Tory Lanez Social Distancing Tour

Tory Lanez Social Distancing Tour

Tory Lanez Social Distancing Tour

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79 Responses

  1. Nyesa Foster says:

    Use this comment as an “I was here” button.

  2. Lena Reign says:

    Just like quarantine radio, This was a smart move! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  3. Jugadh Bhullar says:

    Tory is a marketing genius

  4. JaiiCeeTV says:

    Tory Lanez is really getting us all through this quarantine

  5. Crystal Rubbie says:


  6. Janaye Roy says:

    Who witnessed this live? Like this if you were 🥵🥵🥵🔥💥

    • Janaye Roy says:

      jamillah copes it was so dope!! Can’t wait for the next. Had a whole party in my living 🥳

    • Momel Far says:

      Question… I watched the live on YouTube live feed.. But where was I suppose to watch to be able to comment and also donate?! Was there a specific app? Please Thank u for letting me know for next time

    • Janaye Roy says:

      Momel Far during the live feed you could actively donate as little or as much as you wanted . Now that it’s just a video and comments are off I’m not sure how they’re handling donations. Great question though; wish I could have been of more help.

    • Kash Wal says: TOREY LANEZ JUMPED😱

  7. Cozy boy X says:

    Interscope big mad they losing Tory Lanez he’s getting better promo than they could give him

  8. Sade Gardner says:

    Tory Lanez turned a pandemic into a cultural blessing. So happy he’s finally getting the recognition and opportunities he deserves.

  9. SakurabaSuper says:

    Remember, Tory was first to do a Youtube concert.

  10. William Donnelly says:

    When this whole quarantine shit over, Tory gunna be Killin it for years to come with the lives shows

  11. Sophia Rose H says:

    I can not wait for that song Temperature Rising SHEESH. His voice is so unique I loveeeee it. It’s crazy I been listening to him since Chixtape 2, he finally getting more recognition.

  12. Kai Haley says:

    Thumbs up if you’re watching at home and hoping Rona ends soon

  13. Masy Nisbett says:

    Damn I finally understood his words to “the take” he slowed that shit down… looovveee

  14. Favored By Grace says:

    He is funny, talented , amazing , his voice is unique and he’s killing it .this joint is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. RedE4NBA2K says:

    Concert Time Stamps
    3:01 The Trade
    5:06 Beauty In The Benz
    9:10 Litty
    11:29 Yessir
    17:59 LUV
    22:12 Say It
    25:21 Slow Grind
    30:32 Proud Family
    36:43 B.I.D
    42:00 Talk To Me
    44:56 Freaky
    46:54 Broke Leg
    50:26 The Cry
    1:06:01 The Take
    1:13:38 K Lo K
    1:19:43 Broke In a Minute
    1:25:22 Ferris Wheel
    1:31:50 Jerry Sprunger
    1:40:18 Penthouse Red
    1:47:24 Controlla
    1:50:55 Who Needs Love?
    1:54:24 Temperature Rising (Unreleased)

    Tory, if you ever read this bro, I’m so glad you’re finally getting the recognition you’ve deserved for years. There are very few artists who put as much into their craft as you do, and real fans appreciate it.

    • 239leBron says:

      Blessings brother

    • OG MEME says:

      You the real MVP ❤️

    • CJ JR says:


    • JJOk3420 says:

      The Trade 3:07
      Beauty in the benz 5:03
      Litty Again 9:23
      Yessir 11:37
      Yessir Freestyle 15:37
      LUV 18:02
      Say It 22:13
      Slow Grind 25:22
      Proud Family 30:30
      Proud Family Freestyle 32:44
      B.I.D 36:40
      Talk To Me 42:00
      Freaky 44:55
      Freaky Freestyle 48:19
      The Cry 50:33
      The Cry Freestyle 54:20
      The Take 1:06:56
      K Lo K 1:13:43
      Broke In A Minute 1:18:40
      Ferris Wheel 1:25:25
      Ferris Wheel Freestyle 1:27:43
      Jerry Sprunger 1:31:53
      Jerry Sprunger Freestyle 1:36:38
      Jerry Sprunger Freestyle Pt 2 1:38:05
      Penthouse Red 1:40:20
      Penthouse Red Freestyle 1:43:40
      Controlla 1:47:27
      Who Needs Love 1:50:30
      Temperatures Rising 1:54:35
      Another Timestamp If You Want to know the freestyle times too

  16. Shaquille Quinones says:

    Chris Brown NEEEEEEDS to be on Temperature Rising!!!!!

  17. LJ The third says:

    His voice is crazy. World class talent, deserves more respect

    • Adrian Fernandes says:

      @JJOk3420 that’s why you have live sound engineers bruh, he will take the effect off when man is talking. I must have lost my mind cause I can hear the autotune

    • JJOk3420 says:

      Adrian Fernandes brodie there are parts where the man literally talks then one second later sings, its his real voice kid , if thats the case, Every single male singer is using mad autotune

    • JJOk3420 says:

      Adrian Fernandes literally there is multiple parts this nigga talks den sings, no engineer is adjusting every single sound in the damn song, if thats also the case he is singing with autotune when he is singing low too, there is no autotune juss some reverb

    • Adrian Fernandes says:

      @JJOk3420 cause you know the set is practiced so, otherwise the sound would be shit, ain’t no kid fam, I’m 26

  18. lso_lil_reno says:

    Use this as the “Tory Lanez” is the goat “🐐” button 🎵!

  19. Jaida Taylor says:

    Teddy Riley at home punching his sound people 😂

  20. Ovo Greatness says:

    Those who clicked dislike 👎, y’all got big problem and can never see good thing. Pls appreciate peoples efforts &be alway positive🙏Sad ass folksss 😂😂😂

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