Top 5 Plays from Championship Sunday! | NFL

Top 5 Plays from Championship Sunday! | NFL

Four teams entered this week to decide the Super Bowl 50 matchup. Check out some the best plays from the Championship Games.

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20 Responses

  1. The Natural Bodybuilding Guy says:

    BRONCOS all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Peyton’s year. #thesheriff

  2. Elijah Elijah says:

    What are the top 4 games of the playoffs? Comment below

  3. TheRealGrandslamsam says:

    Coleman Pick?

  4. Ben M. says:

    The failed 2 pt conversion should’ve been in this list.

  5. Explosive Skullface says:

    That #1 run was good, but the 3rd and 10 run before it was way better.

  6. Johnny Danger says:

    No Manning run for the 1st? Lame.

  7. Big Boi says:

    I used to think Tavon was easily the fastest in the nfl now I’m thinking
    that it’s Ted Ginn.

  8. James Fruge' says:

    #4 is #1

  9. Nick Nick says:

    Cam is a cocky arrogant asshole now I’m going to go cry myself to sleep
    because I’ll never amount to anything

  10. Conor “Dee Devlin Donk Pounder” McGregor says:

    Cam Newton is the Lebron James of the NFL.. only he’s not a douche

  11. TheHiddenGamerYT says:

    That #1 play is not deserving of number 1.

  12. Benjamin Hoang says:

    Malcolm butler made the biggest mistake ever…. He played the ball.
    Shouldn’t have held Triangle buddy

  13. Darren LVS says:

    I have a challenge for Lazarbeam. Can Carson Palmer complete a pass to any

  14. GoodolboyMC says:

    Panthers by 3, they said. It would be a close game, they said. Go Panthers!

  15. customizeman says:

    #1 shoudve been denver v pats and 2 point conversoin why would you make
    that mistake the nfc game was just a blout

  16. essey haile says:

    Where are all those peyton haters

  17. Aditya Upadhyay says:

    Pats lost because missed pat because then they would never go for two then

  18. Another fgt pretending to be a NFL player says:

    What about gronks 4th down conversion when he was double covered that was
    better than number 1 lol

  19. PantherNation99 says:

    super bowl 50!!! see you there broncos ??

  20. TheGetawayMaster says:

    So happy the fucking cardinals lost so bad lol.