@TorontoPolice News Conference Re: Ashley Madison Website Hack

@TorontoPolice News Conference Re: Ashley Madison Website Hack

Toronto Police News Conference Re: Ashley Madison Website Hack, aka ‘Project Unicorn’

Toronto Police Headquarters Auditorium, Monday, August 24th, 10:00AM

On Monday, August 24, 2015, at 10 a.m., in the Auditorium at Toronto Police Headquarters, A/Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans updated the media on the investigation into the Ashley Madison website hack.

Also present were representatives of some of the Canadian and international Law Enforcement agencies with which the Toronto Police Service is working.

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20 Responses

  1. ctil1911 says:

    +Korry Campbell i think we will find there are a few politicians names on
    this list and thats why the police are trying so hard, we are going to end
    up paying millions of tax dollars on an investigation to save the
    reputation of a few rich politicians with skeletons in their closets

  2. Korry Campbell says:

    +ctil1911 Couldn’t agree more. This is Bullshit.

  3. ctil1911 says:

    stephen harpers corporate canada police force, forget whats right, just
    protect the money

  4. Shane McDowell says:

    Dark Web? C’mon people. There’s no Dark Web required to do anything. The
    hackers released everything. All you need is Google. Please stop saying
    “Dark Web” you’re making yourselves look dim.

    • Noah Agosta says:

      +Shane McDowell From what I know, only part of the info was released
      publicly. the majority was on a TOR site.

  5. Patt says:

    Jesus Christ…These fucking people write the paper’s that people rely on.
    Asking fucking questions like “Can you actually get your name erased from
    the list?”…You fucking moron…Anything can be hacked…ANYTHING.

  6. Derrick Houx says:


  7. . says:

    AM offered $500K for info on hackers leading to arrest, conviction. They
    need to increase it to $1MM or more. At $1MM, you will get info!

  8. Alejandro Rodriguez Nunez says:

    humans are funny animals

  9. Chris says:

    So this is where our tax dollars are going? It’s a sad day when the police
    waste their time on these scumbags!

  10. Caleb Howard says:

    We could’ve had a better name than “Project Unicorn” Comment section help ?

  11. marky0140 says:

    Not securing your customers personal data against known network
    vulnerabilities is absolutely illegal.

  12. Enigma w says:

    let me guess!!!! all this attention because some big politicians names are
    on the list O_o

  13. Griffin Sheh says:

    PROJECT UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Keith Myers Productions says:

    wow theres some bible connection here isnt there?

  15. chai guy says:

    “Team Impact, this is your wake up call! We are now doing a SERIOUS
    investigation!” Internetz is serious business!

  16. Александр says:

    Life is short, hack the planet.

  17. Mark Ziubinski says:

    Ever since the G20 I will always see the Toronto Police as pigs, sorry.
    It’s not my fault, It wasn’t me that massively violated the civil liberties
    of Canadians, it was the pigs that did that.