TOP 5 Restaurants That Are Still Open | Kitchen Nightmares

TOP 5 Restaurants That Are Still Open | Kitchen Nightmares

We’re hearing great things about this new ‘audio’ fad. Thought we’d try it out.

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20 Responses

  1. TheGoldenCaulk says:

    Nino would’ve uploaded this video correctly the first time, and would’ve taken a picture of himself while doing it

  2. isaac graham says:

    Even when is food is disgusting yall say it’s beautiful just because he’s yall boss yall full of shit and he mad rude???????

  3. Retr0 says:

    Or “Top 5 moments where the owner/chef saw the mistakes and admited them”

  4. GameSavy says:

    What is that ? A fuckin pigeon !!

  5. Chong The Gamer says:

    Where the fuck is the giant flamingo restaraunt?

  6. Kyle W says:

    She asked for the sauce to be BONELESS, come on people…

  7. SiriusMined says:

    I go to Leone’s from time to time (I was in the revisited episode), and I go to Spanish Pavilion all the time!

  8. Marc Lorenz says:

    The episode about Mama Maria’s is my favorite. The owner can’t manage his restaurant because his parents died and he can’t move on. He kept thinking that they were still in-charge and the scene where he explained when was the last time he changed the specials was when his parents died made me cry. It’s good to know that they’re still open.

  9. Caleb Reyes says:

    Gordon: take a big deep breath 
    Old Lady: AAGGGGHH

  10. oh fuk says:

    Gordon:”why was this reuploaded”
    Editor: “the video posted earlier was raw”
    Gordon: oh Fuck me

  11. brandon johnson says:

    I’ve honestly never watched the outcomes to any of these episodes, I only watch the clips or Gordon eating the food. This is a whole new experience

  12. Andini Wirawan says:

    Gordon, its “Bruschetta” with Italian pronounciation not German?

  13. Future Trunks says:

    “Is the ice fresh or frozen”

    Fuck me

  14. Mystery Man says:

    This could be a U.K./US difference, but did Gordon pronounce ‘gyro’ wrong? The ‘g’ should be pronounced like a ‘y,’ right? It should in the US, I don’t know about the U.K.

  15. David Ronquillo says:

    Either this is scripted beyond belief or Gordon Ramsay works miracles

  16. Ethan Van says:

    Number 2 I thought he shut down the restaurant

  17. Cardiye Sim says:

    4:58 that guy looks like mr bean i swear is it just me

  18. Phantom says:

    2:10 is that girl naked or what

  19. HOOLIGAN says:

    I miss this show ☹️

  20. Michael Rodolico says:

    Hey guys, not going to write an extended novel, but I just started up my own youtube channel, and just started a vlog series. Check me out if you’re interested and subscribe for multiple weekly uploads. Moving into college soon, so I should be able to get some nice footage.

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