Samsung galaxy NOTE 9

  13. Talen Miller says:

    R O U G H L Y

  14. That Dude says:

    I bought the note nine lol

  15. TheLegit Youtuber says:

    i feel like the black knight is underrated compared to skull trooper i think black knight should be more valuable than skull trooper I think its cooler

    btw just ma opinion dont be offended

  16. Ginger ninja HD ginger says:

    He now looks like miniminter

  17. Ralf1713 says:

    Top 5 starts @1:45

  18. G G says:

    Pixels getting expensive these days

  19. Jacob Skramsted says:

    where is the love for Xbox

  20. Mr. Fruhen says:

    I bought the pve for $20 and I got TWO skins… so technically they were both $10 each

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