Top Russian general killed by Ukrainian sniper in major blow for Putin

Top Russian general killed by Ukrainian sniper in major blow for Putin

One of Vladimir Putin’s most senior paratroopers was gunned down by a “sniper” during a special operation in Ukraine.
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40 Responses

  1. O-Dogg says:

    Peace to all the family that’s involve in this nonsense war that should have never happened my heart and prayer goes to you all.

    • Gipfel der Unverschämtheit says:

      The only sensible sentence I’ve heard in this crisis and your comments so far. All the best for you and your loved ones

    • DM RR says:

      @JTL77 so by your reasoning, Putin is an incompetent moron who fell right into a trap. He’s actually a criminal making excuses to steal land, but interesting take nonetheless.

    • JTL77 says:

      @NM 🤔 I disagree. I think US wants to get closer so they can attack Russia easier. Putin has had 23 years in power to take Ukraine. Why wait so long?

    • aeiou says:

      @NM oh yeah… If Russia did the same in Cuba and Cuba ignores the peace talks of the US for more than 8 years because of Russia support then the US will just keep quiet right?

    • NM says:

      @JTL77 putin doesn’t need to be provoked my friend, he was just butt hurt because the more nato supplied weapons the more protected ukraine would have been and harder for him to start a war. He is a man on a mission and his mission is to reunite old soviet union countries into russia. Learn history. NATO is not an angle but if you believe that Putin did this because he was afraid of invasion on Russia, than you are ignorant.

  2. Evil Man says:

    I spent the war in Sarajevo and all this reminds me of those days. Unfortunately, human stupidity and cruelty have no limits. Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine.Слава Україні

    • Jack Der Hauptmann💀 says:

      @ball stank Russia had mandatory conscription

    • The Mythbuster says:

      @Uguns Krusts
      A matter of political opinion but actual facts say otherwise.

    • Uguns Krusts says:

      @The Mythbuster Serbia and ru⚡⚡ia committed a war crime.

    • Lorraine Forrest says:

      @Flowie don’t know how to read your message but victory to ukrain x

    • Lorraine Forrest says:

      @Danny Sellers I got this e.mail from you at 68 don’t think there taking on grannies from Scotland I thought the comments were about the general that has just been killed why are you not away fighting then as you have time to write this

  3. Tony Lloyd says:

    The death of any soldier in a confilct – started and continued by a Politician who remains living in luxury and complete safety – is sad, especially when if they choose the right path and cease fighting, they will likely be gunned down by their own “Political Brigade”. However, senior Commanders of this invading force know exactly what they are doing and choose to continue the conflict, therefore one can only hope the loss of this Commander will hassen the end of this brutal invasion.

    • Puffin says:


    • Puffin says:

      General = NOT Sad. Soldier = sad.

    • Kim Jong Un The Supreme leader says:

      @KeitelDOG but how about Russian invasion of Afghanistan before they also killed many innocent civilians? , How about Chechnya? Georgia? Attacking South korea by helping the North? Also vietcongs attacking the South?

    • Andreas Junker on Tour says:

      Das ist doch kein Verlust

    • KeitelDOG says:

      @Clinton Barbee your name reminds me of the Clinton family who destroyed my country Haiti 🇭🇹. Between the US + Europe and Russia + Asia, I still believe Haiti would stand at least one chance with Russia at its side than the US. I’m frustrated because of your politicians while you are living your best life and dreams. Just be conscious that as long as politicians are destroying countries and frustrating people across the world, we will alway backup WHATEVER ENTITY that can stand against them and their bad practices, including China, AI, Aliens etc.

  4. Jacquiline says:

    In war, there is no winner. All are just but losers. Behind every fallen soldier, there is an innocent family grieving. My heart goes out to everyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by this war.

  5. Settequattro Nove says:

    You can’t make a war without breaking a few heads.
    And those are the heads that have to be broken.
    Love for Ucraine.

  6. Ivan Laws says:

    Never Surrender! Arise, Resist & Defeat any Aggressor!
    Live for Liberty, Fight for Freedom, Pray for Peace!

  7. Luddsen says:

    It would surprise me if anyone, who’s not evil, would weep for this guy, considering that there were a lot of Russian soldiers whom were tricked into going war by their own commanders. I absolutely despise myself for agreeing to a loss of life, but I seriously can’t imagine any way for this general to redeem himself. The world is better off without him. Ukraine has nothing to do with Russia. Therefore, their sovereignty and independence should be recognized.

  8. Behan Flaherty says:

    That’s sad. War is sad. Feel for the guys friends and family. In saying that I hope Ukraine pull through

  9. Cynthia Hamilton says:

    My heart goes out to all the Victims in this war. It’s uncalled for and breaks my heart to know so many are losing their lives over this. The war is uncalled for.

    • Mars LPV says:

      All the free world should be alarmed, Putin won’t stop until he’s in hell with Hitler.

    • Happy says:

      @JOEL00111 truth

    • Gary Graham says:

      @0IIIIII yep, my bad, i meant eritrea

    • twisterwiper says:

      @Jeffrey Conners Well yes if you decide it is your enemy. But why is NATO an enemy of Russia? Because Russia says so?

    • Caroline Ridlington says:

      @JOEL00111 most of the ladies have children to care for…and their husbands have took them to the train stations…ect…to make sure they are safe….then they have returned to defend their homelands….women who are able have choose to defend their homes too….and as it should…or better still …no loonies in this world to cause this totally unnecessary catastrophe….

  10. Masked DPM says:

    Ukraine will never lose against Russia let’s put our heart and soul to the fellow Ukrainian citizens to be safe and well

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