Tornadoes in Nashville area kill several

Tornadoes in Nashville area kill several

At least two tornadoes touched down in Tennessee overnight, including one that caused heavy damage near downtown Nashville. Police and fire crews responded to about 40 collapsed buildings as officials count at least five victims in the disaster’s death toll so far. Jeff Berardelli reveals the extent of the damage estimated so far.

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87 Responses

  1. stan hootzz says:

    Prayers-n-Condolences to All the folks involved.

    • William Wilson says:

      Joe I Ask an adult to help you since you don’t appear to be able to read English.

    • William Wilson says:

      Do something positive…

    • Arnulfo Marquez says:

      @Joe IHe’s inept, I don’t expect much from an absentee landlord. Do with him what you will, he’s irrelevant now. Thank God.

    • •Shy GUY• says:

      @William Wilson You do know the Salvation Army is a Christian organization right? as someone who used to work for the salvation army we’ve always encouraged prayer in times of need.

    • •Shy GUY• says:

      @bm packer Actually you have God confused, God allows things to happen on YOUR behalf, that does not mean he enables it, theres a big difference there, it’s much easier for you to blame a God you do not believe in instead of taking full responsibility for the heinous works of your own human kind, kind of selfish of you.

  2. Alex G says:

    I love Tennessee this is not good. People say they are scared of hurricanes but I’m from FL and tornados are really what scare me not hurricanes.

    • The Cantaloupe says:

      mEmpHis Brett yes but when there is a hurricane there is a very early warning that allows you to prepare for the hurricane AND the tornadoes it may or may not produce

    • angelzx says:

      Alex G Tornados are scary cause you get like a 10 minute notice to get ready for a tornado and its usually at night or the after noon, while in florida we get a weeks notice or 2 week notice for the hurricane and we can prepare.

    • Alex G says:

      @bdizz77 I’ve been in a lot of them even the worst ones ever and never seen anything as bad as a tornado.

    • Alex G says:

      @angelzx Scary for sure.

    • SinnerSeekingSalvation 77 says:

      bdizz77 Strong tornadoes hit harder in a concentrated area than do strong hurricanes.

  3. Jin stoled Jimin’s jams says:

    Dam tornados really dont like us.

  4. Leto Alexander says:

    Those poor people

    • Micah Bishop says:

      @wel1968 You’re an idiot

    • B. life says:

      @Charlesleeray Smith your absolutely right! My question is, are all of these trump haters going to welcome his help, support and money being granted for a state emergency for fema and others or turn his help away?

    • Tyler ThaGr8 says:

      Let’s try to be there for one another, if you see someone struggling or going through a hard time please give them a hand or encouraging words at the least. I believe all these events happening lately are a test and its a necessity that we pass this test. Hope all effected by this storm come out unscathed.

    • BASED ᛋᛋ says:


  5. blap200 says:

    2020 has been pretty crazy so far. Be safe!

  6. Mdamonette says:

    I watched it lastnight on the radar at 1:30 a.m. they didnt even have a STW warning out an hour beforehand. Everyone needs to pay attention with storm season around the corner

    • K MA says:

      @Jeff Kardos Jr. Tornado watch: “conditions are favorable for tornado formation”. Tornado warning: “A tornado has been spotted, get to shelter right now.” The radar is a modern luxury. It does offer a little more warning that something might happen, but it’s only a guess. The NWS will put out watches to try and give people more notice. Not all become tornadoes, but some do.

    • jay says:

      K MA literally look at the links I just sent to the other guy lmfao tornadoes can be predicted days in advance.

    • Nep Nep says:

      K MA god has nothing to do with tornadoes, he doesn’t even exist

    • Stranger Arts says:

      It’s the government, think about it. The virus to cut the over populating countries.. and now not sending an alert 👀 all this be fishy

  7. Maw G says:

    Our prayers are with everyone.

    • Alejandro Coronado says:

      ​@Randy Porter Why would anyone think they’re smarter when others disagree? Intelligence isn’t measured by how many people disagree with you.
      Do you not have anything to say besides telling people to leave others alone? Discuss, don’t dismiss.

    • Randy Porter says:

      @Alejandro Coronado do you have anything to say other than telling others how to think? Pretentious virtue signaling is all I’m hearing from you. Narcissistic much buddy?

    • Randy Porter says:

      @Alejandro Coronado this lady made a very simple statement, yet you attack it, instead of just letting it be. If you don’t agree it’s fine, but to chime in with “it’s lazy and useless”, was uncalled for…. And to quote you a “selfish act”.

    • Alejandro Coronado says:

      @Randy Porter See that’s more like it.
      Hey if you want to assume what I am, I think I have the right to call something what it is based on my perspective. You’re not exactly telling me why you disagree with my statements, but at least you show your true colors now.

    • DK DKR says:

      @Randy Porter But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy. closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray. to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father.

  8. Mora Moranoki says:

    Tornado at night… literally a nightmare …

  9. [ライム]Raimu says:

    at night when everyone was sleeping? they must’ve thought that the world was ending in those moments. how terrible

    • yahira sapphire says:

      @D Williams amen🙏

    • Green Bean says:

      [ライム]Raimu yeah it looks terrible our airport is destroyed but thank the lord above i am not hurt

    • Green Bean says:

      Ally Chummer where in nashville do you live are how far away
      i am 30 mins away

    • Jose Irrael Vasquez Sanchez says:

      I was awoken by hail im so lucky to be alive because the tornado was just 3 minutes from my house in an airport. My backyard was a mess when i checked un the morning

    • Expitly says:

      I was scared for my life, luckily nothing happened to me or my family. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. Jeason Gagnon says:

    Northerner: Oh, you live in Florida?! Aren’t you scared of hurricanes?

    Me: Yeah but we get a weeks heads up that the storm is coming.

    • Jamari Hunt says:

      @Lord Kevin hurricanes can cause major flooding which can damage roads houses and your life hence Irma and Harvey recovery
      Plus floods aren’t just floods, they can carry deadly animals such as alligators and snakes. Yes tornados can spawn multiple times but once a tornado is done all you gotta do is rebuild. But when a hurricane hits you gotta wait for flooding to die down then try and recover what’s left of your property then rebuild. Not to mention the waves hurricanes can create and it can also form tornados.

    • DDiva R says:

      Too long of a heads up.It gives folks anxiety.

    • Green Bean says:

      3 days into march OML

  11. Trace Hennig says:

    2020 ain’t holding back.

  12. Alex Monroe says:

    I’m a 45 minute drive from this place and never got a warning or heard sirens like I usually do. That’s terrifying…

    • Jermano Mayfield says:

      @Facts On Opinions I agree to disagree. God bless you

    • Facts On Opinions says:

      Jermano Mayfield but, you made the comment in the first place, and cowering out just shows me that you have no facts to back up what your saying. Agree to disagree doesn’t help anyone or anything so let’s actually talk my dude.

    • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

      @Facts On Opinions give the climate change a rest. I lived in Nashville for decades. This happens every year.

    • Amelia L says:

      any of y’all in clarksville

    • Facts On Opinions says:

      Bagrilla Jenkins so your telling me that every year you get a tornado that goes through a highly populated area completely undetected?

  13. windblade from caminus says:

    That is pure Nightmares

    But at night, Nightmare fuel

  14. Mjoeko says:

    January: ww3
    February: Corona virus
    March: deadly tornadoes

  15. Society News Network says:

    February: my work here is done

    March: coronavirus, not bad February but let’s take it up a notch

  16. Arty Munoz says:

    I love how everyone’s just smiling like their city isn’t completely destroyed

    • Micah Hurdle says:

      Makuhita Hariyama the buildings can easily be rebuilt but the lives lost will never return😭

    • Bandit Montgomery says:

      They’re in shock and happy to be alive.

    • Cas says:

      William McKenna

      Nashville is a blue city. Regardless of what political spectrum a state leans, lives were lost and a majority of those lives were children. You shouldn’t associate politics with a tragedy. Have some compassion for fellow human beings.

    • YounginWithWisdom says:

      Nashville is a Dem blue city

  17. holly burcham says:

    Imagine riding in that crain while there’s a tornadoe next to you, that would be epic.


    That construction worker deserves a raise.

    • Ian Karlin says:

      There likely wasn’t anyone in that crane. They don’t go up there and work during high wind or stormy weather, and notice that the cabin part of the crane is unlit.
      When high winds are expected overnight in an area, the crane operator will leave the crane “unlatched” to spin around freely in the wind like a giant weathervane, instead of being pushed over by the wind like a giant tree.

  18. Jadyn Norman says:

    The 3rd wave.
    January: let’s take away something the people love
    February: corona virus
    March: I’m gonna unexpectedly hit Nashville with a tornado since it’s rare that they get any powerful ones

  19. Jon W says:

    Insurance companies be like: yeah, Imma head out now…

  20. Jeffro 503 says:

    2019 : ” I was the craziest year ever ”
    2020 : ” Hold my beer “

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