Tory Lanez – Feels (feat. Chris Brown) [Official Music Video]

Tory Lanez – Feels (feat. Chris Brown) [Official Music Video]

The Official Music Video from Tory Lanez – Feels (feat. Chris Brown)
Tory Lanez latest single “Feels (feat. Chris Brown)” out now on all platforms:

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@christhedirector @luckybastards_inc

@Tory Lanez – “Feels” feat. @Chris Brown
New Music Video out now!
Directed by Christian Breslauer

Director: @christhedirector
Executive Producer: @christhedirector
Producer: @miketheproducer
Line Producer: @nicky_bonez
Production Manager: @blaisedolce
Production Coordinator: @anthony_nelson
Production Company: @luckybastards_inc

Director of Photography: @christhedirector
1st AC: Juan Carlos Szauzuck
2nd AC: Zack Burgh
Techno Crane: @extremejibs

Grip & Electric: @eastsidemovie_

Production Designer: @garabatoarte
Set Construction: @creativesets
Art Team by Rome

Key Makeup Artist: @gpexclusives
Makeup Assistant: Angie Paredes

Casting: @swimodels

Location: @m3studiosmiami

VFX: @cameofx
Color: @bryansmaller
Editor: @callaird

PA: Jose Guzman
PA: @federicosarria
PA: @justicesilvera
PA: @james_hirschfeld
PA: @tgunville
BTS: @ysarissmia
– – –
#ToryLanez #ChrisBrown #FEELS

Thank you to everyone who went above and beyond to make this video as epic as possible. We appreciate you greatly. #theluckybastardsinc

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69 Responses

  1. LusakaMadeJ says:

    THE “scrolling down the comments while watching” SQUAD

  2. 9jaFanx says:

    Tory Lanez has never give us bad song

  3. 9jaFanx says:

    Who’s here for Chris?

  4. MC CABE says:

    Damn Tory you you hit one after the other Banger out the last months! 🔥👍

  5. S. M. says:

    The boys have a hit on their hands. If this doesn’t get radio play, I’ll be damned.

  6. Teddy Mitei says:

    Chris Brown’s vocals are always fire

    • zeneruera says:

      nah, real fans know his voice peaked around 2012, he autotunes so much now and has lost that deeper raspy tone, he has regressed massively since 2014 onwards.

  7. Cheese Cake says:

    Producers: how much gravity you wa-

    Chris and tory: yes

  8. Miguel Matias says:

    This duo is the most versatily in the game, NO CAP

  9. Eduardo Rico says:

    Me: Man there’s not way somebody can sing higher than chris
    Tory: hold my weed

  10. Ile MAKARI says:

    Tori sings, he doesn’t sound like he’s a rapper


    Imagine making love with someone to this song ✨🔥✨

  12. Luis Sanchez says:

    Why are there chris brown fans here hating on tory . Lmao makes no sense this was tory project . They are both talented af . Nobody takes the crown from Chris brown . All we saying is put some respect on tory name . He sings , raps , creates hooks for artist , basically a ghost writer , produces , he has 5 artist signed to his label. Full independent , owns all his masters . But yet people disrespect tory . Shame

  13. Jeffrey Miamii says:

    If consistency had a logo it’d be Chris Brown’s face

  14. Benji B. says:

    Imagine making a video with Chris and he just start flying

  15. Jason Andrew Escoto says:

    Chris breezy smooth. Feel like he’s still on his twenties here. 🔥

  16. Twitch Trolls says:

    *God bless the life of those reading* 🔥🙏

  17. Dutt King says:

    This Chris Breezy’s verse SLAPS, and so did Tory’s.
    I had to RELOAD the whole track🔥

    • faith in his blood says:

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  18. Dirty Trick says:

    Finally an artist who can keep up with Chris Brown vibes in a song. Chris has seen a lot of artist’s come and go.

  19. Bille says:

    Tory Lanez can do any type of music. He is the true definition of versatility

  20. Andreas Eskander says:

    this dude never misses 🤧

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