Tosh.0 – Daniel’s Super Bowl Rant

Tosh.0 – Daniel’s Super Bowl Rant

Daniel explains why the Patriots’ Super Bowl win is not something worth celebrating.

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20 Responses

  1. Jcurvs99 says:

    Drew Bledsoe now that was a Quarterback and a real man not a pussy whipped
    bitch who is dressed by his wife every morning

  2. jacob smith says:

    Wait this guys still alive…I thought he got killed in a tragic zoo
    accident were a gorilla dick got lodged in his throat

  3. La Molcajete says:

    Cue the “tough guy” Pats fans acting like this doesn’t get to them online
    while shitting their pants, clenching their teeth, and crying tears of rage
    in reality. We all know your type ya fat white trash morons lmao

  4. shoryuken202 says:

    LMFAO! This is awesome..Here we have a rare glimpse at a butthurt Daniel

  5. Bob Barker says:

    I hate both teams but that shit was fake! Who is going to throw the ball on
    that play??
    The answer: No one.

  6. Bance Lomance says:

    #tombrady #patriots #patriotscheat #nfl #rogergoodell

  7. Jobu Matthew says:

    Brady was a totally a ‘game manager’ for 2010-2012 when he was voted
    uniamous mvp, brought one of the worst defenses in the league to the Super
    Bowl, and led a top 5 highest scoring offenses in history. And don’t even
    get started on his playoff stats..smh Tosh is a butthurt LOLphins fan. 

  8. James Rick says:

    Aside from a meaningless week 17 against the Bills, the Patriots are 120-32
    against AFC opponents since 2001.. And also minus the games Brady hasn’t
    played in(08 season and first 2 games of 01′) I’d say that’s pretty clear
    domination against the entire AFC, not just the AFC east…. But I suppose
    haters gonna hate. Have fun watching the fins Tosh

  9. cookycandy4 says:

    Mass or nah

  10. Patrick Neville says:

    #spygate #deflategate #alltehgates

  11. SkaterCTV says:

    Bellicheck will forever be remembered as a cheater in the minds of real NFL
    fans, but casual fans will be brainwashed by the narrative-driven ESPN, who
    will try to re-write history and claim him to be the greatest coach in NFL
    history. Very similarly to how they TRIED to re-write Joe Paterno as a
    great man after he died (only until the Freeh report came out, where it
    revealed that Paterno not only KNEW that Sandusky was raping those kids,
    but also ALLOWED him to get away with it, did they flush that narrative
    down the toilet.).

  12. SkaterCTV says:

    BTW, Pete Carroll won the Super Bowl for you guys in New England.

  13. Macie Jay says:

    Is this funny for those that actually follow football?

  14. celc yon says:

    this guy goes on youtube and derives his comedy from people doing stupid
    shit…. how the fuck is that not the comedic equivalent of cheating?

    can’t wait to get another ring so you can take your patriots hate and shove
    it up your fuckin ass

  15. MrTheBeast says:

    did this guy just watch the superbowl? boring

  16. Ryan Smith says:

    Ah Daniel Tosh, king of the cunts. Cry more

  17. Jordy Castaneda says:

    +tosh .o I liked you tosh but you disrespected my hero go pats

  18. Ace Powercolt says:

    He’s just butt hurt because pats have more talent than he does. Whens the
    last time you saw good stand up from this guy? Wannabe fudge packer boy

  19. giants9903able says:

    Seahawks gave you that ring . You Pat homo.

  20. libertarian 922 says:

    Here brtle