Totino’s Super Bowl Commercial – Saturday Night Live

Totino’s Super Bowl Commercial – Saturday Night Live

Totino’s offers something for everyone this Super Bowl Sunday: pizza rolls for the guys and the Super Bowl Activity Pack for Women.

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20 Responses

  1. Willie Dee says:

    Personally, I prefer Gino’s pizza rolls :)

  2. Troy Goodwin says:

    Hey guys, Take your wives to see some chick flicks at the nearest Regal
    Theatre, and have your house all to yourself for 5 whole hours tonight.

  3. delivrex says:

    super bowl starter pack for women lol

  4. Mary Helrich says:

    Thank god Dave taught me the rules of the game and it’s to late anyway to
    buy an activity pack.

  5. Delboy0 says:

    That activity pack seems more interesting than that commercial monstrosity
    pretending to be a sport called the super bowl.

  6. Clayton Hove says:

    SNL — Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Pack

  7. Sonic Tha Hedgehog says:

    Durr durr sexist!!

  8. FlyingOverTr0ut says:

    Totino’s, Totino’s, how did you know?

  9. Michael Solis says:

    Ah. This was pretty…eh.

  10. chewface says:

    This is more sad than funny. Why do men treat their wives this way? Why do
    women allow themselves to be treated this way? Ugh.

  11. Alyson The Aly says:

    I want dat

  12. SurrealKangaroo says:

    I thought this was hilarious (and I am a woman). 

  13. GreenSorceress says:

    I thought she was going to poison them or something. *disappointed*

  14. Hontas Farmer says:

    Not funny but sad that so many people are still ok with that portrayal of
    married life. Plenty of women are big huge football fans. Plenty of men
    don’t give a rip about it. 

  15. blackraider777 says:

    how many childless feminists did it take to make this un-funny
    muh-oppression agit-prop?
    btw when was the last time SNL was actually funny?
    no wonder nobody watches it anymore …

  16. Logan Lynn says:

    Saturday Night Live calling out sexist Super Bowl commercials is the only
    thing that matters right now.

  17. Dylan R says:

    I hated myself for laughing at this 

  18. André Simões says:

    Feminists incoming! :P

  19. Rudolph Davis says:

    Super Bowl is for brainless zombies..

  20. Fisho D says:

    I had a colleague like this. His wife went for a week on a business trip
    and he was literally bored, depressed, didn’t know what to do. We were
    quite surprised to know he had no life besides his wife.
    At least that’s what I take from this scenario -> that the wife has 2+hours
    of free time yet has absolutely no shit to do, many people are like this.
    No hobbies, no life goals, sad really.